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Genocide Chronicles 5.

Some months has passed since the last Genocide chronicles, the teams and their players returned on the 30 of October to play again against each other, the last time the Berks, the team from the city of Larissa won their 3rd trophy and this time they would be trying for their 4th.

The Knights of Saint Andrew came from the city of Patra again to play as did the several teams from Athens: the Imperial seals, the Red Corsairs, the Space Meraklides, Taratatzoum and the team i participate in: the Failed Chargers from Kalithea who would also host the event in the shop they play: Fantasy Shop Kalithea.

Our team, the Failed Chargers, had a good start in the Genocide Chronicles tournaments conquering the 4th place with 19 points and back then they were too close to the 2nd place, sadly in the 3rd and 4th tournaments the team from Kalithea managed to get to the bottom of the rankings.

To try and do better this time the team gathered twice in the days before the tournament to discuss pairings and team army lists, this led us to go to the tournament as a good organized team, we had almost every opponents army list at hand and we had chosen beforehand who would be the better player to face each opponent, our goal was to finish in a better position than the last times.

The teams and the organizer arrived quite quickly on the tournament with the exception of the Berks who got lost on the way to Kalithea when they entered Athens, one of the Meraklides the Chessmaster helped them (detected them with his auspex) and brought them in time for the games.

Kostas Lekkas, the Chronomancer takes his place behind the desk, he will also take photos for the Invulnerable (thanks Kostas!) and act as one of the judges of the tournament, Moskitokiller helped with the sandwiches (free food for all the participants) and i helped by buying the drinks and the medals and the victory trophy.

Bloodofi - George of the Red Corsairs with his Blood Angels arrives for the tournament, the Red Corsairs managed to bring only three players of the required four, this meant that in each round they would have a defeat for less players, by a 15-5 on their score. 

Vasilis Apostolopoulos - Billap, Captain of the Knights of saint Andrew arrives too with his friend Jenny, Vasilis was one of the ETC team Greece players who went to the European team championship last summer.  

Taratatzoum team included three new players and two players from the team that took part in the 2nd and 3rd Genocide chronicles tournaments, the team back then was the only team that managed to claim the first place from the Berks in the 3rd GC.

The Failed Chargers 40k team minus one player - Robomarine who because of illness couldn't make it on the event, from left: Cadaver with his Imperial fists, Plasma leak with his Imperial guard, Markador with Blood Angels (me) and Azrael with his Grey knights.

Some of the pairings have already started, the Imperial Seals face the Space Meraklides, The Berks will face the Taratatzoum team and the Failed Chargers will face the Red Corsairs, the mission is Capture and control / spearhead.

In the first round i had to play against Blood Angels in a obviously disastrous civil war, my Space marines choose to deploy behind cover in a defensive formation in one of the corners of the battlefield.

George's Blood Angels took an attacking formation, yet by deploying from the first round his Stormraven carrying the death company, dreadnought and librarian inside gave me a very good target.

George had quite bad cover save rolls and my Blood Angels shooting went incredibly effective, the opponent stormraven went to bits after a volley of fire from my stormraven that flanked the opponents from reserves and the rest of the Red Corsairs team Blood Angels were eliminated from my Furioso dreadnought and Mephiston. 

Another crucial part of the match was the lucky shot from the Land Raider that got the death company dreadnought and with the death company suffering an assault from Mephiston and the Dreadnought instead of making one there was no stopping to the carnage that followed, the game ended with a 20-0 result for the Failed Chargers, a game result - i have to admit that was effected very much from dice rolls.

 A disk full of orks in the service of the Taratatzoum team.

 Aphelion -  Kostas Synodinos from the Space Meraklides.

The Tyranids of Stefanos - Blood Guzzler deploy on this tournament too, it is obvious that they cornered some poor Eldar, Stefanos acted as captain on the ETC team Greece and now acted as captain for the Space Meraklides.

Yiannis Kromidas (Krom) came to the tournament and he even brought a lot of "gifts" to be given to all of the teams in the end of the tournament. Thank you very much Krom and we are waiting for your team - the players of Battle bunker to participate in the next GC!.

And here is one of the Battle bunker players, Chessmaster (guy to the right) with his orks. Khorne of the Imperial seals is on the left.

Manolis Alexantonakis - Wifozel captain of the Taratatzoum team faces Gerassimos Stavridis - Cegorach who is the captain of the Berks. Wifozel brought his Space Wolves while Cegorath brought his Dark Eldar, Cegorath won in this match by 15-5.

Gorget of the Berks is their youngest player, Gorget fields Grey knights.

Wifozel closes his eyes and tries to concentrate before rolling the dice!

 Ogyon one of the judges gives the finger to the Invulnerable reporter, this report has been blessed now.

 Stefanos - Snake, gives the finger of victory, a much better expression but less funny than the one given in the last photo. 

