Tuesday, July 26, 2011

16-7-2011 Tournament for the Boxes.

E-Shopping in miniature war gaming is not news in Greece, it has been a fact for some years from the big shops who held e-shopping as an alternative method to buy stuff from them, what we didn't have was a shop completely based on the web.

The new e-shop that just opened its website some days ago came in to fill the space in the market of a completely web based shop and make another step into the merchandising of our hobby, this new shop named: Boxes of War, arranged and held together with the Game Corps shop a warhammer 40k tournament as an opening celebration for the Boxes of War website and for a mean to meet the people who run the shop who - as you should have guessed already are gamers and enthusiasts themselves.

A strike at the railway at the weekend almost stopped the Invulnerable camera from getting to the event, almost - but late enough to arrive at exactly the point where the tournament was starting and the Boxes of War tournament was already filled with players. Neither The strike or the heat stopped fourteen (14) players! and several spectators to come and take a day free of the normal fuzz of the ordinary world and sink deep into the enjoyment of the grim darkness of war (box of war?) that only Warhammer can provide.

Camera on, Battery full and a Free Beverage, everything is set for another photo report.

Find the Boxes of War e-shop here: http://www.boxesofwar.com/store/