Wednesday, July 13, 2011

9/10-7-2011 two days tournament - Day one.

Sometimes you like something so much that when it happens and even if it takes a complete day you sill want some more, so when you know that you will find the thing you like the next day too its even better, this goes as the truth with the two days tournament that was held last weekend on the Viktoria fantasy shop, if you liked the tournament as an event in the first day there was the second day for even more.

Even better with a two days tournament is that you can review your gaming and strategy from day one to play even better on the second day - see what errors you did in the first two battles with your army and try to do correct them in the next day. (The tournament had four battles, two battles on the first day and two battles on the second one, each player with 2000 points armies)

The tournament gathered eleven players (me included) with one player not able to participate on the second day, since he was also a Blood Angel player we choose that he would play 2 games in the first day and i would play the other two games in the second day with my Blood Angels so that ten players would participate in each day.

Let's see who where the players in this tournament.

 Anestis Potouridis brought his Space Wolves in the tournament to punish the enemies of the imperium - that's why he wore the punisher's t-shirt!.

Those space wolves, one of the best paintjobs in the tournament.

 Kostas Panopoulos brought a company of Imperial guardsmen.

Alexandros Karampinidis and his Dark Eldar came once more to claim another tournament with Artemis as always on his side. 

 Aris Karampinidis, brother to the all-victorious Alexandros Karampinidis brought his army of Orks in the tournament, eager to take some victory laurels from his brother. (and you wondered why the primarchs fought each other...)

Achileas Aspreas or Aspreas Achileas (how it sounds better?) brought his Blood Angels army too in the tournament.

 Giorgos Politopoulos with his Blood Angels also took part, just for one day thought, i would pick up his trail of destruction where he would stop (his army got destroyed twice, and so did mine)

Dallas Alexandros brought his Ultramarines, they are SO blue that the camera lens turned a bit more blue from them!

 Panayiotis Stathis also brought his Dark Eldar in the game, Panayiotis goes for the Cash and not for the game as his t-shirt reveals, the smiling friendly face is to disorient his opponents.

Puzzled with his grey Knights Yiannis Dimitropoulos came to this tournament too.

Antonis and Nentelina (am i spelling her name right? don't remember) with their Tyranid swarm, they hold a first edition rulebook for warhammer 40000 and they are very happy about it, if they would try to play with its rules they wouldn't be so glad.

The girls got the whole thing about fighting a bit serious, Artemis can't wait to fight Nentelina's Eldar with her Necrons and attack her already with her bare fists - that will be a truly interesting battle report when it happens...

 Giorgos Politopoulos Blood Angels. One of the best painted armies in the tournament.

 The Grey knights prepare to defend this weird looking station.

The Tervigon tries to grab the building and lift it, because it can't do it on its own it spawns Termagants to help it!.

 The Leman Russ battle tanks point their guns at the building ahead,

 Oh no! Counterattack!!!!

 Something surprised Giorgos, we will never know what it was thought.

 A truly brave Baal Class Predator Driver.

 Spongebob Squarepants joined the Ultramarines chapter and infiltrated this box of dice.

 Talking about boxes, this is truly the Box of War (reference to the new e-shop that just opened)

The true hero of the weekend, kept the air flow going and the heat at a reasonable level.

I know the guys in the distance are an assault squad but knowing also that the grey knights got all those power swords would you assault them?

What kind of gun can turn a Land Raider upside down???

The Squad is ready to fire and charge the Firing Squad...

Lets DRILL the enemy!

This Gargoyle survived a librarian, assault squad, sanguinary guard squad and it would survive the wrath of the emperor itself i guess if a dangerous terrain test wouldnt be its undoing a bit later.

I think the razorback got something from Michael knights KIT car, it did this same manuever before it went to drive on its side (on two wheels) we never learned if the razorback drove on one track!.

Onward my battle brothers! lets conquer another ruined building in the name of the emperor and ignore completely the two dark eldar craft who point their guns at us, after all we have amazing armor! (last famous words)

 The Tyranid couple looks puzzled...

...As their termagants, valiant as they are, still cant beat the death company trooper and the librarian.

A bit after the first battle for the first day the Invulnerable camera reveals a hideous alliance between the Grey Knights and Dark Eldar!, such treachery cannot go unpunished!

 But since the Xeno players are more than the loyalists we have to wait and just stare at the heresy.

And one of the loyalist players find the time for a snack! all this jumping with the jump packs gets you hungry!

Round two of the tournament starts with Takis "The overmind" Valeontis informing the players about the matchups. 

 No comment.

I thought that razorbacks were able to be equiped with a laser cannon and twin linked Plasma guns not laser cannon and twin linked Plasma cannons!

8 deff dreads (they used to be 9) you need anything else than that for a comment???

 No comment.

No comment.

 The space wolves smoked something red inside their rhino and opened up the canopy a bit to loose a bit of the smoke.

Ninja Guardsman to Vendetta pilot: Land Raider at 6 o clock, engage the engines or he will melta the gunship out of existence!!!

The halflings from the Lord of the rings defended this place valiantly enough, are the Ultramarines equally good to defend it?

El presidente from the Imperial Seals "honored" the tournament with his appereance, its quite known thought that since he set foot on the tournament he decided who would be the winner by paying the judges (all of them), his reign should stop at some point or the hobby will be ruined.

 Har har har... petty humans... i got you now....

Yiannis Dimitropoulos got the Tyranid couple cornered! So much the better for them!

 I said GO between them! not SHOOT between them!!!

I didnt knew a vehicle so small as the Land speeder could produce all this fuzz and smoke.

 Tyranid Tervigon is huge and mighty, let's see if it is kind enough for us...

 Yes it is, it bows to the camera!. thank you Tervigon, nice Tervigon.

And this (the Tervigon) ends the report for the first day of the tournament, the next report will be about the second and final day of the tournament. stay tuned for the next report!.

For the Invulnerable


  1. Thanks for the photo report, it looks like you had a great time! I am looking forward to participate in such tournaments next winter with my Crimson Fists!!!

  2. It's like I've been there myself. Thx panos for the report. Everyone seems to have had so much fun. Maybe I should create a 2000pts list...


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