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24-3-2012 Warhammer 40k tournament in FS Viktoria.

It feels good to be back in the keyboard after some time, actually with so much work going on with my regular job it was quite hard to find time for the blog, but i sure missed writing and mumbling about toy soldiers and more importantly about the players that move them and give them life.

This last weekend there was a singles Warhammer 40.000 tournament in Fantasy Shop Viktoria and the Invulnerable camera was there to get some photos from the action, 15 players participated in the tournament - most of them, usual suspects on the Invulnerable tournament reports, lets see exactly who the players were:

Yaggos Yiannis (left) brought a scout force from Ultramar in this tournament, almost all the 10th company (half of it actually) and some heavy support to clean up the mess.
Stavros Patrikarakos, kept his trusty imperial guard on his house and picked up his frappe drink and his new chaos space marine collection for the tournament, he also grew a beard.
El Presidente - Panayiotis Siamatas brought his Presidential Guard.... eeerrr his imperial guard to play. 

Antonis Mihailidis (aka: Azrael) Came with his Grey knights.
Stefanos Kapetanakis (aka: Blood Guzzler) came with his Tyranids. Stefanos writes his own blog about warhammer 40k, you can find it here:
And Yiannis Bougatiotis came with his Grey Knights as well.
As you can see we have the Tyranid Hive mind surrounded (in the photos) by two Grey knights.
so that the bug has nowhere to run.

Konstantinos Dallas (who would be so cool now if he also lived in Dallas) came once again in a FS Viktoria tournament with one of his space marine forces.
Mountis Takis, A new player to appear on WH40k tournaments - hailing from the Stratigikon club and also a player for the club's team came to the tournament with Grey Knights.
Spyros Bogdanos came with his Eldar to the tournament, Bogdanos and Mountis played on the last Genocide Chronicles tournament as members of the Stratigikon team and they did quite well finishing on the 2nd place alongside the Berks.

Themos Daskalopoulos woke up early in the morning for the tournament and also woke from the million years sleep his Necron forces to lead.Thanos also writes a blog about warhammer 40k - you can find it here:
Gerasimos Georgopoulos, aka: Just A justicar brought his Grey Knights on the tournament.
While Leontarakis Tasos was the only player on the tournament fielding Dark Eldar.

One of those nice things to see on a warhammer tournament, father and son playing two different armies as two different players, Mr. Papadopoulos Panayiotis (right - obviously) brought his Tyranids and his son Nikos Papadopoulos brought his Eldar, Panayiotis is also a member of the Stratigikon team that played in the last Genocide chronicles and it was good to see 3/4 of their team on the tables on the day of the tournament, Nikos had indeed a difficult (playing Eldar) but enjoyable work to do on the tournament.
Lets see some of the Action. 

 The red armored guys follow the blue armored guy.

The Overmind, known also as Takis Valeontis.

Pink big bad guys always approach green filthy persons from the rear. (to avoid the smell maybe?)

 Seconds from disaster - Mid air collision imminent!

With the chimeras in the corner their weak sides (AV10) are protected by the edges of the board.

The Eldar can see the future! the Monolith will be destroyed from their four melta weapons, yes we can see the future too, when you fire 4 melta weapons on a vehicle, it usually gets melted.

 Dark Eldar or Eldar, their painting level looks the same.

No comment.

No comment.

 Scout bikers on collision course with the rock.

With their vehicle turned into a blast marker (the large blast marker is supposed to be the remains of their vehicle) the acolytes prepare to face the assault of the scouts.

He might have one gun barrel and not four like his buddy to his side but his one gun is equal to many more than four...

 A rival to the Invulnerable Camera!

 Laser cannon tank formation.

 Those snipers are good! they picked the correct terrain piece as their bases to hide inside.

 By the look on Panayiotis face something must be going terribly bad with his bugs.

 In the name of the Inquisition! this corner of the once-it-was-a-building is now ours!

 This vehicle! i know it! its much like our own!

 The scouts did their job and collected a lot of information from the enemy, now they call for reinforcements through their commanders phone.

 After a good match a handshake is required. 

 Explaining to the young general his chances of survival against the hammer of the emperor.

 Yaggos Yiannis Scout army.

And suddenly he went into a rage and everyone ignored him.

Spyros Bogdanos Eldar War Walkers.
And now a question: if the Eldar invaded Terra (not a possibility but anyway) and send some War walkers to the moon how we would call them?...

Moon Walkers! glory be to the late Michael Jackson! Weird guy, amazing artist.

Karousis Antonis, another player in the tournament that used imperial guard.

 The basic problem every player who fields a stormraven faces... where to deploy the damned thing!

Through the bridge my brave troopers!
But-but-but sir! there is no r-ri-river under the bridge, we could go around it!
Yes! but then there wouldn't be so much suspense!

Definition of P0wnage in rules, getting rules explanations from someone who is waaaaay younger than you are!

The Assault phase cheat sheet, it includes notes and tips of how to bash someone's head with big rocks and pointed sticks.

 Line of sight directly inside the kitchen for the demolisher cannon.

 Smart guys goes front (Zoanthropes) big momma follows.

 No respect for the Tyranid Elite. Holding them this way is disrespectful.

 In a game with Yaggos Scout marines and Georgopoulos Grey knights i think that the most important factor was the difference between the infantry, the scouts were no match for Grey knights in close quarters.

 The terrible dark Eldar in terrible trouble.

 Now, everybody! try to lift the huge rock! it cant be that heavy!

 A good hint on miniature stability (here shown on Genestealers but will be very good for Hormagants) under the base a round piece of metal is placed.


The monolith, skids hard to the left on hard terrain.

Players gathering up in the end for another group shot, everyone had fun, the important thing in the end.

Results from the tournament were:

Georgopoulos Gerasimos won the tournament and got the first place with Grey knights, congratulations to him and everyone else who participated on the tournament.

See you again guys on the next report.

For the Invulnerable.

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