Saturday, August 27, 2011

Interview: Stefanos Kapetanakis 40K ETC Captain.

Welcome back folks.

I Really didn’t knew what to write as my first words after one month of leave from the Invulnerable, i hope all of you are well and you had fun in your vacations or even better you are still in your vacations enjoying a beach somewhere, for the majority its time to get back to our work, studies and whatever awaits us in the months ahead.

August for me wasn't empty from Wargaming since I managed to play some games, all of them enjoyable since the air-condition machine was quite effective. Apart from that the most important Warhammer 40K event that happened in August was the European Team Championship in Switzerland, even better - for the first time ever players managed to form up a team and participated as the first WH40K Greek Team following the much successful Greek Warhammer Fantasy team, this post is all about that.