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8-10-2011, taking the train to Kifisia.

Someone could say that the blog so far haven't visited every single place where a tournament in Greece can be held, this is true as in its short life of 4-5 months the Invulnerable mostly has covered events in the Fantasy shops of Kalithea and Victoria and the Games Corps in Halandi that started its activity right on the same month as this blog has gone online.

Mostly this was the reason (to start covering tournaments somewhere else too) why i choose to take the train to the north part of our city all the way to Kifisia in a boring 47 minuets (counted with stopwatch) journey to reach the shop in time.

Another reason for going to the tournament was that i was planning to play in this tournament too, packaging your army and photographic equipment can be tricky and the SLR camera got cramped together with the Stormraven and the infantry with the IC recorder, i run out of space (and hands) for the video camera and the tripod so i couldn't record any video for this tournament (and you were cooking popcorn already huh?).

Someone told me a day before that i should bring my army too in case not too many players were to come and i was actually waiting for quite a few gamers to arrive too because of the distance the shop has to the city center, when i arrived on the mall where the Fantasy Shop is i found only the Overmind, Takis Valeontis who would be also the Judge for the tournament was there.

It was a fact that i was so much interested to get on time on this tournament that i managed to arrive half an hour to twenty minuets before the shop opened, i waited a bit with Takis talking about Dread fleet and a bit later the shop opened its gates to the seven other gamers that came to the challenge and many others who just came to see the models.

The Fantasy shop in Kifisia. a small park right outside it is the ideal place for a small chat about your recent game or "reinforcements" you just bought for your collection from the shop.

But Lets see who were the eight - players on the tournament.

Konstantinos Papaxeimonas (left) brought his Dark Eldar in this tournament after his attempt in the Independent club tournament. Gerasimos Georgopoulos brought his Grey knights in this tournament and he was the only player to come from the previous tournament in Victoria and so continued to gather points in this tournament for the Fantasy Shop ranking. 

Spiridis Arion (left) came (such a silly photo this one - sorry Arion) in this tournament with his Grey Knights and rumors say that we shall be seeing Tyranids from Arion soon, Laurence Kampanos (right) brought his Ork hordes stuffed as usual in battle wagons. 

Themos Daskalopoulos (left) the youngest participant in this tournament brought Dark Eldar, Themos also writes his own warhammer 40k blog and he calls it: The Warhammer 40k Center! you can read it here:

Ektoras Stavrakakis (right) is a new player to appear on the Invulnerable blog but as he says he is a veteran gamer in the Avalon shop - a shop that closed some time ago, players from that shop soon moved to the closest gaming place that they could find. Ektoras brought his Imperial guard forces in this tournament.  

Agoglosakis Aris (left) brought his Tau forces in this tournament and a very interesting army list quite full of fire warriors 50 or more of them in 1750 points. Panayiotis Lyris (right) Me, the Invulnerable reporter, brought my usual list of Blood Angels, this list worked quite well in the last 15 games and i thought that it could do good in this tournament, sadly (and funny) it didn't went anywhere near this.

This list included:
Mephiston the lord of cheese.
One Land raider full of thunder hammer and storm shield terminators.
One librarian with a jump pack with shield of sanguinius and S10 melee hits.
One stormraven with laser cannon and multi melta carrying one Furioso dreadnought with Blood talons
Two razorbacks carrying five assault marines each with melta guns and power weapon on the sarge.
One Priest and one Librarian with Jump pack, Shield of Sanguinius and S10 Melee attacks.

The players wait for the first round to start, Aris and Ektoras hold one of the codexes studying rules and Gerasimos holds his head. A little later Takis gave the pairings for the first round, the mission is Seize ground and the deployment is spearhead.

Themos with his Dark Eldar went against Arion with his Grey Knights, Themos used the ruins in his corner to defend his position, holding his objective as far to the back as he could.

The flying base to the lower part of the photo must be Arion's Stormraven, or what is left from it, Arion placed his objective closer to the center since he was going to attack the Dark Eldar lines and he couldn't risk to keep back his units. His Land raider is advancing next to his objective.

The Dark Eldar are engaged in close combat by the survivors of the stormraven wreckage, its time for payback for the Grey Knights.

Arion said about his first battle that he haven't played with his Grey knights against Dark Eldar and that he knew that the key in this battle too was target priority, so i asked him what is the target priority for him against Dark Eldar.

Arion said that the first targets are the Venom's carrying true born because they carry four blasters, right after them second target are ravagers and then the bomber 

 First game for my Blood Angels was against Gerasimos Grey Knights, two dreadnoughts with auto cannons, 20 terminators, a Vindicare assassin, 5 marines with psycannons and a Techmarine armed with a conversion beamer all under the command of a grey knight librarian.

 The Grey Knights took the first round and i placed my space marines as much defended as possible, the land raider carrying five assault terminators was prime target for the Vindicare and the Techmarine but i hoped that the shield of sanguinious, its armor or luck would save it, for a bit it did had some luck.

 Not for much thought since the techmarine converted it to a big grey crater with his conversion beamer, the terminators followed its fate in the next round, the two assault squads left in the razorbacks are in a supportive role in my list and quite inadequate to face 20 terminators.

The list included a stormraven who attempted a flank maneuver to make an attack, its one gun who was able to fire failed to cause a wound, the Furioso dreadnought and Mephiston failed to charge because of the grey knights psychic powers and bad difficult terrain rolls.

