Monday, October 10, 2011

1-10-2011 Back to Victoria

It was nice getting back to Fantasy Shop Victoria for a tournament, it isn't just the fact that i have connected as a player the meaning of Warhammer 40.000 with the Fantasy shop in Victoria (we old players know why this place is important to the hobby) but it is also the fact that many of my old time wh40k friends are still there, including the hideous Tyranid-thing that so far masks itself as a human being and organizer of many tournaments, i am speaking about Takis Valeontis if you haven't guessed already - the Overmind.

This time the Fantasy shop announced the start of a ranking system for the players that take part in their tournaments, the players will keep their scores from every tournament that they will participate in and we will have a more general view of the players level and ability, the Invulnerable blog will follow closely the scores as they will be posted on a separate page on the blog that can be found here:

With all that in mind i woke up quite late to get to the tournament, the first thing i did was call the Overmind and ask him to what round they were still in, he answered that the players were just finishing the first round and to my question of how many players were there the answer were twelve, i quickly grabbed my SLR and the video camera and headed as quickly as i could to the tournament!.