Friday, May 27, 2011

Battle report at Game Corps.

Lately i used to spend some time in the National garden in the center of Athens with a friend, we used to go there for art training and draw trees, birds, turtles and take photos, actually i think my friend went more for the drawing and i went more for the trees, why? because Kalithea (the place i live in) has so few foliage it starts to look more like a hive city, we just haven't called it Necromunda yet but we are closing to that now.

So when i was in Halandri (photo above) with another friend i couldn't fail to notice (and envy) the much more open ground and the amount of foliage the place had, the sun was more shining everywhere because the buildings weren't so close packed together and all that contributed to a very nice picture indeed.

We also knew that there is a new shop in the area that was called Game Corps and after some work we decided to pay a visit to it to see the place and even play a game of Warhammer 40k (the battle report from this game comes right after the review), i had with me my trusty Blood Angels and my friend Mike picked up his Dark Angels, the updated Deathwing terminators and Master Belial (more on that later) would face jump pack troopers, Commander Dante and Chief Librarian Mephiston.

We were greeted by John, the shopkeeper, who is who is also a warhammer 40.000 player and as i learned he also shares the same passion i have about Bretonnian Knights.

While Mike unpacked his Dark Angels i found the opportunity to take several pictures of the new shop, here is some merchandise and the door (right) to the... garden where tables will be placed in the open! that would be something i haven't seen before in a games shop!.

Games Corps entrance, houses yet another interesting innovation for a store, while i have seen what follows (in the next photo) in other stores, i haven't seen it on a store who specializes on miniature wargames and boardgames.
In case you cant imagine your model warriors running around in real time action, two X-Box 360 game consoles will make sure you will get some video game relaxation after a board game or warhammer battle, or before it.

Some more of John and Game Corps reveals, the soon to be open, Bar! (the white wall in the end of the... wall) yes, Game Corps will also be able to feed hungry generals!

While John leaves to go paint Vendetta gunships for his Imperial Guard army another photo is taken of the shop, three of the many tables soon to be around are here, the shop as a club is expected to field over a dozen game tables and i think that this makes the Game Corps quite the tournament center!.
With the Game corps inviting every warhammer fantasy and warhammer 40k gamer this Saturday (28-5-2011) for a war gaming party, contact the shop here for more info: Games Corps. - Agiou Georgiou 28 - Halandri - Tel: 211 700 4274) we continue with the battle report, please pay attention to the tactics followed from the Dark Angels and the Blood Angels player, especially mind the troop deployment...

Once upon a time there was a bunch of friends who called themselves the "Deathwings" they all used tactical dreadnought armor and carried stormshield and thunder hammer, one of them who called himself Belial was the smartest and wisest of them all. 

The Deathwings did all sorts of Picnics and parties on the trees and the deserts and the toxic wastelands and the volcanic Death worlds and they were so happy.

The Deathwings also had a big car who called it the "raider" and they loved it so much because when they didn't liked something they asked from it to blow it to tiny bits and so it did.

One day while the Deathwings decided to flatten a planet who was full of ruins to make an ideal place for a picnic they met two other guys from the Blood Angels, mister Dante who had a lot of money and bought golden clothes for him and his friends and mister Mephiston who was also the Lord of Death, Dante and Mephiston asked if they could join in the Picnics but Belial who was the wisest of the Deathwings told them to go back from where they came because he knew that the Blood angels were Furious and felt no pain and especially Mephiston broke every rule in every board game they used to play together!

Dante got mad because the Deathwings didn't allowed him to join in the fun and made plans to destroy the Deathwings and force Belial to show him how to make a proper picnic. But first he would have to kill all the Deathwings, their car and the Dark angels that followed behind the Deathwings, so he hid his devastator friends inside a bunker and put Mephiston inside too then he disguised it so that it would be the perfect trap.

Then he told his jump friends to go on top of a cliff and deep strike inside the field behind the Deathwings and blow their cars, although he didn't tell them how deep to strike. 

Dante and his golden friends who were mean fast and nasty and full of swords and axes and had another guy who shouted and made everyone around him so much angry so that they would ignore the pain (sanguinary priest) hid behind the bunker to assault the Deathwings when they would make their appeareance.

But Belial who was wise found out about the trap and teleported near the bunker and told the raider to blast the bunker to tiny bits, and so the raider tried to do so but the bunker was strong and tough and the raider as much as it growled with its broomsticks couldn't destroy it. (although some of the devastators inside the bunker were turned to pieces)

But also Mephiston the lord of death got dizzy from the shots of the Raider and forgot how to make his flying trick and so he stayed where he was trying to clean the devastator pieces from his clothes, then Dante and his angry golden friends assaulted the Deathwings who foolishly got too close and hacked them all to pieces.
Then the deep strike blood angels stroke deep inside the Raider and destroyed it completely by pointing their melta weapons to it.

Then because the Deathwings and the raider were lost, destroyed, dead or generally p0wned, Mephiston, Dante and the rest of the Blood Angels annihilated the rest of the Dark Angels because there wasn't anyone around so nerfed from a new codex as they were and it was pointless and so much not fun for the Dark Angels.
Then Dante asked again Belial who was spared if he would show them how to make a Picnic, and Belial told him that in Picnic's there are fruit and food and laughs and lots of Candy! but while they had all the other things they didn't had Candy and so they couldn't make a Picnic, but then Mephiston said: Hey we have Candy! back in the bunker!. 

And Belial said: quickly! run to the bunker then 
and bring out all your candy!.

Immediately all of the Blood Angels run to the bunker to get the Candy they had put there as a trap and to keep the devastators inside in case they had to roll a leadership test.
Then while the Blood Angels were all inside the Bunker Belial who had arranged for his ridiculously massive ship in orbit to use its guns to make the terrain more flat for picnics radioed it instead to fire all its guns on the bunker. 

And so the ship fired all its guns in the bunker and turned 
all the evil Blood Angels to tiny golden and red bits.

But one of the candy who had turned red and hot and looked now more like volcanic rock from the explosion catapulted to Belial's face who was also laughing from the fate of the Blood Angels and took his head off.
And that finishes the Battle report, hope it helps you in your next game against, or while controlling the Blood Angels or the Dark Angels.

The trap is set...

See you in the next event!

For the Invulnerable


  1. I just love the new happy tree friends battle reports. I was drinking coffee when I saw dante and mephisto and you almost chocked me there! :P This thing is getting better and better!!

  2. Haha that is an awesome battle report. How long did it take you to do all the pictures? They look awesome.

    I am going to Games Corps. today for a game too.

  3. thanks guys, doing my worst.
    I cant go to Game Corps today, ill be there tomorrow thought.

  4. This is the best battle report I've ever read!

    I can't wait to get my Happy Tree Inquisitorials featured on Invulnerable!!!

    Thanks Pan

  5. Ah, and Panagiotis, you forgot one of your Devastators inside John's terrain :P Leonidas has it, he can bring it this Sunday on the guild meeting for you.

  6. thank you very much, ill try to be on the meeting, if not ill see you guys at some point anyway. ill be on Game Corps tomorrow by the way.

  7. Ah damn, he shouldn't have taken it with him then!


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