Thursday, December 15, 2011

Doubles tournament in Marousi.

Its been a week after the "Kathimerini Incident" and the players were still discussing the subject and i guess they still do until now, that - and the fact that a new shop has opened in Marousi - a fantasy shop that actually just got transfered from Kifisia led to a over-poppulation on the doubles tournament that was hosted in that day.

More than ten pairs were gathered to play and some had to be turned away because there wasn't enough tables to accomodate them all, while this is sad it is also a good hint that the days with the 6 and 8 players on a tournament are long gone now, the hobby and the community is facing a rise in its numbers, even with the bad economic situation in Greece.

People stay more in their homes instead of going to clubs and waste money (well we still go to them but not that much) - warhammer is an expensive hobby but buying an army today means that you will be able to play with it for years ahead with just some upgrades usually with each new codex, would you be able to say the same thing with computer games? and in any case sitting behind your computer chatting on text with your co-players is as much social as what is happening on our community? reasons like this are to explain the rise in the players numbers.

Anyway, enough with my mumbling, lets get to see what happened on the doubles tournament.