Friday, August 31, 2012

World War two returns in 28mm.

The Bolt action range of miniatures by Warlord games has been on the market for some time, quite an extensive range of world war two plastic (multi-part) and metal miniatures were sold to be used for world war two 28mm miniature war games and Warlord's own Operation squad miniature war game, a game that as it wasn't too well known nor supported didn't got the attention it (might) needed.

Some time ago Warlord announced the publication of the Bolt action WW2 miniature war game, a little later i stumbled upon their website and read some reviews and articles from the producers, the impression from what i read led me to believe that we are in the first steps of a new brilliant game that will take its place among the big games out there in the market - Warhammer fantasy and 40k, Flames of War, Warmachine and the rest.

The reasons are: the rules of the game who are written by veteran game designers Alessio Cavatore and Rick Priestley are simple fast and easy to understand and also close to what we used to play with the warhammer 40k 5th edition and the brilliant range of miniatures who can only be compared with the top manufacturers in the market right now.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Interview with Vasilis Apostolopoulos ETC captain 2012

The Greek ETC team got back for about a week now and as promised we have a small interview with the team's captain Vasilis Apostolopoulos, Vasilis played also in the 2011 ETC Greek team and he was the only player to come back for the 2012 competition, this time as the team captain, quite the responsibility.

Let's see what Vasilis has to say about his experience.

1. How long are you playing Warhammer 40000 and with what armies.

I am in this game for almost four years now but I have studied it and knew about it for far more, so my adaptation to the game was easy. I can easily play a lot of armies but at this point I play Blood Angels, Chaos Daemons, Space Wolves and soon I will have my own Grey Knight army, of course don't get troubled if you see me play Orks.

2. You just got back from ETC 2012 in Poland, what was this experience for you in general?

As far as the level of the game (playing) since it was the second time for me playing in the tournament i got even more experience since I think that each time that you participate in it you accumulate experiences and new ways to deal with different situations, it is important to play with the best because then you become better yourself.

As an experience I have to add that the participation of nine Greeks in the team was very important and it also added a unity within the team, as a captain I think that I accumulated also a lot of experience in team management, apart from that - regarding the event itself - you have to be there to see what I am talking about.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First news from ETC 2012 40k.

Photo taken from Anubis, the team player missing from the photo.

With our team back from Poland and some phone calls the Invulnerable managed to a basic first idea of what our team did in the tournament, there isn't anything coherent still - an interview with the team's captain will follow but the breaking news go as such.