The result was that the sole survivor of the blood angels was the causality model in the Stormraven base, total annihilation for the Blood Angels in this first game! and victory for Gerasimos Grey knights!

Ektoras with his Imperial guard was playing against Aris and his Tau forces, from the expression of Ektoras we can guess he feels like he can destroy the Tau forces easily.

And even take his time to stretch up and make some comments on the Invulnerable about his previous experience as a player...
Ektoras: Here in Kifisia there was this shop: Avalon where i was playing two years ago in a tournament with my Tau and i came up first place because i won most of my games, with Tau! last year i took part in another tournament with my Imperial guard and i ended up second.
IR: What happened to this Avalon shop guys?
Ektoras: Avalon has closed since last summer. 
Ektoras then commented to Arion that if he played against him in that tournament he would be ranked first, he said that Arion has said that too - that against Imperial guard the Grey knights have a tough job, especially with the army list he is using right now that is - anti Grey knights. 

Kostas was playing against Laurence in the first round, i think the game wasn't going very well for him since this grey vehicle right in front of him is a battle wagon.

In another part of their game the Orks using the big guns are assaulted by dark Eldar jet bikes in a close assault for the objective.

The Orks in those vehicles fight each other to be the first to pass through the small bridge up ahead, the loser gets to hold the objective to their left.

The orks break throught the two Dark Eldar vehicles and will possibly break them in half too.

Hey there, what are you doing to my troops?

With Gerasimos, Arion, Ektoras and Laurence leading the group we went to the second round: dawn of war deployment, capture and control mission.

 Laurence has a way to transport his troops, wonder why this method and the red cloth...

Here my son, taste the ork, may it strengthen your body as it heals your soul. 

Gerasimos was going against Laurence in this second round, his 20 terminators would have to face the Orkish hordes.

Laurence commented on his game against the terminators list of Gerasimos:
I see too few models on the other side, i got one hundred models and he has twenty, i can swamp him in model count alone, that is my purpose, i got 6 Nobz too but they aren't going to get close to the Knights, they have halberds, will hit first and cause instant death to my Nobz.

And Themos with his Dark Eldar was going for a shootout against the Tau fire warriors of Aris. 

Terminators or Space marines, Grey knights or ordinary Astartes when they get flatten under the Death rollers they are all the same.

Grey knights or battle wagons are nowhere to be seen in the end.

The Furioso dreadnought in my game against Kostas with his Dark Eldar (obviously) worked its way killing almost everything in its path, sadly for it - the witches slowed it down too much to do even more. No matter how much and how hard you hit the Dark Eldar Witches 4+ invulnerable save in close combat cuts your effectiveness to half.

My Land raider was where the crater is, once again destroyed in round one.

Grey knight dreadnought with twin linked auto cannons, quite a usual sight to see lately.

Arion led his Grey knights against the Imperial guard lines of Ektoras, the GK Stormraven looks to the other side thought and this cant mean anything good for it.

My third game was against Themos Daskalopoulos and his Dark Eldar, it was the game i enjoyed the most and Themos was a brilliant opponent to play against, good thing about playing with new players is that you constantly read out rules - it is not a bad thing - because you see the mechanics of the game in all their marvel and do everything by the book, you end up learning the rules even better yourself.


I lost in this game too, by just one point, i got ahead in the kill points by 5 to 1 but Themos retaliated quickly to bring the game in a final 8 to 7 in his favor, in a brave move Themos charged Mephiston with his Lord and Incubi retinue, they suffered horribly in the hands of the Lord of death but kept their wits in the first important round of close combat when they lost by -4 the combat resolution and the Dark Eldar lord under the defense of his shadow field managed slowly to bring down the Blood Angel librarian! a wonderful melee!

Aris Tau vehicles and infantry maneuver around the ruined imperial buildings, one of the Tau Battle suits stand on a balcony to watch the advance of his comrades.

Kostas Papaheimonas Dark Eldar display a brilliant idea of how to be always aware of what squad belongs to what raider, the masts have a color that matches the color the infantry models have around their bases!

Themos Daskalopoulos got his Dark Eldar behind the trees in the first round of our game, the Dark Eldar stole the initiative but they were fast enough to get into firing positions right away. They even managed - quite easily - to eliminate my stormraven in round one.

Laurence had to play against Grey knights in round three, in every tournament lately you will find 2 or 3 Grey knight players, its quite reasonable to start readying your army to face them also.

The Ork boyz are hungry to catch a flight swamp the stormraven. 

Ektoras and his imperial guard play against Gerasimos, Ektoras said that his army list was specifically geared against Grey knights so i guess Gerasimos had a tough job to do.

The tournament and a wonderful day of battles in the grim darkness of the far future ended, Arion came up in first place (again) the only player with three victories, following him is Georgopoulos, Kampanos and Papaheimonas with 2 victories also. the final standings are:

Georgopoulos Gerasimos for participating in the last two tournaments and performing quite well since he ranked 2nd in both of them was the first player to reach the rank of "Marine" in the Fantasy shop ranking and he is at the time this report is written first in the ranking, you can see the Fantasy Shop ranking in the Invulnerable blog in the following link:

With all that i bid you farewell until the next tournament.
Take care and be well.

For the Invulnerable


  1. Too bad Kifisia is so far away from me to go for a game. I tried it once and it was a pain in the butt to get there. Excellent report as always and it always good to see so many fresh faces in a tournament.

  2. it was good indeed to see new faces.


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