Friday, November 18, 2011

Aspiring League Warhammer fantasy guild wars. 13-11-2011

Last weekend the Fantasy shop in Kalithea had the priviledge of hosting the Guild wars for the aspiring league and in the following weekend the Exalted league will play on the same place, the best team in the aspiring league rises to the exalted league and the last team in the exalted drops to the aspiring league, it is a fair and needed system to accomodate all the ten 5-player teams that take part in those tournaments.

In this tournament together with the team from FS kalitheas - the Failed Chargers five other teams took part, the Knights of Saint Andrew, Demonic Sparrows, Meraklis Hammer, Purple Cobras and another team that just took part so that a team wouldn't wait without a team pair to play against.

Without any more waiting and pointless writing lets see the photos from the games!.

 Everything in this day will be done for this trophy, and for rise into the first league.