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Kalithea tournament 25-6-2011

Last weekend on the 25th we held another tournament in Kalithea's Fantasy Shop, one of the most important factors of the day were the usual Greek Sunny weather who got the temperature quite high but it didn't stop the players from enjoying the game and i think we all gained - again - from the experience, including the shops who sold water bottles.

For the record the tournament brought 14 players, four of them playing Dark Eldar (the grim darkness is indeed very dark - and grim) two Imperial guard players, one loyalist guard and one heretic (one of the players were new to the 40k scene - you can guess who it was) one Ork player (they are rare, but they cause pain) two Grey Knight players ( i wonder if you add them if they would make one black knight, hmmmm) one Blood Angel (me) one Space Marine and one Space Wolf.

As the players warm-up for the tournament lets see who they were.

(by the way even if you didn't wanted to warm up you didnt had a choice actually - because of the heat)

The invulnerable camera finds a small argument between the players before the players start the games. Yiannis (left - Grey knights) and Panayiotis (right - Dark Eldar)

Yiannis - My small plastic soldiers will win!
Panayiotis - No my soldiers will win!
Yiannis - Oh yeah? why?
Panayiotis - Because some of my soldiers are still made of metal!

Happy that he beated the Grey knight Panayiotis didn't saw the Green knight who is materialising right next to him from the poster...

Yiannis Dimitropoulos... but ofcourse, Panayiotis didn't beat me! I have metal models in my army too! all those multi-gun-barreled-monkeys who run around with a silly look on their face are made of metal!

Ignatios poses for victory in his first match against... me! 

Karampinidis brothers Alexandros-right and Aris-left came to play too, Alexandros brought his Dark Eldar and Aris his Orks, the two players are also supported from a girl and Alexandros came up in the first place in the first tournament the invulnerable blog ever covered, guess what of the two gives extra motivation to Alexandros for good results.

This is Themos Daskalopoulos army, lots of dark guys, not very smart thought, We: the guys at Kalithea are very smart you see... we gave them white trays to move their armies from table to table, and so the Dark Eldar couldn't hide anywhere!!!


And this is Aris Karampinidis Army, the Orks, but i am missing something? where are... the Orks? you see this happens when  you play an army with so many models, you need a separate tray just to move the vehicles, i guess another one would be needed for the infantry... (lots of killa kans by the way)


We don't know what Dimitris Petouris saw and has this look but we suspect that he tries to mimic Lord Mephiston's transfixing gaze.
Good attempt Dimitris noo..oooowwww yoooouuuuuu ccccaaaaannnnnnnn rrreeerrrooollllll tttoooooo hhhhiiiiitttt mmmmmeeeeeee......

 Oh no! another company of Imperial Guardsmen has turned into chaos! who is to blame for that???

Stefanos Latrovalis or... Limenix to his friends, just started playing 40k (he is a veteran Warhammer Fantasy player) and as he says he got excited from the sportsmanship and friendly attitude of his co-players in the tournament! So i guess we have to cope with him turning an imperial guard company into heretics...
it's worth it...
by the way the traitorous imperial guard army belong to Metaller, another player who gave this army to Stefanos for the tournament!.


Yiannis Karmaniolos (Johneleos to his friends) brought his Space Wolves, not too many of them actually, some long fangs, some extras (grey hunters) to do the dirty job (pick up objectives, try not to get killed in kill points) and a whole bunch of would be chuck norris thunderwolf cavalry (space wolves riding juggernauts actually) two lords and a lot of guys carrying stormshields and heavy close assault weapons, hmmm.... now where did i put my multiple vortex mega cruise missile launcher???

And Stavros Patrikarakos brought his Imperial guard - the loyalist kind.

This kind - with army colors, Camo green mostly, i think that this army is on the edge of finishing and looking really great, it just needs a bit more work, just a bit.

First mission was Seize ground and Ignatios Esteban with his Eldar faced my Blood Angels, Ignatios has beat me some months ago in a previous tournament with a wipe out but in this tournament i brought a completely different army list that was full of infantry with no vehicles at all, that and lack of power weapons in Ignatios Eldar army gave the victory to the Blood Angels, the Autarch commander truly shined in the game and wiped out more than ten space marines in close combat.

There is the Autarch, zooming in, avoiding missiles while riding his jetbike and charging to his victims who hide... in the forest. I think the Eldar commander was the highlight model in the game.

Dungeons and Dragons has somethings called: wall of frost, wall of fire, wall of stone and several other things, this battle has a wall of Ork.

Dimitris Petouris and his Blood Angels faced Daskalopoulos and his Dark Eldar in the first round.

Limenix's first battle in a 40k tournament was against Panayiotis Stathis and his Dark Eldar, quite a tough opponent (considering his results - and to what he has done quite a lot of times to my army!)

