Thursday, October 13, 2011

8-10-2011, taking the train to Kifisia.

Someone could say that the blog so far haven't visited every single place where a tournament in Greece can be held, this is true as in its short life of 4-5 months the Invulnerable mostly has covered events in the Fantasy shops of Kalithea and Victoria and the Games Corps in Halandi that started its activity right on the same month as this blog has gone online.

Mostly this was the reason (to start covering tournaments somewhere else too) why i choose to take the train to the north part of our city all the way to Kifisia in a boring 47 minuets (counted with stopwatch) journey to reach the shop in time.

Another reason for going to the tournament was that i was planning to play in this tournament too, packaging your army and photographic equipment can be tricky and the SLR camera got cramped together with the Stormraven and the infantry with the IC recorder, i run out of space (and hands) for the video camera and the tripod so i couldn't record any video for this tournament (and you were cooking popcorn already huh?).

Someone told me a day before that i should bring my army too in case not too many players were to come and i was actually waiting for quite a few gamers to arrive too because of the distance the shop has to the city center, when i arrived on the mall where the Fantasy Shop is i found only the Overmind, Takis Valeontis who would be also the Judge for the tournament was there.