Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Apocalyptic Kaissa Fair.

Some weeks ago (yes the Invulnerable have been that late) the Kaissa chain of stores held a games fair.
Kaissa has held games fairs repeatedly since their first ever back in ages past (it must have been 1991 or 1992) - I still remember it with us being boys back then enjoying a game of Battletech with my friends and several other players.

Kaissa has held a games fair every year since then and has been one of the two larger chain of shops that brought games of strategy and fantasy in our country, indeed Kaissa has been the first ever shop (the one in kalidromiou street) to ever bring the first fantasy game in Greece (if i am not mistaken).

This year's Kaissa Games fair hosted boardgames, card games (mostly that actually) and an apocalypse game between two teams of four players each with 5000 points (a total of 20.000 points each side, 40.000 points on the table) the Games fair has been hosted on the Stratos Vasilikos hotel (the same place where the first Independent club tournament was held and where the second also will be held).