Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Genocide Chronicles 5-6-2011. Part ONE

There are people who know what they want and some people who don't, but usually only a small amount of them act towards the good or gain of themselves, everyone, or of the community they participate.

The Tournament known as the Genocide Chronicles who is really a warhammer 40k version of the guild wars event came to existence about a year ago because some people decided to start it, not for their good, but for the good of the wargaming hobby and the community behind it.

One of them, Kostas Lekkas, the "Chronomancer" a veteran gamer is also a player, organizer and referee in the tournament, there are other people who are in to help because Chronomancer is far away from Athens where the tournament is held and some things must be done here.
So far has the Genocide Chronicles has succesfully been organized and held three times and the report coming right below is the fourth, the tournament known as Genocide Chronicles IV.

Commonly accepted, Genocide Chronicles or more known here as "GC" is one of the most prestige tournaments about miniature wargaming in Greece, possibly with the Games Fair who are something like "Games Day" Genocide Chronicles is now almost equal to them regarding fame, participation and competition.

GC brings players from all Greece, but while you can participate as an individual player the point with GC as it is a guild wars event is for Guilds and teams to participate, so far, 6 to 8 different teams have participated in the three events.

To participate a team needs to field atleast four players, they are asked to bring armies of 1750 points each and their army lists are posted some days before the events, the armies are supposed to be painted and a small penalty is given to players who dont use painted miniatures.

The tournament has 3 rounds where in each one four players from one team faces four players from another team while the captain of each team try to make as good "pairings" as he can so that his players face the opponents who he believes that his players will fare better.

Teams are not official teams but each one represents players from a Forum or guild - for example the Imperial Seals guild or the same City as is the team Knights of Saint Andrew who all of their players come from the city of Patra or the Berks who represent the players from Larisa.

Since the beggining of the GC two teams have ranked first, the first two tournaments were conquered by the Berks and the third one by the players of RPG.gr forum but since in this 4th tournament the RPG.gr cant come to participate and the Berks have two new players in their roster the competition has risen, added to that the Imperial Seals players have ranked quite well in local tournaments, it seems that the road to first place will be hard indeed for everyone!

What happened in the tournament and if the Berks claimed the first place for a third time against the players of five other teams is to be found in the photoreview below.

A day before the tournament.

Players take to the streets to get to Athens, some players arrive a day earlier, others have to travel from Crete and Thesaloniki to reach the tournament in time. This time the GC gathers players from even more places in Greece.

A journey that takes a toll on the (mental) health of Chronomancer (left) who came from the city of Karditsa to organize the fourth tournament and Leonidas (right) who as his Khorne berserkers are also tireless he managed to drive all the way from Thesaloniki and still has stamina to work tirlessly towards the elimination of his enemies.

A small meeting was held in the cafeteria in the center of Kalithea, where the tournament would be held (not on the Cafeteria!!!) , after some coffe and burgers we seperated to collect strenght for the day to come.

5 June. Tournament day.
Genocide Chronicles IV.

After a hasty wake up and pack up of my army and another army for one my team mates, my team t-shirt and the E520 Olympus DSLR camera (who is the main tool for the Invulnerable blog) i run to the Fantasy shop in Kalithea, hosting place of this Genocide chronicles tournament.


Only to find the reason why the Berks happen to win almost every Genocide Chronicles so far, obviously the team from Larisa pay the organizer so that everything works well for them, you can see here how happy the organizer becomes in the slightest view of...money.


 And while the players have fun sure of their forthcoming victory because of their "agreement" with the Chronomancer, KyrGikas from the team "Space Meraklides" remains bold and stubborn, an easy task for a warrior who came from Crete to play!

By the way, mr. Gikas runs another warhammer 40k blog and you can see it here:

And while Mr. Gikas runs a blog John Stefanakis (Robomarine of the Failed Chargers team) runs to open the shop in time. 

The Berks get on the job right away, soon after the shop opens its doors they head topstairs where ten tables await them and start to unpack their troops.

While other players are wiser and try to pack "resources" like cofee and donuts for the difficult day ahead. I like their option better.

 Back in the shop players arrive and check in for the tournament, organizers have everyone inside a file now and claim that they know everything or almost everything about them including what kind of cofee they drink and what size of t-shirt they wear, they are something like CIA but way more funny.

And players continue to gather to the top floor, the number of players increase and so do the temprerature, the heat has started already in Greece.

Some more preparations are made, the Failed chargers test their communications, Robomarine (second guy from left) calls Cadaver (First from left) with his Smart phone, yes their phones work.

 And some team photos are taken, here are the Failed Chargers, ready to fail again from left:
Cadaver (Imperial fists), Robomarine (Dark Eldar - thats why he wears dark glasses), Plasmaleak (Da-Da-DirlaTallarn Imperial guard), Markador (Blood Angels), Azrael (Deathwing terminators - not the happy tree friends kind)

 The Berks also gather for a photo, from left, Anubis (plays the Tau) Cegorach (Dark Eldar) Gorget (Grey knights) and GRManthos with his Imperial guard.

The Imperial Seals team, their Guild is one of the most numerous in Greece but today only 4 of them made it to the tournament, ofcourse Talos counts for many more.

From right Leonidas Moskitokiller with his Dark Eldar, Khorne with his Khorne Daemons (fitting nickname) Talos with his Necrons and Stefanos Lakaidaimon with his Blood Angels.

Stefanos took a wound from a minor health issue lately, but since he is a Blood angel he succeeded in a feel no pain roll and got back to his feet quite quickly!, a good new for everyone around. 

The tournament organizer gathers up the Captains from the teams for last notes and rules about the tournament.

But he didnt paid respect to Talos and he appears suddently, turns on his godly aura and leaves.
Talos being a godly being (close to Chuck Norris) is an inside joke in the Imperial Seals forum.
Or so they want us to think it is...

