Friday, June 24, 2011

A Weekend of Tournaments, Part two.

The next day another tournament was held on Halandri, Games Corps, sleeping got me a bit late and i arrived once again - at the start of the second round.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Weekend of Tournaments, Part one.


First of all i have to note the results to the small poll we had on the blog, where the Invulnerable camera should focus, the players, the miniatures/battlefield or both, you guys decided that the focus of the blog should be evenly divided between both the players and the game pieces, thank you very much for participating.

This report is seperated in two parts, the first is about the Battle missions tournament in Victoria Fantasy shop, the other part with a tournament a day later in Halandri - the first tournament for Games Corps.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Historical kind of tournament at Playscape.

Sunday 12 of June. 2011. 11:00AM

Me and John "Robomarine" stand outside Doukisis Plakentias Metro station, this station is quite on the other side of Athens, quite an hour away from Kalithea, we were dressed for the summer climate that our part of the city had so when we reached the surface again we weren't prepared for the worst possible weather that awaited us, the rain outside was so tense that we had to retreat back to the station, nonetheless we contacted John, our host for the day from Playscape shop to come and try to find a way to pick us up with his car.

We were going to the tournament, even if we were to get completely soaked wet.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Genocide Chronicles 5-6-2011. Part THREE!

...It's the final countdown.

Results in the second round meant that all six teams could try for a better place than the one they got (except the team in the first place - they just need to keep their rank obviously) and the teams near the front can all try for first place.

Round three started with two players leaving, one of them couldn't stand it to look any more at explosions (as his shirt noted) and left to get back to Crete! we sincerely hope you had a pleasant stay and journey!

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Genocide Chronicles 5-6-2011. Part TWO

Part two, out of three.

Yes, the report about the GC will be covered in three parts, as the tournament had also three rounds (as most tournaments anyway), it makes sense since to cover an event like this in three parts since it is such a big and nice event.

So, after some fighting, killing and butchering, and whatever was necessary for the players to collect "kill points" to win their opponents and give points to their teams a small pause was made in the event for a special part of the day.

In the last Genocide Chronicles the winning team was the team from forum, this team couldnt make it to the event this time and so they couldnt defend their title, here is the team from in GC3.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Genocide Chronicles 5-6-2011. Part ONE

There are people who know what they want and some people who don't, but usually only a small amount of them act towards the good or gain of themselves, everyone, or of the community they participate.

The Tournament known as the Genocide Chronicles who is really a warhammer 40k version of the guild wars event came to existence about a year ago because some people decided to start it, not for their good, but for the good of the wargaming hobby and the community behind it.

One of them, Kostas Lekkas, the "Chronomancer" a veteran gamer is also a player, organizer and referee in the tournament, there are other people who are in to help because Chronomancer is far away from Athens where the tournament is held and some things must be done here.
So far has the Genocide Chronicles has succesfully been organized and held three times and the report coming right below is the fourth, the tournament known as Genocide Chronicles IV.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meet And Greet at Games Corps.

Its almost a week since the last post on the invulnerable and time flies fast, a game of warhammer, some errands for a business and the local riots held me away from the computer, but not so far away.

Last weekend, Game Corps, the new shop in Halandri arranged and held its first event, not a tournament - just an event where local gamers could meet, exchange their first blows on each other so that a series of battles could follow to soak the battleboards with imaginary blood and plastic pieces of the dead/removed troopers.

At about 12AM i arrived at the new shop, the twin linked laser cannon on my private razorback was more than enough to open the road in the traffic jams but next time ill use a stormraven, it makes quite a better work (ill just melt all the cars i don't like their color with my multi melta!!!)