Yiannis Bougatiotis (left - Grey knights) play against Yiannis Stefanakis (right - Dark Eldar)
I think its David against Goliath, and i think Goliath won this time.

 Look and learn honey, i take this and move it here, then i take this and move it there...

And then i look to what i have done, and it doesn't make any sense at all!!!!

You know, I think this Ork do standing pushups - the Ork is actually exercising! 

Look guys, there is the objective, right outside the ruins, whoever is not a sergeant and is not wearing a yellow helmet should go and bring it here, ill stay here and notify the commander...

 With things so blurry just ahead how do i expected from those devastators to hit their target?

Round one of the tournament ends and the players get down for a small break, Limenix is obviously having fun!.

The players gather over the organizer and host of the tournament to learn about the results and their opponents for the 2nd round.

Thats a player who studies a lot, right now he studies my army list, a good move before any game.

Young players measure the table before yet another battle between them.

Two Eldar players meet each other on the battlefield on round two of the tournament.

 The Blood Angels brace for the Grey knights onslaught that is coming towards them, Mephiston as usual takes care to deal with his lack of a invulnerable save by just... staying out of line of sight.

They are not Grey, they look more like... Silver, but then their name wouldn't sound that cool, Silver Knights would sound more like a title for a animated cartoon series from the 80's - something like Silverhawks and that would be so much un-grimdark and not fitting at all.

Space Wolf lords and thunderwolf cavalry with thunder hammers, stormshields, lighting claws and what-could-bring-down-a-titan charges an imperial guard infantry platoon (with a commissar).

It's something like crushing bunnies with a sledgehammer, with the bunnies tied to a pole.

Protector of the ruined building! with a single missile launcher! "i can take them all by my self!!!"

 No comment.

No comment.

No comment.

Yerasimos Georgopoulos Space marine armored division...

A heretic Vendetta gunship, three twin linked Laser cannons will make anyone re-thinks his devotion to the emperor!

 No comment.

Why the three tape measures? what are they measuring?

 Scene of the day!, Ork walkers climbing floors to assault the raiders.

Brother fights brother on the tournament, we should had a game with Primarchs, that should be fitting for the situation!

 This Rhino transport is quite on a bad situation!.

Very useful stuff on that day, by the way, on any occasion where there is a lot of heat (it is July and we are in Greece right now) you need to keep your body hydrated, even if you can't or can cool yourself with an air condition or a fan, you need to drink a lot of water (water! not beverages and especially nothing with alcohol!) - you probably know that but it doesn't hurt to repeat useful information.

 The Leman russ braced itself and went head on against the space marines on the other side, unknown to it the space marines brought behind it a land speeder, there is nowhere to hide against the Adeptus Astartes!...

 Eldar and Dark Eldar fight it out over an exploded...rhino? is this the remains of a rhino chassis?


The Thunderwolf cavalry that we saw previously? (the one filled with hammers, shields, claws and all the nasty stuff) It's ready to charge my poor red jumping marines, now... where is that multiple vortex mega cruise missile launcher that i was talking about?

 Some players take us back in time to the days of Space Crusade with the models they use, the terrain pieces take us even more back in time in the days of legends and lore, wizards and their towers...

Panayiotis Stathis stares at the apple and thinks - is it time to check the laws of gravity once again and see if the apple will fall? - no - i have to eat the apple and it will get dirty if it falls down.

 Poor vendetta gunship, don't cry, you will get them next time!.

The third round of the tournament ends, Panayiotis Stathis Dark Eldar faced Yiannis Stefanakis Dark Eldar, Panayiotis won and the two of them conquered the 2nd and 3rd place on the tournament, Panayiotis took the 2nd place and Yiannis took the 3rd. 

But at the first place with 3 victories and just a little over 250 victory points from Panayiotis Stathis is Alexandros Karampinidis with his Dark Eldar, Congratulations!

The remaining players posed for a photo in the end of the tournament. Congratulations to everyone who participated, now go and hit the beach!

Alexandros checks his prize, a Talos pain engine, but if he assembles it and leave it on the table, it will be a pain from its mumbling he has to do something about it...

Thats it! buy a white dwarf magazine for the Talos Pain Engine to read and leave him alone, excellent choice Alex.

Anyway, this ends this tournament report, things and events in the center of our city got me slow this time and you had to wait for sometime to see what the camera captured, I hope that you are all well and having fun.

Take care of yourselves.

For the Invulnerable


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  4. Mr. Μαρκαδόρ you have been very busy with a 40K tournament almost every weekend this past few months! You got the 2 dayer this weekend and I am gonna be on the Game Corps tournament the following weekend. Keep up the good work.

  5. i promise to cover the two day tournament that is happening right now actually and the next one at the gamecorps as well, ill see you there dude!.


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