Saturday, September 10, 2011

LOOTERZ part two.

A week have passed since the last episode of the Looterz comic and here comes the second part of the story, i think i don't have to write too many things about it, just read the story and comment it. :)
Once again i would like to remind you that Looterz is free for distribution, you may post it everywere and anywere - if so doing thought please note the source - add a link to the blog.

You can find part one of the Looterz comic here:
In the end of the comic ill post for all of you a link to download the comic as a complete pdf.

And that's it! the Grots got another problem! and i guess the shadow running a bit away from the Russ is yet another one, and who knows what still awaits the four Grechin, you will find out next week on their next episode. :) thanks for reading!.

I would also like to note that everything (Grots, Grechin, Leman russ, Leman russ captured by Grotz, Squig, Imperial guard and even the Waaagh war-cry) depicted on the comic (maybe apart from the rocks in the ground i guess) is the intellectual property of Games Workshop (no kidding here guys - it is), and i am using them without permission.


  1. Παναγιωτη είσαι καταπληκτικος.Ανετα ενα απο καλυτερα κομικ που εχω διαβασει.Δευτερο μονο στο Lone Wolves!

  2. Very cool, looking forward to the next installment!

  3. thanks Leuteri! thanks mr Wartales, i found this Lone wolves comic somewhere on the net! my work is second to this work for ya?! this is an honor! Lone wolves has very good (amazing) art, ill try to do even better on the next comic. maybe add some space marines too.

  4. Criticism: Careful on the spelling! Send me a rough draft any time you like and I can go over it for you.

    Second, eyes turned yellow in the second page though that's just a minor detail.

    I actually laughed out loud at the final panel, this is easily the best 40k related humor on the net right now.


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