Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Genocide Chronicles 5-6-2011. Part ONE

There are people who know what they want and some people who don't, but usually only a small amount of them act towards the good or gain of themselves, everyone, or of the community they participate.

The Tournament known as the Genocide Chronicles who is really a warhammer 40k version of the guild wars event came to existence about a year ago because some people decided to start it, not for their good, but for the good of the wargaming hobby and the community behind it.

One of them, Kostas Lekkas, the "Chronomancer" a veteran gamer is also a player, organizer and referee in the tournament, there are other people who are in to help because Chronomancer is far away from Athens where the tournament is held and some things must be done here.
So far has the Genocide Chronicles has succesfully been organized and held three times and the report coming right below is the fourth, the tournament known as Genocide Chronicles IV.