Wednesday, July 13, 2011

9/10-7-2011 two days tournament - Day one.

Sometimes you like something so much that when it happens and even if it takes a complete day you sill want some more, so when you know that you will find the thing you like the next day too its even better, this goes as the truth with the two days tournament that was held last weekend on the Viktoria fantasy shop, if you liked the tournament as an event in the first day there was the second day for even more.

Even better with a two days tournament is that you can review your gaming and strategy from day one to play even better on the second day - see what errors you did in the first two battles with your army and try to do correct them in the next day. (The tournament had four battles, two battles on the first day and two battles on the second one, each player with 2000 points armies)