Friday, January 13, 2012

2nd independent club tournament report.

Hello people and happy new year.

The happy new year wish might have come a bit late but indeed the new year started with the best tournament that we could participate in for the wh40k community. The second Independent club tournament took place some days ago (last weekend actually) in the Stratos Vasilikos Hotel and the invulnerable camera was there with its lens ready to take photos, in the end of the report you will also find a link to download all of the photos from the tournament. You are free to re-post them anywhere with or without mention of the Invulnerable blog.

And welcome to the report!, lets see some photos first from the set up of the tournament.

Applying Snow: by Anestis Potourides.

Table 20 looks more like Harivdes, the legendary pac man of ancient times that used to eat ships.
The unsuspecting rhino tries to pass through and before it reaches the end.... smack!

Konstantinos Lekkas - the Chronomancer arrives.

Gamers meet while Anestis continues to apply snow.

More people arrive.


See the suprise on the face of a player who dosent know about the invulnerable camera, Arion and the others know full well that they should suffer the flash of the camera once more.

Tasos Grigoriadis poses next to boardgames. One of them is Drum roll by Artipia games, one of the few Greek board game making companies.


Dark Eldar world terrain, made by Dimitris Chondroyiannis

A newer version (and less dangerous) of Thor.

No! not you again!


Make sure that you do a good job today or ill have your head cut off with my chain sword.

Games corps team, from left: John Parks Papadopoulos, Alex Kostyuk and Dimitris Chondroyiannis.

Nice demonic axe.

The table i provided for the tournament, simple and cool, i played also in my 3rd game there.

Finally someone remembered that buildings are usually painted in a different way in their inside walls and floors than their exterior. I think that we must give credit for this nice terrain to Spirus the Fenrisian.

I used to live in this room (when i was a 28mm miniature), now look how it is after the bombing.

Cool looking ruins by Spirus the Fenrisian.

High speed invulnerable camera catches the missiles on air while they are launched.

Another player enjoying the tournament.

The players find their opponents and their tables.


Leandros Maurokefalos took a lot of pictures too.

Takis Valeontis, the overmind, close to a red ribbon. Dont get fooled by his smile, he is a vile Tyranid creature.

Anestis Potourides Space Wolves, one of the best painted armies in the tournament.

Black templars, the drop pods being too big to fit on the transporting disk.

those must belong to Slaanesh, don't ask me how i know! - they are pink!

Chaos Space marines chose a transporting disk that matches the color of their transport vehicles.

Do not hit or swing at people or animals? Use away from breakable objects? what kind of thunder hammer is that? hmm....
Wait! i got it! its a demon hammer!

The people with the "J" judge symbol gather around their leader.

Successful T-shirt logo: stands out among people.

Left: Checking with his list if everything is there: yes they are all accounted for.(you can never know with Necrons, one for example might be still sleeping - for thousands of years!)

The most beautiful Blood Angels Rhino i have ever seen.

Sanguinius, this must be Sanguinius. An amazing model by Demetris Tampakoudis.

Librarian dreadnought by Demetris Tampakoudis.

Really, this guy behind them, what is his role? (models by Demetris Tampakoudis)

Amazingly converted Necron vehicles by the Spiridis brothers.

Dreadnoughts always get the best seats in the deployment in this army.

The beautifully crafted Blood Angels army marches (drives) to war.

The predator in the back doesn't play well with the other tanks and they don't want to play again with it.

All these stuff in 1750 points list? it must be a really tight fit.



Hmmm... what is he doing there???

Yiorgos Patelis, in the process of outflanking the space wolves.

Yes Aris, you are again on a tournament, its true!



Hello to you too.

If i remember correctly this guy went to the Grand tournament some billions of years ago in the past and made us all proud by taking a respectable position.

The Genestealer Broodlord poops an ace.

They brought all their hammers to crack the wall.

At the top an X-Wing fighter is grounded, possibly Luke Skywalker might be around too practicing the force. Well then maybe Yoda - since he is green too - might be mistaken for an ork by the blood angels and get his head blown off by a bolter shell. 

Orks riding to battle.


Really now, how did this drop pod stands without falling in such an angle?

Space wolves and blood angels clash in the spaceport.



Blood angels disembark to save their ride from the nasty scarabs.


Tyranids are shot from the rear. they aren't used to such attacks, usually the food shots at them from the front.

Tyranids waiting on the transporting disk, or are they just dead and they returned there?

N.C. (no comment) but both armies look really cool.






I knew it! we are on table 10!

The Land raider lives on the edge, breed for danger!



The Furioso and its fans.

Awesome paintjob on this Necron vehicle (by Marios Vrachiolidis).


This must be the best painted Dark Eldar jet craft i have ever seen.




Aphelion and the Doc, both friends of the "all painted all modeled" idea couldn't miss such an event, even as spectators.

Lord Limenix brought his imperial guard on the tournament, he left the ammo outside of it.

