Saturday, September 10, 2011

LOOTERZ part two.

A week have passed since the last episode of the Looterz comic and here comes the second part of the story, i think i don't have to write too many things about it, just read the story and comment it. :)
Once again i would like to remind you that Looterz is free for distribution, you may post it everywere and anywere - if so doing thought please note the source - add a link to the blog.

You can find part one of the Looterz comic here:
In the end of the comic ill post for all of you a link to download the comic as a complete pdf.

And that's it! the Grots got another problem! and i guess the shadow running a bit away from the Russ is yet another one, and who knows what still awaits the four Grechin, you will find out next week on their next episode. :) thanks for reading!.

I would also like to note that everything (Grots, Grechin, Leman russ, Leman russ captured by Grotz, Squig, Imperial guard and even the Waaagh war-cry) depicted on the comic (maybe apart from the rocks in the ground i guess) is the intellectual property of Games Workshop (no kidding here guys - it is), and i am using them without permission.