Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meet And Greet at Games Corps.

Its almost a week since the last post on the invulnerable and time flies fast, a game of warhammer, some errands for a business and the local riots held me away from the computer, but not so far away.

Last weekend, Game Corps, the new shop in Halandri arranged and held its first event, not a tournament - just an event where local gamers could meet, exchange their first blows on each other so that a series of battles could follow to soak the battleboards with imaginary blood and plastic pieces of the dead/removed troopers.

At about 12AM i arrived at the new shop, the twin linked laser cannon on my private razorback was more than enough to open the road in the traffic jams but next time ill use a stormraven, it makes quite a better work (ill just melt all the cars i don't like their color with my multi melta!!!)