Igni with his Eldar went against Plasma leak and his Imperial guard, by what he told us later he had a difficult time against the imperial guard and he didn't had a lot of experience against them.

Plasma leak towers over his armored brigade that marches against the Eldar, the result for this game too is 20-0 in favor of the Failed Chargers.

 Chronomancer poses as photographer-assistant for the Invulnerable, Kostas - you are worthy.

 This tank!

 Khorne of the Imperial seals has a rough time against the orks of the Chessmaster from the Meraklides.

 Azrael's grey knights march towards the objective of Ursarkar E Creed from the Red Corsairs.

Stavros (Ursarkar E Creed) didn't managed to hold his objective from Azrael's Grey knights, thought the causalities he inflicted brought the result to a 15-5 to the Failed Chargers favor.

With the rules of Chronomancer and the Blessings of the mighty one: Chuck Norris, we reached the end of round one, The Failed Chargers after the first round and for the first time ever are at the first place, obviously by taking the most out of the Red Corsairs, the Berks follow right behind and just 5 points away by beating by a 65-15 the Taratatzoum team, the Meraklides and Imperial seals blasted each other off and got to a tie sharing almost an equal amount of points.

The expression on Dimitris Malisovas face shows his surprise on hearing the news about the Failed chargers team being on the lead after round one.  

The start of the second round found the Failed Chargers charging against the Berks, the Failed chargers had three defeats and one draw the last time they faced the Berks, if they would fail again so hard as the last time then all the good work they have done would be lost, as also the good position they were trying for.  Even worse at the pairings the Berks beat the Chargers in the pairings since...

...Cadaver of the Failed Chargers had to face with his Imperial fist marines Cegorach and his Dark Eldar. the Elite mechanized force of Cadaver were at a disadvantage against the hail of fire from Cegorach's Dark Lances.

Ah! the Chronomancer taking cover behind the chargeling to take a shot at the invulnerable reporter with the know famous E-520 series camera that the Invulnerable uses!

Nonetheless the Cadaver deployed his troops hoping for the best...


On this second round, i had to play against Stefanos-Snake of the Berks, Stefanos brought quite a lot of Black templar vehicles and deployed them widely on his deployment zone so...

Since most of stefanos weapons were short ranged (apart of the S8 missiles from the land speeders) i choose to deploy once again on the corner of the battlefield and let him (try to) come closer, this way i would have to face only part of his force and he had to maneuver the rest closer to my side of the battlefield...

...Where the stormraven with the furioso dreadnought inside and the 5 assault marines waited in reserves!
yet their flanking move didn't worked out so well at the start but eventually the dreadnought did its work, actually the kill points started to roll in the 4th round since until then the score was just 1-0 to Stefanos favor as the two forces was unable (or unwilling) to kill opponent brother marines. The game ended 7 to 5 kill points in the Blood Angels favor and brought 15 points to the Failed Chargers.

There is a miniature (or two) from space crusade here, look closely and you will see it!

Not that close!

 Imperial guardsmen attempt to come close to the Blood Angel lines and get wrecked in the process.

 Planning for the games ahead.

Should my Orks go right or left? to the right there are space marines and to the left dice...

Stefanos Kapetanakis (right) plays against Vasilis Apostolopoulos (left) two ETC team Greece players now play against each other as players of local teams.

 Manthos. Smiling because he has found the perfect camouflage for his Valkyrie jet, it is camouflaged to the color of Manthos Jeans, you will never see the jet until it is unleashing a hail of fire, and that because of Manthos jeans.

 Oh no! a Camera!

 Both players looking at the immobilized vindicator that managed to get immobilized while targeting the other side of the table - now really, why did it turn that way?

 Orks, i HATE Orks, i despise Orks...

There is something weird happening in this man when he notices the camera, there is no other explanation to the expressions he gets. (or it is the ingredients of the sandwiches?)

Zempekiko, it never gets outdated.

The end of round two brought the Berks to the first place since they have done quite the damage to the Failed chargers who got back into the third place with 99 points, the chargers got only 29 points from their encounter from the Berks but they were still close to the top ranks, the Knights of saint Andrew with just a point above them came to the 2nd place and threatened the Berks once again.

Just at the corner and closing fast were the Meraklides with 81 points and on the tail of the group the Red Corsairs would be trying to hold the Imperial Seals and the Taratatzoum team.

On the last round the Berks would just had to hold their point advantage over the Knights to conquer again the tournament while the Chargers would have to do their best against the Meraklides. 

Away from first place quite enough the Failed Chargers were quite close enough to a good position, all they had to do was to keep the attitude they had in this picture.

The best painted armies are deployed in the end of round 2, all the players vote for the one they believe it is the best painted.

Igni's Eldar Warhost, i remember them from the battle i had against them in the Strategy hall many moons ago!, an excellent painted army indeed!

