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Doubles tournament in Marousi.

Its been a week after the "Kathimerini Incident" and the players were still discussing the subject and i guess they still do until now, that - and the fact that a new shop has opened in Marousi - a fantasy shop that actually just got transfered from Kifisia led to a over-poppulation on the doubles tournament that was hosted in that day.

More than ten pairs were gathered to play and some had to be turned away because there wasn't enough tables to accomodate them all, while this is sad it is also a good hint that the days with the 6 and 8 players on a tournament are long gone now, the hobby and the community is facing a rise in its numbers, even with the bad economic situation in Greece.

People stay more in their homes instead of going to clubs and waste money (well we still go to them but not that much) - warhammer is an expensive hobby but buying an army today means that you will be able to play with it for years ahead with just some upgrades usually with each new codex, would you be able to say the same thing with computer games? and in any case sitting behind your computer chatting on text with your co-players is as much social as what is happening on our community? reasons like this are to explain the rise in the players numbers.

Anyway, enough with my mumbling, lets get to see what happened on the doubles tournament.

First lets see who were the teams on the tournament.

Gatosaligaroi team was Voyiatzis Andreas and Bogdanos Spiros, Andreas brought his trusty imperial guard and Spiros his Eldar.

Valiaras Kostas (long time to see him on a tourney and it was nice indeed to see him) and Korakis Stefanos (right) formed the Cousinext team, Stefanos brought Blood Angels (what else?) and Kostas Grey knights.

 Poulimenos Kimonas and Mpougatiotis Yiannis formed the Tutti Frutti team, Kimonas brought Chaos Space Marines and Yiannis his Grey knights, an unholy alliance!

Agoglosakis Aris with his Tau empire forces came to assist Yaggos Yioannis Imperial guard forces and they formed the "Zarakias and Psyxakias" team, translated: the Dice maniac and the Psycho.

 Watt Ward LOL! (yes it is their team's name) was the team formed by Tzitzifas Yiorgos (left) and Floros Yiorgos - Bloodofi (right), two Yiorgos in one team - a deadly combination, what they didn't explained thought is HOW the hell so many players decided that Chaos Marines would ally with Knights!

Grey marines were Kyriakopoulos Christos (left) with his Space Marines and Oikonomou Nikos with his Grey knights, we havent seen them again on a tournament and as always it is a nice thing to see new players.

 Kostyuk Alex (left) and Theodoridis Yiorgos (right) formed the Drunk angels "A" team.

Chondroyiannis Dimitris and Grikalas Panayiotis (not shown on pic-forgot to take a team shot, sorry guys!) formed the Drunk angels B team, the Drunk Angels is a newly formed team and we are expecting them to participate in team tournaments in the future, good luck! 

Drunk Angels logo in their t-shirts, very nice, their sleeves get a symbol of each player's favorite army.

Thur team! (ΘΟΥΡ) was Daskalopoulos Themos with his Dark Eldar and Karousis Antonis with his Orks, i have to note that both guys had good army lists and selection of troops.We (me and Antonis) played against them in the first game and the two of them gave us a very hard time!

The small Failed Chargers Detachment composed by me (left) and Antonis Michailides (right) Antonis was the supreme commander that day since we shared his Grey knights forces to play.

Iron within, Fur without team gains my award for most inspired team name in this tournament, Saryiannidis Yiorgos (left) was the "Fur" part of the name with his Space Wolves while Takis Valeontis right next to him was testing the new Necrons and obviously was the "Iron within" part of the team's name.

Now lets see some photos from the games, the tournament and the new shop.

The now known "Gas chamber" part of the shop holds a table too, losing player/s are to stay inside the  chamber and choke to death, the stairs to the right lead to the gas chamber. Fantasy shop employees were instructed to paint the stairs green as to make a similarity to the movie "the green mile" but they strongly discouraged such a move - if they did no one would enter the gas chamber.

