Friday, October 4, 2013

Ilmirith's experience in ETC 2013

Ilmirith has asked me to post her experience from the 2013 European Team Championship on the Invulnerable (the blog is waiting to get a new camera to continue its work), Ilmirith, participated on the tournament as team coach for the Greek team, here is what she has to say about the event:

I am very sorry that my first post has to be this one. I would like to comment on women and democracy at the previous E.T.C.

Women: Obviously, women are still considered to be inferior for some of the gentlemen of the organizing comity. In 2013, I was personally accused and offended when I just mentioned some hygiene problems I have personally seen. Forks and spoons were cleaned only by water in the toilet basins and the water bottles were also filled in the toilets with the top of the bottle touching the faucet. The official answer after I had sat down, having been asked or commented on nothing was that "As a woman, I don't know what I am talking about and I know nothing about hygiene". Afterwards I was told by other sources, that there supposedly were washing machines. I wonder...With so little time, when were they washing all that between shifts? Even if so, whether there was time to wash them there between shifts. Even with washing machines this practice should be avoided as they cannot protect against viruses caught up in the toilets, besides it looks bad. Oh! After the meeting, although I didn’t know what I was talking about, Severian took personal care for the ladies washing not to be seen again in the toilets, as again I was told by another HQ guy.
This year, I will have to go to toilets outside, because that is considered best for the players' comfort. Obviously, the male players. It has been ignored that a place holding an international event should cover all the toilet needs, or else it is not appropriate.

Democracy: Head referees claiming that everyone should accept their judgment, no matter correct or not, because as the head referee told our captain "After all, at the ETC, we referees are the gods", with a bad sense of humor, to which our captain responded “and we the Greeks are known to fight the gods”. Referees not knowing the rules, interrupting the first captain who dared saying something about poor referee decisions and small number of referees in the Captains' meeting, to say that “Obviously there is nothing wrong with the referees and there is nothing to discuss...” All this followed by a longer interruption of the captain, in order for the participants to listen to what the referees had to say. The head referee saying that he strongly wants the next ETC to be held in Serbia again. Now erasing posts, saying that we are all children. Nothing less or better could be expected by someone who schooled at us all the time.
Strange thing is that all answers were given by the two other HQ guys, who also said they were sorry. But this was all unofficial and by people not involved.

I am used to be treated as equal, my sex playing not a negative role in anything, in the year 2013. I am used to be respected, especially when I have paid for something, especially by people elected by a community. In my opinion, this whole "voting" was a farce. The system was supposed to eliminate problems caused by a probable draw, even at the second place. I am used to react when I am treated like that, when I always have to talk to a turned back and when I have to face someone who won't even smile back. I have been shown the least of respect, even when -for showing good will- when he had accused me of bad behavior (I have only asked for a card saying "Coach" and he was at least offending) I have said that I am sorry, day one. Guess what! Turning a back at me again! So, after the Captains' meeting I personally confronted him. I, at least, had the tact not to hold a microphone.
Strange thing is that all answers were given by the two other HQ guys, who also said they were sorry. But this was all unofficial and by people not involved.

These two gentlemen, aka Chtiofonce and Severian are part of the Chairmen Comitty and among those who voted for Serbia. I am very much suspicious about their objectivity due to personal involvement to the matter.

This year I am expecting the worst. If I come, I will try only to tolerate it for my team's sake. I have also been asked not to talk about my experience until the voting was over, as Greece was involved with a bid. I cannot congratulate anyone and I am sorry for that.


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