The Imperial fists from Cadaver - Mihalis Skalkos, got my vote too, Mihalis has done the best bad ass yellow army possible, to see more of Mihalis work you can check his blog on the Home of Cadaver presented in the opening page of the Invulnerable and in case you are bored to search for it here is the link:

Tyranids, from Blood Guzzler, Stefanos Kapetanakis, won the best painted award. They have won also the best painted award in the Independent club tournament, i guess when they run out of awards someone else will win.

At the third round we find Bloodoffi going against Moskitokiller from the Imperial seals.
No comment, none needed, it is an obvious dice misfortune effect.

 On the third and final round of the tournament my blood angels had to fight against a horde of orks, i choose to charge a 21 strong ork boyz mob in the center with a combined attack from Mephiston and the Furioso dreadnought, Mephiston killed 3 orks and the other 18 were killed by the Furioso in a single round of combat before any of the orks made any attack!

Yet the Battle wasn't going too well for the rest of the space marines since all of the Blood Angel units were attacked soon by the remaining ork mobz.

The terminators launched an assault in the left flank trying to save the situation but they were quickly overwhelmed too.

The Furioso Dreadnought was the sole hero of the battle, not only it managed to eliminate an ork mob on a single round it finally managed to kill Gazgkull thraka and then survive long enough (while still killing more orks) contesting one of the objectives, yet the heroic attempts of the Furioso dreadnought werent enough and the game ended in favor of...

 George the Chessmaster, who won the game by 15-5 (conquering 2 objectives of the three) George was also an outstanding opponent in the game, actually i have to write here that i haven't yet encountered one player from Battle bunker (George also plays in the BB) who doesn't have an excellent sportsmanship attitude (and this includes Arion Spiridis, Dimitris Maniatis and others)

THIS drop pod.

Some Orks take cover behind their vehicles to save themselves from the fire of the imperial fists, their Warboss doesn't need any.

 The Chargeling charged the coca cola this time.

Sandwiches, made by the hands of Moskitokiller, quite fine indeed, i got three!... Oops you got me, i eat one more than i should have! (Many thanks to Leonidas for making the Sandwiches by the way!)

Apart from sandwiches Moskitokiller makes pretty fine dark Eldar vehicles.

 Tyranid infested hill.


 Chargeling might not be playing today but he was in shape for some grooving

 Cadaver's Imperial fists charge the Tyranid hordes.

 The orks charge the imperial guard vehicles.

Cautiously approaching the black Templar lines. 

No comment.

 Blue imperial guardsmen hold the line against the advancing grey knights.

My friend - Zois, to the right of the photo also helped in the photographic coverage of the tournament, especially in the final part of the event.

And after the third round the final results for the 5th Genocide Chronicles are...

The Berks won again! they won the tournament for the 4th time with 164 points, we should call the tournament at some point The Berks Chronicles the way things are going. The Berks not only managed to win the tournament but they also won it by 13 more points than the last time.

Below them and at some distance indeed are the Failed Chargers who managed not only to go better than the last times but also to climb all the way up to the 2nd place, on the third place are the Knights of Saint Andrew.

The Berks, the team from Larissa weighting the trophy, light weighted and quite inexpensive but with quite the value for what it represents.

The Berks team with their medals, congratulations guys, and congratulations to everyone involved in the tournament, be as a player, organizer or both.
The Medals were another idea we incorporated in the tournament, winning players in the last three tournaments recieve the gold medal with the symbol of victory engraved on it.

The Failed Chargers finished on the second place, no medals for ending up second, just look silly and cool.

The award for the slayer (player who got the most victory points from butchering the enemy) couldn't be more fitting than a Bloodthirster greater daemon.

And is awarded to Stefanos, Blood Guzzler, he brought 56 points to his team and claimed 5250 victory points (three complete wipe outs with his Tyranids)

The Genocide Chronicles managed once again to bring 7 teams and 30 players into a tournament, what we the organizers hope for the future of the tournament is for more teams to participate and for all the guilds and groups who play wh40k to come and join this small party we are having, apart from winning and losing, it is a small games fair with many people gaming and finding out their abilities not only as players but also as team members, something that makes the Chronicles truly unique within the range of the Warhammer 40k tournaments.

See ya around, take care have fun.
For the Invulnerable



  1. Haha, I managed to look SO silly in every picture you took of me! Its a new record! Great job on the report as always and thanks for the shout of my blog too :)

  2. we look so charming, all of us!!


  3. Very cool! We didn't do that well but I personally had a lot of fun that day.

  4. Thanks guys, i would like to comment on Ignii's comment, indeed the folks in the community are very nice and give a positive, pleasant and funny picture at the whole thing.

    Be well guys, see you soon.

  5. Not even one picture of me though! The most attractive wargamer of all times! σνιφ,κλαψ,λυγμ!!! I'll show you next time!!!

  6. Very nice blog! i am the guy with the skull bearers chapter of the space mahreens (not imperial fists as u wrote :P) and yes there were 2 imp fists minis in my army from space crusade... u noticed it!!


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