Fantasy Shop Ranking

Fantasy Shop Warhammer 40K Ranking Standings
Last Update: 4/10/2011

The Fantasy shop decided to incorporate a ranking system for all the tournaments that take place in their Shops, the players gather points from every tournament that they participate in, the Invulnerable blog will also post the player standings in this page, the page will be updated shortly after the official update from the organizer.

There are 10 levels in the ranking and each level has 5 sub-levels, you gain levels by gathering points, there are three ways to gather points:

A) By simply participating in a Fantasy Shop tournament you gain points based on the number of players who participated in the tournament.

If 6 to 12 players participated you will get 2 points.
If 13 to 24 players participated you will get 4 points.
If 25 to 36 players participated you will get 6 points.
If 37 to 48 players participated you will get 8 points.

B) by the results of your games: each victory will grant you 5 points, each draw will grant you one, each defeat will not give you any points.

C) Multiplier: in some special events a multiplier may add more points than the usual, this will be comented by the organizers, by default the multiplier is 1.

In the case of Doubles tournaments each player will get a score for him self, for example if his pair wins he will get 5 points.

For more information see the relevant page on the Fantasy shop homepage

The levels are:

Levels: 1-5.

0 to 20 points.
You just made it out of the apothecarion and you are still waiting for this gene seed to fulfill your transformation to the uber-killing machine, until then your trusty bolt pistol and close combat weapon will do all the work and if you are good enough they might give you a sniper rifle and take a shot at a good Xeno target.
Levels: 6 to 10.
25 to 45 points.
Your scout sergeant was good enough to not only get your squad into trouble for quite a lot of times but also out of it - alive. Too bad your sergeant got too brave and became Trygon dinner in the last encounter with the Tyranid swarm, so much the better for you for taking your time with the squad's Missile launcher to take the beast down and rise to full fledged battle brother, now what it will be? tactical squad, devastator or assault? just stay away from using the squad's plasma gun and you will be alright.
Squad Leader
Levels: 11 to 15
50 to 90 points.
While still not ready to lead a squad of space marines of your own you just risen to the rank of Squad leader - if the unit gets separated in 5-man combat squads you will lead the boring part of it - the guys with the missile launcher, occasionally you will drive a land speeder or even drive a bike, whatever the case when the sergeants power fist fails him the next time he goes against Khorne berserkers it will be your chance for raise in ranking...
Levels: 16 to 20
100 to 140 points.
You made it to sergeant! you get to the Captain's council as well before the company gets to war and even more you get to use all the nice weapons the sergeants use, power fists, power swords even the notorious combi weapons but the best thing of being sergeant is that you always tend to get wounded last and have to check for your armor the least of times.
Veteran Sergeant
Levels: 21 to 25
150 to 270 points.
If raise in ranking wasn't enough for you, leading one of the elites of the chapter means that you are really destined to rule the stars with a iron fist, the best squads in one of the four battle companies are now yours to command! In any case this metal stud the Techpriest plugged into your skull is getting scratchy...
Levels: 26 to 30
300 to 420 points.
Entry to the 1st company of the chapter also means that you will get back to following orders from the sergeant, but it also means that you will wear the dreaded terminator armor, the best personal protection in the galaxy - that is until a Genestealer in the last space hulk journey pointed your way - in this case you would love to be holding a storm shield and a thunder hammer or even better an assault cannon to get rid of the Xeno threat.
Terminator Sergeant
Levels: 31 to 35
450 to 650 points.
Bombing the space hulk with disintegration class nuclear missiles meant that all of the hostile creatures met a quick and painless death, even better the geneseed of the last surviving terminator sergeant captured by the vile Xeno would not be compromised, and guess what - with him gone the Chapter just run out from terminator sergeants! so much the better for brave terminator marines like your self - one of the few surviving ones to fill up the vacancy right away.
Honor Guard
Levels: 36 to 40
700 to 900 points.
Captain or chapter master, he is now your duty to guard him, you get flashy new armor and the best weapons the chapter can arm you with, the Captain lately is too courageous and this means that if you end up killing more and more then maybe his job might be yours soon.
Levels: 41 to 45
1000 to 1400 points.
Nobody found out that the melta bombs stuck into the chaos land raider was too close to where your captain was fighting the Nurgle daemon prince and soon you were triumph above both the captain's and the prince's body. The sole survivor of such a bloodbath - along with the death of one of the chapters senior officers meant that you were good enough for the job, now you get to have your own company under your command and an iron halo to guard your back from heavy weapons.
Chapter Master
Levels: 46 to 50
1500 to 2000 points.
Years later you got to be chapter master yourself, the fate of planets and maybe the galaxy itself might be in your hands, nothing can challenge you now and you have one thousand battle brothers under your command, even better no one of them is interested to learn how you grow so fast in ranks - except maybe the friendly visitors from the inquisition who are recently too busy around your throne.