See! see! i got a dice!




The skull to the right got the joke, the other didn't.

THIS guy, and his awesome painted miniatures.

More awesome painted Dark Eldar.


They built a bridge from the one church to the other, so if you don't like the preaching in the one you can get to the other without stepping on the ground.

I got you now!


Demonic axe, demonic player.

Demonic axe is either too heavy or the demonic player is having a trouble with his stomach...

I got you know you evil demonic filthy thing!

But no! wait!


Yes monsieur, what do you want? you want to take a picture of... ME?

He plays warhammer with gloves, his miniatures are too hot to the touch.

Antonis Christou in the process of serving the greater good.

The predator in the middle forgot to open its rear hatch.

The cook!

Me and Yiorgos Patelis, aka: the Metaller, amazing music by this guy too.

Kostas and his imperial guard.

Laughing while playing.

His opponent laughs too.

Yup, that's the spirit.

You made it!

Awesome paintjob and base by Manos.


Glove? sinister look on his face?

Lots of Forge world stuff.

Blood Angels by Dimitris Tampakoudis.

Blood Angels by Dimitris Tampakoudis.

Necrons by Marios Vrachiolidis.

Necrons by Spiridis Promitheas.

Anestis Potouridis Space Wolves.

Space Wolves.


Battle bunker folks waiting for their food in the food-brake arranged by the organizers. This tournament had the best food brake ever on a tourney.



The Yaggos brothers, notice the "i mixed superglue with toothpaste" expression on Yiannis face.

Marios Vrachiolidis Necrons

Another picture of them.




Someone asked me how many failed chargers showed up in the ICT, actually as a player i was the only one but two more chargers showed up, Cadaver and Plasmaleak, when you join the Chargers... you never walk alone.

And you never go mad alone either.

Kostas looks at the wall with an angry attitude, good thing for the hotel that he didn't unleashed his rage to it that day.







Stefanos Garcia.

Dimitris Vlahos, as i heard, he did his first tournament victory! onward to the next one Jim - i didn't meant victory, i meant to the next tournament...

A gunship having a bad time.


Land Raider is all i have in hand, Land raider is all i have in my head, Land raider is all i have in my heart.

The tournament ends, everyone awaits for the results.


....and wait.

In case someone doesn't agree with what he says he has the thunder hammer in reach.




Chondroyiannis Dimitris was Top Tyranid player in the tournament, he played with his Swarm of beasts better than any other hive brain.

Christou Antonis was the best Tau player on the tournament plus he finished 3rd in the overall ranking of the tournament with his Tau once again proving that it is the player and not just the army that matters, Well done Antonis!

Thimodeas Sotiris was the best Space Wolf player, he also finished 2nd in the overall ranking of the tournament, for the sons of Russ! for the wolf time!

Leuteris Gavalas was the best Ork player around on the tournament, his Waaagh still echoes in the halls of the hotel.

Promitheas Spiridis was best Necron player.

John Parks Papadopoulos from Games Corps was also best Imperial Guard player.

Spyropoulos Stefanos got nominated as top Grey Knight player after also massacring my army in his 3rd game, well done Stefanos.

Papacheimonas Ntinos was top Dark Eldar player on the tournament, one of the many Dark Eldar players, well done Ntinos that was a tough one.

Alex Kostyuk was best Dark Angel player, or should i say top Deathwing player?

Apostolopoulos Vasilios was top Blood Angel player, good to know the ETC team has such a good player in its ranks.

The overall winner of the tournament was John Parks Papadopoulos, top player in everything regarding the game, well done John you well deserve the victory.

Additionally Tampakoudis Dimitris got the Best painted army award for his Blood Angels, he well deserves it i think since his work was just stunning.

I would like to thank everyone for suffering the flash of the camera once more and wish to the organizers the best in their following attempts to make the Independent club tournaments the best and most prestigious tournaments in Greece, something that they are obviously quite capable of doing.

And something we most definitely need.

Have fun, take care.

For the Invulnerable.

For more photos taken during the event please follow this link.


  1. Hey you forgot to praise my magnificent craters on the Imperial Seals table :P

    Apart from that, top notch coverage of the tournament while playing at the same time. Thanks for all the pictures.

  2. Excellent report! Amazing atmosphere and miniatures in this tournament!

  3. good game m8! special thanks for your help!!!

  4. /clap clap m8. Awesome report and photos.

  5. thanks everyone, the Invulnerable will keep on reporting of course and sharing ideas, commentary and jokes but it will do so in a slower pace since there is a lot of work around me at the moment, as always i will do my worst. thank you for your support and the 21.000 hits the invulnerable got in the first months of its operation.


  6. good job arxonda!!! poli kalo kai poles photo super gamato!!

  7. Well writen Marcador Lets meet again at the ICT3!

  8. θα συναντηθούμε στο ICT3 φίλε! πρώτα υγεία!


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