Sunday, September 18, 2011

Looterz part three

Hello Invulnerable readers!

I hope you excuse me for not seeing any posts this week since i had to do some running to get more equipment for the Invulnerable blog (a video camera, tripod - not the one from the war of the worlds movie) and some actual running for training and so i had very little time for writting, i hope to fill in the lost time in the week to come.
Apart from all that...  The third part of the Looterz comic is just below!, read it and comment the story if you like, by the end of this episode you must have some clue about what is going to happen. Do try to guess the end!

You can find part one of the Looterz comic here:

And part two can be found here:

For the Emperorrr!!!!

So here are the first humans in this comic! servants to the Imperium of man all of them as they seem, if you wonder what will happen with their "charge" and if they will find out that their precious tank (unit LR52 - Leman Russ 52) is filled with grots you will just have to wait until next week.

I have to note again - that everything appearing on this comic is the intellectual property of Games Workshop Ltd.

Anyway, have fun people, take care!

For the Invulnerable