 After the divine intervention Chronomancer gives the team matchups for round one.

The Failed Chargers are to play against the Red Corsairs.
The Berks face the Knights of Saint Andrew
and the Imperial seals go against the Space Meraklides.

The match up cheers up some of the Failed Chargers players, and some players cheer up quite a lot indeed.

The Berks (left) matchup against the Knights while the Knights have a laugh.

The Chargers gather up to discuss the pairings, soon they will go to war...
 And one of their players kisses goodbye to his daughter, the warrior leaves for war and waves goodbye to his family!!! (one of the best photos, i have a soft spot for those things!)

Good thing then those missiles are made of plastic, no need for real worries!

 While the devastators who are on the other side of the battlefield (oposite to the missiles) should worry a bit, especially now that they are packed on the top floor all together.

Good thing the devastators were backed up from Drop troop Blood angels, the long table edge on the left was filled with chimeras, leman russ and that thing with many missiles, the imperial guard bunch got melted and Mephistoned to give a result of 15-5 for the Blood Angels that means it was a tied up match with hard casualities on both sides.

 The Vendetta gunships were not enought to hold back the Blood Angels, althought they did a lot of damage to the red folks it wasnt enough, possibly because the glass in the gunner and pilot cockpit is so filthy and they couldnt see whats happening outside.

Plasmaleak's Talarn imperial guard faces off mechanized Blood Angels a 18-2 score on Plasmaleak's favor means that the small mechanized fortress the Tallarn set up back there held the Mechanized bloodthirsty dudes quite well.

Hellspawn's Blood Angel assault marines (For the Meraklides) went against Mosquitokiller's Dark Eldar (For the Imperial Seals) jump marines with a small fire support is difficult enough to face the multiple flyers of the Dark Eldar, not only that but the Red Blood Angels had the added missfortune to use Blue dice.

Blood Gruzier's Tyranid horde gather up before their assault.

 The genestealers are the most enigmatic of races (as the Space Hulk PC game Intro demo used to say), they dont have a clue about what squad conherency is and they will never learn it.

"X" marks the spot (on top of the jump packs) the blue/green daemons should have landed close to them and not right in front of the assault cannon terminators!

No matter how fast you fly, how hard you hit and with how many attacks, if you dont have an invulnerable save you get your ass behind AV14 or 13 and wait for the proper time.

Sabal's Chaos Daemons (Knights) face the Dark Eldar of Cegorach (the Berks) amazing paintjob for the Chaos Daemons, we dont know if the Dark Eldar appreciated it thought.

 The Necrons under the command of Talos faces the Eldar of  Gikas, the Eldar being the ancient enemies of the Necrons and have deviced so many ways to annihilate them.

Something that those Necron warriors know very well about and them as the C'tan dude take good cover inside a crater and behind the monolith.

I would like to comment this photo, if i knew WTF are those things.

There is no need for static defense behind a small bunker when all your guys are having a cool ride.

Gunships never meet each other on the battlefield head on, if they did one of the two would be now pieces.

Leonidas red Chaos Land Raider filled with terminators cover the forest to find what weird enemies the universe of warhammer 40k has to give.

Yellow Land raider filled with Terminators!.

Failed Charger players pose for a photo after the end of the games from round one, everyone awaits the results for round one, obviously they believe that they did good.

Blood Gruzzler (right) got a draw against Lakaidemon Blood Angels and gave some points to his team.

While Stavros "Creed" was defeated in battle his team was not, obviously he enjoys the ressults.

The Imperial Seals lead the tournament after round one obviously giving a hard hit on the Meraklides who also fought hard, the Berks follow closely but a little far away by 10 points.

Quite close to the Berks by 3 points they can see behind them the red color of the Red Corsairs who while had some defeats from the Chargers ended up over them by 5 points, the Chargers just got over the Knights who held the Berks close (but not very close) 32 for the knights to 46 for the Berks and at the last place Space Meraklides with 24 points.

See what happened in the other rounds on the second part of the review.

For the Invulnerable

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  1. Very very nice as always Panos (I fail to find words to express the awesomeness of the Talos photo :P ) ! One small mistake though, The nick of the filthy Nid player is Blood Guzzler :P

  2. Yes indeed about the Nid's name, and it has been corrected.

  3. Panos you really are the salt n pepper in the greek 40k scene!

    I wish you didn't picture my aura though. I'm pretty sure moskitokiller lost all his hair because of the radiation, and I don't want him to find that out...

  4. Excellent work as always Panayiotis.I look forward for the second part.

  5. Very cool (and epic proportioned) review. And I guess there are 2 more to come. You've probably described everything there was to it although I am suprised you didn't write down the menu from the doughnut store. And I hope that's not Lakaidemon's drainage bag in that picture!

  6. Thanks guys, you just have to be a bit patient, im quite busy in the following days.

  7. Talos Irradiation is something that affects all Imperial Seals members, being closer to Him. In fact, I think it has somehow altered our genetic material. It goes far further than loosing the hair... On the photo though, the aura looks dimmer. Did you use a filter?
    Great Job Markador. In a very sort time you created a tradition regarding the presentation of 40K events in Athens. Your blog is the place one has to look at should he wants to find out what’s going on competitive 40K in our neighbourhood. In anticipation of part 2 and 3.

  8. thanks guys, thanks Mosquitokiller.

    Invulnerable actually do incredibly good, it got 2000 hits in a month and 5 days of its operation.

    dont know how many of the hits it saved thought with its invulnerable saving throw ;)

  9. Something else. My nickname is Moskitokiller not Mosquitokiller. I misspell it on purpose, just because I like it. When choosing a nickname there is no room for dictation!


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