Friday, September 30, 2011

25-09-2011 Independent club tournament, part two.

With the Players still thinking of the battle they gave some minuets ago the next round started, this time they had to compete in the Seize ground mission with a Dawn of war deployment. Seize ground means that the troops choices in each army will be the most valuable pieces and whoever has the most (and a proper transport for them) has a greater chance of victory or at least greater number of assets to use for his victory.

Dawn of War meant that in the first round all those troop choices will be - probably - safe from enemy fire, this means that the players have a good chance if both play defensively to get at least one or two objectives in the first rounds, the whole deal will be how they will be able to hold them and conquer their opponent's objectives.

What was also interesting in the second round of the tournament was the small encounter with miss Georgia Lemou, a Journalist (a real Journalist) from the Kathimerini newspaper (the Greek version of Herald Tribune) who came to make a report about this "Warhammer" thing, i have to admit that while i tried to take an interview from her she ended up taking an interview from me, you can read the interview in the end of the report.

The other thing was that the tournament included a best painted army award and the four best armies were exhibited in the end of the second round, there are photos of each of the four armies who were nominated from the players as the best and of course the one who got the best army award. See all of that in the report coming below along with videos, photos and the usual "comments".

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

25-09-2011 Independent club tournament, part one.

Usually shops run tournaments and events, the reason is quite obvious, a shop who sells warhammer and miniature wargames usually makes sure that it will have some tables and sometimes quite a lot of tables for the players who get to the shop to be able to play the games they buy from the shop, its a very understandable and successful method to satisfy the players need for gaming space and also promote the hobby.

What was different with this tournament is that it was held from independent clubs and not from a shop, while it isn't so rare for an independent club to run a miniature wargames tournament it isn't the most common thing, what is really an important thing here is that player clubs as Espairos (ΕΣΠΑΙΡΟΣ) and Battle bunker - the two clubs that organized the event are motivated completely by their love for the games, this the players know and they are attracted from it - hence the latest tournament attracted no less than 36 players and many people who just came to see the games making it one of the biggest ever tournaments to take place in Greece.

Espairos, one of the two hosting clubs for the tournament is an official gaming club for role playing games, boardgames and miniature wargames, they have their own gaming hall with multiple rooms ready for gaming. Espairos is the one of the oldest gaming clubs in Greece and in ten years of activity has housed more than three hundred souls that share the same passion for gaming. You can find their forum and community in the following website.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Doubles tournament at Games Corps 18-9-2011

Last weekend we went to Halandri again for a doubles tournament, this time i had the privilege of playing  with my friend Antonis - Azrael and also a Failed Chargers team player. Βecause of me playing too on the tournament i didn't had the time to take many photos or cover the event as much as the last one (in the last one i took almost seven hundredth photos (battery of my Olympus E520 almost run dry) and notes about every player and match!).

In this doubles tournament eight teams or pairs - answered the call to arms, that is 16 players, including the shop owner!, lets see who those 16 players and their teams were.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Looterz part three

Hello Invulnerable readers!

I hope you excuse me for not seeing any posts this week since i had to do some running to get more equipment for the Invulnerable blog (a video camera, tripod - not the one from the war of the worlds movie) and some actual running for training and so i had very little time for writting, i hope to fill in the lost time in the week to come.
Apart from all that...  The third part of the Looterz comic is just below!, read it and comment the story if you like, by the end of this episode you must have some clue about what is going to happen. Do try to guess the end!

You can find part one of the Looterz comic here:

And part two can be found here:

For the Emperorrr!!!!

So here are the first humans in this comic! servants to the Imperium of man all of them as they seem, if you wonder what will happen with their "charge" and if they will find out that their precious tank (unit LR52 - Leman Russ 52) is filled with grots you will just have to wait until next week.

I have to note again - that everything appearing on this comic is the intellectual property of Games Workshop Ltd.

Anyway, have fun people, take care!

For the Invulnerable

Saturday, September 10, 2011

LOOTERZ part two.

A week have passed since the last episode of the Looterz comic and here comes the second part of the story, i think i don't have to write too many things about it, just read the story and comment it. :)
Once again i would like to remind you that Looterz is free for distribution, you may post it everywere and anywere - if so doing thought please note the source - add a link to the blog.

You can find part one of the Looterz comic here:
In the end of the comic ill post for all of you a link to download the comic as a complete pdf.

And that's it! the Grots got another problem! and i guess the shadow running a bit away from the Russ is yet another one, and who knows what still awaits the four Grechin, you will find out next week on their next episode. :) thanks for reading!.

I would also like to note that everything (Grots, Grechin, Leman russ, Leman russ captured by Grotz, Squig, Imperial guard and even the Waaagh war-cry) depicted on the comic (maybe apart from the rocks in the ground i guess) is the intellectual property of Games Workshop (no kidding here guys - it is), and i am using them without permission.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Games Corps Tournament 4-9-2011

As the grots keep thinking if they have to charge and capture the Leman russ in the Looterz web comic, the Invulnerable Blog ventured to Games Corps in Halandri for yet another tournament report, the first one for the new season, included in this one - as for the rest of the tournaments for now on - with your request too from the Poll that we have in the previous months are some interviews - what the players have to say about their matches and even more some commentary on the matches from the organizer: John Parks Papadopoulos and the Invulnerable reporter.

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Introducing Comics in the Invulnerable blog!

Looterz is a comic that will run in the Invulnerable blog for some episodes written, drawn and colored by yours truly...  It is a small story (about 12 pages) about four Grechin who just happen to be the sole survivors from an ork Warband, the small grots are in grave danger as a enlarged and mutated Squig is completely out of control (possibly even eat part of their warband too - the Runtherd for sure) and is now stalking the four remaining Grechin.

In their luck - or misfortune, the Grechin have come across a Leman Russ battle tank, who is not moving, swiveling its weapons and generally making any noise whatsoever. The grots are hiding behind a big rock observing the tank trying to figure out what to do.

What will happen (and how) is left on the comic pages. Enjoy.

(the comic will be updated weekly, until the end of the story)

Feel free to download the comic (right click / save image as, view it on windows image viewer or anywhere else) and to post the comic on your webpage, blog, wall, dungeon, spaceship wall, hibernating egg, etc, in case you do actually post the comic somewhere - please add credits and a link to the Invulnerable blog.