Tuesday, July 26, 2011

16-7-2011 Tournament for the Boxes.

E-Shopping in miniature war gaming is not news in Greece, it has been a fact for some years from the big shops who held e-shopping as an alternative method to buy stuff from them, what we didn't have was a shop completely based on the web.

The new e-shop that just opened its website some days ago came in to fill the space in the market of a completely web based shop and make another step into the merchandising of our hobby, this new shop named: Boxes of War, arranged and held together with the Game Corps shop a warhammer 40k tournament as an opening celebration for the Boxes of War website and for a mean to meet the people who run the shop who - as you should have guessed already are gamers and enthusiasts themselves.

A strike at the railway at the weekend almost stopped the Invulnerable camera from getting to the event, almost - but late enough to arrive at exactly the point where the tournament was starting and the Boxes of War tournament was already filled with players. Neither The strike or the heat stopped fourteen (14) players! and several spectators to come and take a day free of the normal fuzz of the ordinary world and sink deep into the enjoyment of the grim darkness of war (box of war?) that only Warhammer can provide.

Camera on, Battery full and a Free Beverage, everything is set for another photo report.

Find the Boxes of War e-shop here: http://www.boxesofwar.com/store/

Lets see some of the players who participated in the tournament.

Spirou Chris and his mechanized orkish horde.

El Presidente Panayiotis Siamatas, look how he stares at the camera. He has already "arranged" the defeat of his opponent with the judge and he is sure about another "victory"

Stefanos AKA: Gorget brought his Demonhunting guys also known as Grey knights, to honor his troops he wore a grey t-shirt.

Marwan Sanoussi, also joined the tournament leading...

An amazingly painted army of Dark Angels - from the Deathwing company.

Several mounted imperial guardsmen, a nasty surprise for the opponents of the imperial guard who don't expect to find guardsmen holding their ground in close combat (as long as they make the charge). 

John from Games Corps and Panayiotis from the Boxes of War online shop. Those two guys are responsible for bringing us in the heat for yet another tournament! and we thank them so much!

The Boxes of War shop did some special offers for the day, you could get grey knights: codex, marines and the tall grey fella for 78 euros and if your tastes were more Bloody you could get a stormraver, a Blood Angels battalion and another death company unit for 120 euros, in addition you would get free business cards with any one of your choices.

Kromidas Yiannis brought this amazing Eldar vehicle, my eyes took a glancing hit/stunned and my brain an immobilized result when i saw it.

Kostas smiles, would you trust him? he plays Dark Eldar!

The tournament in all its glory.

And there is a vendetta gunship painted like a Japanese navy zero fighter from world war 2 (and i was wondering where did i saw white-red aircraft...)

Prince Uriel - because one banner is never enough.

Those must be War Walkers.

Yiannis Kromidas missed to pass the measuring tape between Arion fingers who has put them on the table as a small gate (maybe he was trying to fool Yiannis Eldars that his fingers were forming a webway portal)

The two grey knight vehicles race to see who is the fastest, actually they can both go up to 12" in a round, but the chimera would win in a race by "dozer blade"

Panayiotis dreams about the future of his online shop: "The Boxes of War will be about THAT big".

Panayiotis Stathis (participates in yet another tournament) and plays with his Dark Eldar against Dunny Ma.... eeer.... Antipope - Leyteris Gavalas and his Blood Angels.

Blood Guzzler's Tervigon Conversion, awesome job, well done mate!
The Tervigons and i guess the whole Tyranid codex has triggered the inspiration of several players to try some amazing conversions. 

Panayiotis against Leuteris in yet another photo.

Stavros Ponyris (Talos) tries to mimic Duffy duck's expression on his t-shirt.

My good whirlwind, don't listen to what they say (that you are completely useless) you and your missiles will prove them wroooonnnngggg..... don't you?.

Today's lunch-bag is green shiny markers.

And suddenly in the Necron headquarters something strange appeared

We said that the stormraven has some extra defense against Melta not Marble! (floor)

You said your town had a problem with rats and you called for help?

Yiannis Kromidas, owner of this fantastic looking Eldar army.

Even the dice and the objective counters are of the Eldar kind.

