Monday, November 7, 2011

Genocide Chronicles 5.

Some months has passed since the last Genocide chronicles, the teams and their players returned on the 30 of October to play again against each other, the last time the Berks, the team from the city of Larissa won their 3rd trophy and this time they would be trying for their 4th.

The Knights of Saint Andrew came from the city of Patra again to play as did the several teams from Athens: the Imperial seals, the Red Corsairs, the Space Meraklides, Taratatzoum and the team i participate in: the Failed Chargers from Kalithea who would also host the event in the shop they play: Fantasy Shop Kalithea.

Our team, the Failed Chargers, had a good start in the Genocide Chronicles tournaments conquering the 4th place with 19 points and back then they were too close to the 2nd place, sadly in the 3rd and 4th tournaments the team from Kalithea managed to get to the bottom of the rankings.

To try and do better this time the team gathered twice in the days before the tournament to discuss pairings and team army lists, this led us to go to the tournament as a good organized team, we had almost every opponents army list at hand and we had chosen beforehand who would be the better player to face each opponent, our goal was to finish in a better position than the last times.

The teams and the organizer arrived quite quickly on the tournament with the exception of the Berks who got lost on the way to Kalithea when they entered Athens, one of the Meraklides the Chessmaster helped them (detected them with his auspex) and brought them in time for the games.