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25-09-2011 Independent club tournament, part three.

The last round of the tournament started and the place was half full of players since almost everyone went outside for a snack, drink, burger or all three of that. A little bit afterwards we got back into the hotel and for the one last round that would reveal the best player in both gaming and sportsmanship.

The third mission was Annihilation and the deployment was Spearhead, with the armies deploying with their flanks covered by the edges of the battlefield players were able to defend their weaker units better and bring forward their more tough units.

So lets see the pairs on the third round.

Yaggos Ioannis with his Imperial guard was playing against Maniatis Dimitris with his Orks, Ioannis already had 2 victories and if he could win Dimitris he would end up in the top, the same was for Kapetanakis Stefanos and Lazidis Thanasis yet as both of them had two victories already a victory for one of the two would mean that the other would end up below everyone with three victories or two victories and a draw.

This is by far few things that can be said about the final round of the game, Hatzopoulos Yiannis,  Arion Spyridis and Ntikson Thodoris with his Grey knights was also going to make an attempt for the top three  yet in this tournament  the top player would be the one who would get the more points for sportsmanship too.

lets see some photos taken in this final round of the tournament.

The airfield has drawn the attention of the Orks once again! this time on the defense of the airfield are the sons of Sanguinius, the Blood Angels space marines.

And in their command is Vasilis Apostolopoulos also known as Billap.

Papajohn wonders what will be his next move with his fleet of grav tanks.

Papajohn has filled the table so much with anti grav tanks that the table itself will start defy gravity.

Sfantos Dimitris and his imperial guard (left) and Gerasimos Georgopoulos with his Marines (right)

Pliatsikas Nikos is seeking cover for his Black templars against the millions of Leuteris Gavalas Orks ready to deploy on the battlefield/

The Tau battle suits arrive with their black flying saucer to support the fire warriors!

This Jungle world becomes the top camouflage for the Dark Green Eldar!

No space wolf lord would ever leave Fenris without one or two or sometimes three units of Long fangs with missile launchers. Adding the lone wolf guard with the cyclone missile launcher the S8 attacks become much more.

Potouridis Anestis Space wolves finished posing as one of the best painted armies and got back into the fight, the black dice are attacking but i am pretty sure that the dices with the "4" on top mean that they have fired smoke launchers for this round, whatever the black dice are planning to send to them the rhinos will be protected by a 4+ cover save.

This Stormraven had enough of battle and is leaving the battlefield.

All those Orks and not one of them standing on the hill or entering the woods!

Those guardsmen in the end seem to be in big trouble with the dreadknight closing in and the Stormraven targeting them...

 What kill points, Spearhead and Tau mean: Firepower corner!

Military parades in Greece lack armored tanks for some time now to cut the costs from the tanks moving and burning fuel! So players chose to start doing their own parades with tanks in the battlefields of Warhammer, here is an amazing example!


I told you in the last post about a surprise we had, as the players were busy killing their opponents troops and wrecking their vehicles the event was stormed by three costume players who had dressed up as Japanese... something, well they had swords and all that so they must have been warriors of some sort.
Their costumes were amazing and it was a nice surprise for everyone!


Amazing Costumes!, they must be warriors of some sort, i wonder how much weapon skill and attacks they have...

Not to mention Initiative...
Oh wait, they are not just warriors! they carry a message in a scroll!


And the message reads: In the name of the emperor! you can continue playing!
Not that emperor! i meant the Japanese emperor!!!

Even more photos (because we took them and they look so nice)

here is a video from their appearance into the event.
Intermission ends... Lets get back now to photos and coverage of the games.

This thing looks like a hand, it is just enlarged and armored... wonder from where it came... it reminds me of something...

Yes i knew it! blasted thing! things that fall off from Michael Caine seems to be totally immune to aging, this frickin hand still roams the world after 38.000 years...

If the big gun on top of the Battlewagon wont get you, the death roller in front of it will!

We are the Death Company! even if we win in the battle the vindicator just behind us will make sure that we wont live to tell the tale...

Aerobic training for the land raider before it gets into the battle, move your laser cannons all the way back and forth - and one! - and two! -and do it again, and one! and two! that's it land raider ! keep the rhythm!

Stefanos: Chronomancer, are you there? i can't hear you with all this noise in this place. 

