Sunday, July 3, 2011

Kalithea tournament 25-6-2011

Last weekend on the 25th we held another tournament in Kalithea's Fantasy Shop, one of the most important factors of the day were the usual Greek Sunny weather who got the temperature quite high but it didn't stop the players from enjoying the game and i think we all gained - again - from the experience, including the shops who sold water bottles.

For the record the tournament brought 14 players, four of them playing Dark Eldar (the grim darkness is indeed very dark - and grim) two Imperial guard players, one loyalist guard and one heretic (one of the players were new to the 40k scene - you can guess who it was) one Ork player (they are rare, but they cause pain) two Grey Knight players ( i wonder if you add them if they would make one black knight, hmmmm) one Blood Angel (me) one Space Marine and one Space Wolf.