Sunday, June 5, 2011

Meet And Greet at Games Corps.

Its almost a week since the last post on the invulnerable and time flies fast, a game of warhammer, some errands for a business and the local riots held me away from the computer, but not so far away.

Last weekend, Game Corps, the new shop in Halandri arranged and held its first event, not a tournament - just an event where local gamers could meet, exchange their first blows on each other so that a series of battles could follow to soak the battleboards with imaginary blood and plastic pieces of the dead/removed troopers.

At about 12AM i arrived at the new shop, the twin linked laser cannon on my private razorback was more than enough to open the road in the traffic jams but next time ill use a stormraven, it makes quite a better work (ill just melt all the cars i don't like their color with my multi melta!!!)

To our enjoyment Game Corps had continued to grow into what it will be, the bar was almost ready and some more tables were deployed and they were ready for battle, regarding the bar: i even was the first to drink from the water faucet!

Some players, most of them known to me and some i met lately and one i met just in this event arrived for the event, that is the whole case anyway with tournaments - to meet new players and John (the host) arranged the game pairs, i went to battle against Christos a very good ork player. but lets see who the players were.

John, who uses a mini lightsaber made by ATARI to make everyone behave and not destroy his shop in the first days of its existence, so far he is successful and the mini lightsaber was not necessary.

Argiris who brought his first 750 points of TAU to do the greater good - that is - play - even if you don't have a full 1750 points army, the best thing you can do to your self (and the universe) is take your small troopers and get them in a game!.

Freddo Cappuchino decided to come for a game of warhammer and see the new store, it even tried to decide what army to collect in the future, the drink brought also its master: mister Thanasis who also came along to play with his army who...

For some strange reason everyone thinks that they are grey knights! but they arent!, they are Grey kn....eeerrrr.... angels of retribution or something like that, a space marine chapter who paints its armor metallic - or it just dosen't paint it at all 
(its metal anyway)

 The will-be-president of umbrella corporation 
also honored the shop with his appearance.

Leandros who plays orks (not the orks who beated the hell out of my troops in the following game) forgot his "red paint job" - thats why he looks so serious.... 

 ...And Christos who wanted so much the red paint job to work that he used red paint on his t-shirt too. We dont know how fast he runs thought and if his t-shirt helps him in his speed.

I noticed this extremly well made diorama of WW2 on exhibit on Game Corps and i wanted to share it with you, the 3 guys in front of the truck noticed the invulnerable photographer and posed for a photo, you can take an interview from then and have a glance at the dioramas if you visit the shop.

My proud red guys with their cars pose for a photo before the battle, see in the following photos their demise.

This is the flat terrain maker vehicle, it can make everything flat, it will attempt to flat the hill in front of it.

But because it will make an attempt to flat the blood angel vehicles too it will need some assistance from another flat making vehicle.

The game didnt had extremely complicated tactics, its just those big black cars running full speed towards the red cars, unload their crew and smash everything around. I think they call it a "Waaagh!"?

The Baal predator arrives at the left of the battlefield and shows the way in the game for the assault squad, it starts to fire on the orks who hid inside the ruins and the orks abandon the ruins because...

...Free Pizza and drinks arrived for the participants of the "meet and greet" event, another "Innovation" of the Game Corps, this time a tasty one, but hey... someone had already stole some pieces! lets find out...

If caf makfe a pieffe of piffa difapfear! 
The first quiz for the Invulnerable blog! post the answer to the comments below, where is the missing pizza in this photo?

1. hanging from Thanasis mouth
2. It was in the warp and now is on Thanasis mouth. 
3. It will be in the warp after its psy-link with Thanasis.

If you bring out your plasma pistol and stay where you can be seen from around the battlefield (red marine on top of vehicle) see how many orks you can gather as a crowd in front of you.

Looking the game from the perspective of the models, nope, i prefer it from our perspective, no choppas and much hurt included in our version.

Find the ork inflitrator in this photo.

The crowd continues to gather and as it waits for a speech from the plasma pistol space marine smashes the red cars around them.

Quite in the end of the game with the orks, fans of the white armoured guy gather around for an autograph, he cant give to all of them in time, the crowd gets mad, violent and tear apart the bodyguard's of the white armored guy, in their rage the fans tear up the white guy too, its all a big misunderstanding...

This is Baal predator number 8, the 7 predators before it look equally as much bad-ass as this one (this is why its the only vehicle that survived the battle)

Because the Blood Angels failed so horribly against those orks, a call in the local imperial guard regiment is made, the message is relayed to the spaceport that resides in the front bench of the shop. 

The Imperials will never get it, no matter how many laser cannons you can fit on a gunship, its the tactics that will win the day, notice the possition of the tau ship...

But this was the end of the event too, We had four games of warhammer, my guys in a game against orks and another small engagement (750pts) against Tau, and Leandros played against Thanasis (orks against space marines).  In the last game the gamers met all together in a two versus two engagement and i guess that this was quite fitting for a event named "meet and greet".

The place is really cool, quiet and promises much fun, on a side note: Game Corps also brings Warlord miniatures and i had the priviledge of buying a Warlord (Bolt action miniatures) set of 28mm WW2 germans straight from the shop and not by mail order, it is a nice brake away from Citadel miniatures for me and i hope to see more of Warlord miniatures and even of the wargame assosiated with them in the future.

We gave our promise to return for even bigger events and tournaments in Game Corps and wait hoping for the best.

I think you will like the place, especially the pizza!

See you in another post.

For the Invulnerable



  1. It took a while to answer the quiz but I think I have it.

    It's a trick question - the "pizza" is not so much a bread and sauce concoction as it is a 'feel good' drug that causes one to give favorable reviews of the store it is consumed in. Note the frustration on Thanasis face - he has no blog to obey the drug's command!

    Panayiotis was much luckier - I guess you could say he made his 'Invulnerable.'

  2. you should be playing Tyranids.


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