Wednesday, August 22, 2012

First news from ETC 2012 40k.

Photo taken from Anubis, the team player missing from the photo.

With our team back from Poland and some phone calls the Invulnerable managed to a basic first idea of what our team did in the tournament, there isn't anything coherent still - an interview with the team's captain will follow but the breaking news go as such. 

Our team did better than last year and ranked in the 21th place out of 28 teams - a very good standing for a team that is relatively new to the ETC tournament and from what the team members contacted say - and they all agree with this - and me too - is that they could do even better.

Our team lost in the first round from England, got a draw from Austria, Lost again in the 3rd round from Switzerland, did its first victory in the ETC against the Netherlands team (hurray!) did another draw in the 5th round against Australia and lost in the final round against Finland.

All in all our team gathered 4 points (2 from draws and 2 from one victory) - for perspective the team that won the ETC - team England won the tournament with 11 points, our Team finished at 21th place while also being in the lead of the rest of the teams who also gathered 4 points.

With the ETC tournament still played in 5th edition rules there wasn't any problem regarding knowledge of the rules.

There was some problems again fielding a complete 8 man team and atleast one player was rushed to the team, nonetheless they were all experienced players from what we saw in the pictures.

The terrain was very different to what we are used to here, lots of impassable terrain pieces that blocked line of sight, particularly one of our players, chronomancer, mentioned that since his army was a ranged army he had a lot of trouble taking the best out of his troops (and land it on the heads of his opponents troops).

The team in general mentioned that they had difficult team pairings for example they had to face England in the first round - that actually won the tournament. 

Our players did mostly average with four of our players managing to get 75 to 65 points, generally that means that at least half of our team was capable of producing very good results for the ETC competition, results that could propel the team to the first ranks of the tournament. 

More details will follow in the days ahead.

Good job guys, will do even better next year.

For the Invulnerable.

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