Chronomancer: Neither do i dear friend Stefanos! i will use my powers of teleportation to get close...

...But still i only hear you from the phone! i think that plugging our fingers in our other ear might have something to do with not being able to listen to each other...

Stefanos: I so much agree monsieur Lekkas, unplugging our ears would be a good move, anything else?

Chronomancer: Yes: a Zoanthrope!!! what do you have to say about that now!!!!
Stefanos: Niiiaaaarrrrggghhhh!!!!!

 Tasos: I cant believe it... the tournament is near its end...

Red things against blue things and the universe's fate hangs in the balance!!! 

As the chaos warriors engage the chaos daemons in close combat the Land raider devoted to Khorne (possibly to Khorne - because it is red)  just sits there and watch, it will shoot at the survivors, the Blood god doesn't care from where the blood flows but only that it flows...

This chaos rhino had enough of daemons, warp and chaos obliterators and is just going away... 

The Dark Eldar battle Chaos Daemons for the Eldar ruins.

Blood Guzzler (left) with Metaller who recently comes quite often as a spectator in tournaments... wonder when he will bring his army on the battlefields too.

This is wrong and can sometimes lead to trouble, even if you store Orks and Space Wolves in foam trays getting the orks so close to the space wolves will lead to battle (inside the case) and so while you think your models are protected by the foam one day you will find them broken.

While everyone was playing the game Aris (Elnis) made some flight tests, Aris is known for testing to the limits all the units of the game, you do not want to see how he tests the space marine drop pods.

In the end the dark Eldar have to deal only with the Swarmlord and his bodyguard... only...

This ends the third round, lets see the results of the third round and we will immediately go to the closing ceremony and final results, just a little more!

From the results i think that the hardest victories must have been those of Yaggos Ioannis with his Imperial guard against Maniatis Dimitris with his orks, Imperial guard armies usually give a lot of kill points and sometimes quite easily, it must have been quite the match, this result along with his three victories gives a good hint about Yaggos playing level.

Fragkos Leonidas made his third victory against chaos Daemons, Dark Eldar can get the Daemons quite easily since so many of their weapons will ignore the high toughness of the Daemons because of the poison attacks and too many shooting attacks will cause a lot of harm on the Daemons arriving from reserves, but Leonidas plays a more close assault army and so some more info on this game would be really nice.

The kill points mission once again proved to be the one mission that usually don't end up as a draw, we had only two draws in the game and we easily could have none.

With the three rounds over it is time to go to the final part of the tournament.

The award ceremony - speaker is Tasos Grigoriadis and announces the winners and the next Independent club tournament to be held in the 8th of January. 

And Kostas Lekkas - the Chronomancer talks about the Genocide Chronicles (the guild wars version of warhammer 40k in Greece) and calls for new teams.

In case you want to see more information about the Genocide Chronicles you can read the report (in three parts) about the last GC that took place some months ago in Kalithea.

Some photos from the award ceremony - closing credits for the tournament.

A group shot of the players. lets see their results just below:

After the voting of the players for their favorite opponents 
the results in the top ranks changed as the following table shows

Players vote for their best opponent in terms of sportsmanship in the end of the tournament, each vote gives one extra point to the players.

Ntikson Thodoris is the overall winner of the first Independent club tournament for being victorious in all three games and earning two points for sportsmanship, a real winner in every aspect of the game.

Arion Spiridis annihilated everything in his path and was nominated as the best general in the tournament.

This is what Arion Spiridis had to say about his last game against Dark Angels and for the tournament in general.

It is worth mentioning that the following players received three "best opponent" votes for their Sportsmanship - all three of their opponents voted them as their favorite opponent in the tournament, i was quite happy to see that two of my friends (John Parks and Papaxeimonas) got three votes for Sportsmanship, it is also worth noting that both of them play in Games Corps.

I would like to wish to the organizers success to all of their tournaments in the future. All that they have in plans ahead - getting their tournament bigger and better and invite events from abroad is as difficult as you can imagine but they have proven in this weekend that they have everything needed for the task they got into.

Take care, have fun and may all your dice rolls bring the results that you want.

For the Invulnerable.


PS: By the way... i would like to thank the guy who gave me a free drink of Tsipouro (hic!) in the end of the report but i don't remember his name!... Anyways after some hours of taking videos photos and interviews it was a very nice addition to the event for me.




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