Stefanos (right) is one more guy who just didn't wrote his army list in advance, obviously he knows his codex by heart and he doesn't need to check for points, neither does he need a calculator.

Business Elements, (space marine quote: our trade is war, our business is death) - quite fitting.

Antipope from the blog 122cadia came to play but there were not enough tables for everyone, here he is posing in a victorious stance, one silly article from a newspaper cant bring this guy down. 


And here he explains his opinions about the article to Alex while he plays an invisible musical organ.

Andreas (left) with his imperial guard allied with Spiros with his Eldar, he already got a headache!, he should have known that the motto for the Eldar: make them one question and you will get five answers is also true for the Eldar players too. 

A stormraven flies ignoring completely the war raging around it.

No comment.

Big dog chases the predator tank and it runs to save itself!

Terminators discussing if they have to jump the fence or they will go around it.

What the doubles tournament is all about, get your buddy in a corner to tell him all your vile plans for the destruction of the enemy.

A top view of our first battle, our Grey Knight force got into serious trouble against the Orks and the Dark Eldar, we stole victory by just 1 kill point while we had much more causalities than our opponents. 

Sometimes i question my choices for photographs, this one really doesnt "say" anything...

"You know guys, i think we truly are fake and we are not real warriors from Caliban"
"why do you say that?"
"ah... for example right now i think we are stored in a paper box and not on a bunker as the sergeant said"
"Nonsense! heresy!"

No comment.

If those Genestealers and the Eldar rangers weren't allies (on the same team) the rangers would be dinner before they would even know it.

The Avatar directs the fire from the Dark Reapers and makes sure that everyone ignore the Tervigon just behind them so that it can breed termagants.

Here the Obliterators cant decide witch way to go, the warhammer world have always been a world of choices for the Obliterators, be Imperial or chaotic? west? north? east? Plasma cannon or Combi melta?

Tutti frutti team playing against the Drunk angels.

Guys, what is this thing on the left of the photo? really! the thing on an infantry base! what is it?

When you are in a haste to use all the new shooty-mumbo-jumbo stuff on your new codex you end up with several unpainted miniatures! even if those are Necrons!. (i.e.: easiest to paint army)

Worst roll in the tournament i guess, in the first round of the game the Tervigon rolls three "1's" to spawn termagants in a seize ground mission!.

Guys, we shouldn't take the drop pod to get into the fight, there is a stormraven right next to us.

I must guess that from the look on their faces something must not be going too good for the young players.

What are my tanks are doing in front of the Eldar player? they should be in front of me.

No comment.

There it is again, this hideous unidentified object (right next to the red dice that come up as "3") is again on my camera's sight. and wherever it strides war rages on.

How many times i have to tell you to exit only from the rear? you ruined the top exit again!

We have this habit of placing tanks upside down if they get destroyed, but really... how many tanks flipped to their backs from a shot that rendered them inoperable? (aka: destroyed)

No comment.

Tournament in all of its glory.

Happy people in the gas chamber, ignorance has its benefits (for a while)

Firing drills at 04:30 hours.
Theater show at 05:30 hours (from the Harlequins)

What you need to stop the blood angels: Coffee, papers, notes, pen, pencil and a vendetta gunship.

Firepower, i need more firepower.

Grey knights messing around with the new Necrons.

That is the most multicolored bunch of dice i have ever seen.

Why the Eldar still have decent firepower? because their vehicles can carry fire dragons.

And... Last photo from the games, the tournament ended and the team rankings are given by the organizers, lets see them too here:

Iron within, fur without were the big winners of the tournament, they included the new Necrons in their team and that is a good hint about what is to come (out from their tomb) in the future from the new army.

The guys gathered for a group shot in the end of the tournament, after so much fighting no one misses a shot that proves the spirit of the hobby, quite the answer to anyone talking (or writting) ill about the community.

Next post is apocalyptic, dont miss it.

For the Invulnerable.

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