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Singles tournament in FS Kalithea 19-11-2011

I have to admit that from all the tournaments that i went to take photos and carve a post about the event, in that one i got as late as possible, the reason was staying wake late in the last night, a common problem i have with sleep, that is also the reason i play blood angels - vampires on power armor - as an aspiring vampire i hate i am getting trained to avoid the daylight and get more active on the night.

But anyway, you are not here to read my ranting about sleep and vampirism aint ya?
So here we go with photos and the usual... comments.

Lets start from the players that attended the tournament, to the left is Stefanos Kapetanakis, Blood Guzzler, his Tyranid swarm in this last round was going to play against Yaggos Yiannis and his Imperial guard, a tough battle - both players not only are very experienced and held several good positions in other tournaments but also their armies were totally focused one on attack and the other on total defense, Yaggos was going on a gun line/defending game with his imperial guard while Stefanos was going for a swarming all around attack. 

Panayiotis Stathis (left) with his Dark Eldar was playing against Panayiotis Siamatas (right) Imperial guard, two armies with excellent shooting capabilities, the Dark Eldar of course hold an ace up their sleeve for close combat.

Aspiring Grey knight captain Mpougatiotis Yiannis (left) went against other grey knights (obviously on a training mission), the Grey knights of Spyropoulos Stefanos (Gorget). Stefanos played with the Berks team in the last Genocide chronicles and came up in the first place.

Gerasimos Georgopoulos was another player with Grey knights (one of the four with grey knights in this tournament!) and was playing against Daskalopoulos Themos and his Dark Eldar, Gerasimos has a lot of experience battling Dark Eldar and that would mean that Themos would have to do his best in this game to counter his opponent's moves, Themos holds his own blog about warhammer 40k, you can find his remarkable work in this link:

Antonis Mihailidis - Azrael (left) and his Grey knights had the difficult work to play against the new Necrons of Takis Valeontis - Overmind (right) there he is, Takis, Holding one of the new vehicles, i didn't expected them to big that big! and those are supposed to be their primary transports so you can find plenty of them, imagine five or six of them on the battlefield!. 

Ignacio Esteban - Igni, didn't had an opponent this last turn and he took a victory by default, 
his Eldar returning honorably to the craftworld and Igni to his home for a rest after two battles. 

Now lets see some pictures from the games, the miniatures and their players!

First game with Yaggos Yiannis imperial guard against Stefanos Kapetanakis Tyranids, the Guard deployed and already choose targets as the first aliens emerge from the edge of the table and move through the cover of darkness. (the mission is capture and control / dawn of war)

The Tyranid hive mind wise as it is choose that the crater is far more important to it than the ruined building and thus it placed its objective marker on the crater.

 The Imperial guardsmen defend the remains of a building, to assist them in the defense apart from the several tanks in their sides one of the three sentinel squadrons took place inside the ruins with them.

 The Guardsman closer to the camera (the one with the melta gun) looks like he is turning to say something to a guardsman who kneels towards him to hear what he has to say.
I really like the work Yagkos used on those guys, they have a lot of character. 

This terrain piece and the guardsmen have the same basing material, it seems that they are fighting on their home ground... so... For the Emperor! for the terrain piece and the Static grass it has on it! 

 First wave of attackers, Tyranid Gargoyles, miss their charge attack for just a bit and will probably get decimated.

Several other organisms get close to the imperial guardsmen, Yagkos draws his measuring tape and plans to retaliate.

 Most of the Gargoyles go dead from shooting, the heavy flamers on the chimeras must have done a remarkable job on the winged beasts.

 The Bunch of creatures closer to the camera are causalities of the Tyranids, brave as they are continue their charge but the shooting of the guardsmen is overwhelming.

 Tyranids never run low on creatures, the Tervigons spit new termagant organisms into the fight.

But this is only new targets for the Chimera's heavy flamers, while the Tyranids managed to cause several causalities they ultimately lost the game and the Guardsmen kept their lines intact. 

In the Panayiotis fight (Stathis against Siamatas) you can notice that one of the vendetta aircraft is deployed in such a way that its base is inside the table while its tail is outside the table, this is normally if you go by the book (rulebook) not permitted, but in the case of this tournament the judge - Takis Valeontis allows this move so it is perfectly a valid move.

You have to note here that the Organizers/Judges of a tournament is above the rulebook in such matters, check with your organizer before every game about any rule question you or your opponent has.

The Dark Eldar consider the hellions to be quite important obviously and have surrounded them with vehicles.

 I wonder how much is the life expectancy of those guardsmen with Dark Eldar units so close to them, included to them Dark Eldar Witches!

 Ravagers on a firing line.

 Siamatas and his gunline of guardsmen, between his gunline and the Dark Eldar are only dice.

 Stathis when in deep thinking puts his hand horizontally towards the wall.

 Two Panayiotis in one game, notice how they even have the same color choices for clothes.

Hard fighting for the golden flag (objective counter) the chimera charges towards the objective in a desperate attempt to stop the Dark Eldar from gaining the objective.

In this game Panayiotis Siamatas won and made his second victory, he had a defeat in the first round of the tournament against Stefanos Kapetanakis.

Lets see some photos from the game of the Grey knights led by Azrael - Antonis Mihailidis and the Necrons led by the Overmind - Takis Valeontis. 

The Necron driver on the vehicle on the right never played well with the other metal guys and turns away from the others.

Against them a single razorback so far with only a pimped twin linked heavy bolter.

Even more Necrons arrive on the battlefield, by foot this time. 

Monolith: Grey Knights doesn't have meltaguns! now i can go and play big bad monolith wherever i like in this battlefield!

Hey you, metal heads!, look behind ya!

Necron chief on foot: One of those days ill convince this idiot on top of this ride to turn those side pilons on his craft upwards so that it looks more like a transport, so that we wont need to walk all the way to the battlefield.

This Rhino has a mission...

...And its mission is to bring troops to the Ghost knights who while they are incredibly might they cannot claim objectives.  The result of this game was a draw, Mihailidis did one draw one victory and one defeat in all of the tournament.

Shave with a flaming sword and get a flaming head too...
(the edge of his halberd has the empire wizard flaming sword piece - nice conversion by Azrael)

Photos from the battle between the grey knights led by Georgopoulos and Daskalopoulos Dark Eldar.

 Grey knight Terminators are one of the most elite units in the game, if they roll those dice in their saving throws they end up corpses just the same as every other unit or model.

How do we know that the grey knight dreadnought do not trust its armor? it uses a whole bunch of sandbags in front of it to protect it from incoming fire (not to mention getting behind the land raider).

No comment.

Bringing down a jet fighter able to travel in supersonic speed... with hammers
Wait... you did what???

Tournament in all of its glory...

No comment.

And now what shall i do? this thing came to my deployment zone and my vehicles are wrecked around it.

Look brothers! there is something wrong in those grey knights! they are covered in just one color!

Gorget counts every small detail, even the distance from the table edge to the red dice that for some reason landed where it wasn't supposed to land.

The last of the tournament photos, the last battle is over and the tournament ends, lets see the results and the big winner!

Winner of the tournament is Yagkos Yiannis, he did three victories and claimed 3273 victory points, Yaggos recently conquers a lot of tournaments and he should be considered as a very good player.

Four Grey knight players, one of them in the top three, first place and third goes with the Imperial guard, quite an old now but not outdated codex - obviously its players have now mastered it completely, The new Necrons in their first appearance on a tournament got the 5th place, two Dark Eldar armies came to the tournament and quite interestingly conquered the last two positions.

See you on the next event.

For the Invulnerable.


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