Marwan continues to wage war.

Two land raiders point at mephiston and a dreadnought.

The owner of Fantasy Shop Glyfadas, Giorgos Malamatinis (a place that we will soon visit) came to the tournament!

Melta gunner to driver: i cant find the dreadnought,
Driver to Melta gunner: look to where our tank will start melting.

Ork infested ruin.


The tournament gathered a good amount of really good miniature painters, this Blood Angel honor guard painted by the Antipope - Leuteris Gavalas is a piece of art, you can find even more of his work on his blog: http://cadia122.blogspot.com/

Drop behind the enemy lines and hold the barrel with everything you got, even your lives, the barrel must be hold at any cost.

The Boxes of War family on a group shot.

Kostas: Didn't i told you not to take silly photos of people when they don't expect it?.

Best painted army in the tournament is Yiannis Kromidas Eldar, its also one of the best painted armies i have seen on Greece.


I don't know this player's name, but he has a grim look on his face, behind him Antipope points to Leandros, and maybe acuses him of something? but Leandros obviously do not accept the accusations!

Since i found an opponent in the last game to play a friendly match out of the event i deployed my lately usual army list: so far it has worked miracles. 

As promised the invulnerable reveals El Presidente fixing of the games, for a price ofcourse.

And as the president will say, everyone has a price, even the allmighty Talos.

Stormraven gunship poop is furioso dreadnoughts. (and occasionally jump troopers)

Panayiotis (left) and Stamatis (right) from the Boxes of War take their own photos and video from the tournament.

Battles continue in the 3rd battle of the tournament.

Two Grey knights players face each other but both the players face the battlefield.


Blood Guzzler's Tyranids face Panayiotis Stathis Dark Eldar.

The Orks manage to brake throught in the Blood Angel lines and brake all of the vehicles.

Near the end of the tournament most of the players have ended their games while Stathis continues gaming to finish his game too.

Spirou Chris got the second place on the tournament with his Orks. He bows to the camera and to his glorious opponents who his warriors still feast upon...

But Arion with his Grey Knights got the first place! well done and congratulations!.

John and Panayiotis give a small speech in the end of the tournament about the opening of the new shop, we wish them that they do a lot of good sales and even more tournaments in the coming season. Congratulations to everyone who participated.

In case you missed the link about the online shop here it is again:  http://www.boxesofwar.com/store/

With this Report the Invulnerable closes for the month since there isn't any tournament coming and we will see you again from the start of September, i would like to thank everyone who visited regularly the blog, talked about it or helped in the photo reports, while quite a few people wrote and worked on the Invulnerable so far the blog would not find the acceptance from the community as much as it did without all of you guys who either posed on the camera, shared a comment and played the games.

It is my hope (and i guess of most of you) that the next season while hard it will be cause of the economy will find us all back again in the games sharing our fun and enthusiasm, we will make even more tournaments and events, from the part of the Blog, we will try to include Video on the reports and actual interviews with the people in the hobby, plus we must visit more shops and gaming clubs.

Have fun wherever you are, be well and be safe, go to a beach and have the best vacations you ever had.

See you again at the 1st of September.

For the Invulnerable



  1. Excellent report as always! I think the metro was working that day since I used it thought. But yeah it was pretty hot, that's why a few of the participants (especially old-man Talos) had to leave before the tournament finished.

    By the way Dunny is one of the characters from kidrobot. I really like some of their designs and of course I couldn't resist Dunny/Batman crossover!

    Enjoy your break and I'll see you back in September!

  2. thanks Leyteris.

    The main line of the Metro wasnt working, the one who was passing throught Kalithea, thats why i got late in the event :(

    See you guys back after your vacations!

  3. I was really sorry I had to turn people away. I'll prepared for more players next time!

  4. it wasn't the only time that a shop didn't managed to find space for every player who came up in a tournament, its my speculation that in the coming season the participation in tournaments will rise, i hope the gaming clubs and shops to cope with the demand for more gaming space.

    well done for a well managed tournament by the way, and for a beautiful shop.

  5. Game Coprs. is neat but I hope for an air conditioner next summer. When you finish with all the works, for how many people will you be able to cater, John?


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