Friday, November 20, 2015

Forbidden Stars Review

Hello readers.

Recently Fantasy flight games has published a lot of highly detailed (costly too) games with incredible well crafted components - especially miniatures, who are based on two high-selling franchises, the one being Star Wars and the other Warhammer 40.000. It is obvious that FFG is going to squish the juice out of those fruits by providing the most memorable boardgame experience to the gamer.

What remained to be seen was if they actually could make good enough games based on those franchises since they can't just push the limit in boardgame design by using the most advanced producing technology by paying for it (and then charging the customer).

Thankfully in most cases the games range from good (Relic) to very good (X-Wing) to extremely very good (Imperial Assault) and others. 

A day ago i was invited to go to Fantasy Shop Victoria by Takis Valeontis to try one of the new games - Forbidden Stars, it was a really nice and interesting idea and i thought also of taking the camera with me, my new Nikon SLR to take some pictures of the game and write a small review around it.