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Aspiring League Warhammer fantasy guild wars. 13-11-2011

Last weekend the Fantasy shop in Kalithea had the priviledge of hosting the Guild wars for the aspiring league and in the following weekend the Exalted league will play on the same place, the best team in the aspiring league rises to the exalted league and the last team in the exalted drops to the aspiring league, it is a fair and needed system to accomodate all the ten 5-player teams that take part in those tournaments.

In this tournament together with the team from FS kalitheas - the Failed Chargers five other teams took part, the Knights of Saint Andrew, Demonic Sparrows, Meraklis Hammer, Purple Cobras and another team that just took part so that a team wouldn't wait without a team pair to play against.

Without any more waiting and pointless writing lets see the photos from the games!.

 Everything in this day will be done for this trophy, and for rise into the first league.

 Skario looks quite determined to take the trophy.

 The ghouls have another reason than just a good appetite for human flesh to go forward, the undead knights that come right behind them.

 Ogres in battle formation.

 The tournament in the 1/3 of its glory, the other 1/3 is right on the other side of this floor and the other 1/3 is downstairs. 15 tables were set up to accommodate all the players and the miniatures.

 This player concentrates to control his high elves, he might one day move the models just by thought.
(lets hope he doesn't effect the dice too)

No comment.

 And i can stretch my hand that far into the other side of the battlefield.

 Can i take your order monsieur?

 No place for little angel girls here! Begone!

 Skirmisher knights. Wait...What???

 Achaian to the left, playing Ogre kingdoms.

 I don't know, if this hammer in the back line of the ogres ends up in the head of one of those riders he will be planted quite deep on the ground

 Smiling happy look, holding a machine with a big hand that tosses stuff.

 How many times have you seen the warhammer table from the bottom side?

 You know why the mounted knights come around the fences and not through them? because in Warhammer fantasy 1 in 6 riders will get up dead if they try to cross a fence.

 Completely ignoring the dogs the knights head for the green dice.


Lizardmen, they keep reminding me those small lizards that intrude inside our kitchen from the garden in the summer, good thing they don't carry weapons like those in the picture. 

 A line of Bretonnian heroes charge into the battle, right behind them follow the war machines.

 Stefanos - Lord Limenix left.

No comment.

 Ghouls collide in a melee with chaos daemons.

No comment, apart from the "mean business" look on Kostas face.

 Now what i am going to do with you? hmmmmm.....

 The Admiral. 

 I like this miniature so much, i think its the second time i am taking a photo of it and posting it on the Invulnerable, it belongs to Stefanos - Lord Limenix

 Grom, organizer of the tournament.

Kostas (left) Captain of the Failed Chargers and shop owner discuss pairings with Laskoulas, captain of the U-team. In the end they played against each other and Kostas managed to take 9 points. 


I liked this miniature so much that i had to buy it for my Chaos warriors army.
The one army that i got that i never played with so far, that's why he now rests as an exhibition in the shop.

 Is the flash light from the camera so strong? Chargeling ducks for cover to avoid it here.

A proud player with his ogre-gun-thing.

 Propably one of the last things one would see if this cannon fires.

Proof of how much a dark person Laskoulas truly is, here he is seen talking with a mysterious hooded figure. 

A complete - and painted army of Ogres.

And their owner, Gregory, who also runs the club: Strategy Hall in Piraeus, last day they had a tournament there - combat patrol, just 400 points, six players took part in that, most importantly thought is that three of them was completely new to the hobby and Gregory made sure that they could join right in the fun by lending them models to play right away, quite the proper way of introducing someone to our hobby.

 No comment.


 No comment.

 Four rounds left, how do i know? check again...

Skario, from the Knights of Saint Andrew.

 I cant hear you over the sounds of battle all around the tournament!

 Midas, or Medas. Same thing for me, cool guy.

 Close up of the Ogres, this army got a new army book lately and new miniatures, very nice all of em'

 Undead army on a disk.

 Meraklis Hammer members, Dimitris Hellspawn (left) and George Metaller (right)

 No comment.

Terrain pieces for warhammer 40k have to wait until the forthcoming weekend where we will have a 40k tournament in Kalithea - again.

 No comment.

No comment.

The tournament reached its end quite late and the results are given, on the second place are the Demonic Sparrows with 172 points (presented in the photo), the U-Team two got the 3rd place with 150 points, Meraklis hammer with 147 are on the 4th place and quite close to them with 139 points are the Failed Chargers, U-Team one got 96 points and finished in the 6th place.

The Knights of Saint Andrew were on the first place and were the big winners of this tournament, they got the first place with 196 points. They will play on the Exalted league in the next tournament.

Tough competition, some cheering and applause please!

For more information about the Guild wars and how you can join to in the fun of the Guild wars team tournaments you can visit the following forum:

Next week we will see what happened in the Exalted league tournament, good luck to all the teams - i think there will be just four of them - and have good games.

For the Invulnerable.

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