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Warhammer 40.000, Kalithea tournament, 7-5-2011

May 7, 2011.

It is waiting in front of me and within line of sight, 
It is also in charge distance.
It got a lot of cheese too.

It is Spagetti

It have just been cooked and it are waiting their final demise, it’s a nice reward for today’s participation on the tournament in Kallithea, the place I live in.
Kallithea is a suburb of Athens, it’s one of the biggest and most dense populated parts of the city and its very close to the center, it’s a place known mostly for having a lot of clothes shops and very few foliage, it’s a small hive city on its own (on the making) but its home to us and we grew up here, biking in the streets and board gaming in our houses.

(photo taken from

Now, that the board gaming and miniature war gaming has expanded in Greece and several shops are opening in every part of Athens, Kallithea got its own share of hobby and board game shops, one of them is the well known Fantasy Shop-Kallithea, a branch of the Fantasy shop chain of shops who bring miniature war games, board games and hobby supplies (and skulls with perfect teeth - see the previous photo review).

Today we were having a tournament in Kallithea and I chose to help in the hosting of the event, participate as a gamer, and make a report about it for the Invulnerable.

I reached the tournament about half an hour before starting time and we had just 3 participants, Alexandros Karampinidis has shown up along with friend Nikos Zestanakis and another player Panayiotis Siamatas has also shown up from quite early, Siamatas was ranked first place again in a tournament in Kalithea about a year ago and Alexandros has just conquered first place in the tournament in Victoria just the weekend before that, obviously we were going for a very strong competition.


The Dark Eldar player and the Chaos Daemon player chose the dark confines of the top floor to deploy their armies.

As time got closer to the start players started to arrive en masse! The usual players that participate in our tournament to new ones, Panayiotis Stathis came who usually ranks in the top 3 players, and veteran players Andreas Voyiatzis “Plasma leak” and Mihalis Skalkos “Cadaver” to name a few, head count is 16 players. lots of space marines, imperial guard and dark eldar, the waaagh lost its way and we have not one ork player, neither did we see space wolves or chaos space marines.

 Panayiotis Stathis (right) Bows (with a grim smile-the way of the Dark Eldar) to Imperial Guard player Andreas Voyiatzis (center) "yes sir - you are worthy" he seems to be saying.

Andreas, chose to honor the Kalithea Warhammer fantasy and 40k team “Failed Chargers” by wearing their jersey. The team participates in every Warhammer guild wars tournament and every "genocide chronicles" warhammer 40k guild wars tournament.

And while the tournament is one of the best, the coffee Siamatas (to the right) is having is not, as we can see from his expression.

The tournament starts and people get their position in the tables, armies are deployed and the first shots are fired.

Nikos Zestanakis (to the left) with chaos daemons faces Alexandros Karampinidis and his Dark Eldar.

My Blood Angel armor are starting to behave more and more like the romans from "asterix" wherever they go they go in a formation, and they also get beaten up!

Look into the eyes of the "Cadaver" and know thy doom.

To deal with the test of the tournament every asset is used, here a lad uses his cellphone to contact reinforcements: "Yes, dad, please transmit the co-ordinates for the artillery barrage for me please".

Not only the horrible gigantic creature completely outflanked the imperial guard forces and it has appeared behind their lines it also mocks the emperor's loyal leman russ battle tank that is attempting to fire at the new threat.

One of the hellhounds is "shaken" and hid behind his brother's back...

Leyteris Gavalas wears two golden rings and carry one golden warrior.

Baal class Predator, the choice of the generals.

The Kroot go forward and the battlesuits make sure that they have....

...Enough covering fire, to make Mihalis "Nihilio" cover his mouth from any stray shots.

These three vehicles have found the perfect place to hide so that they can make a suprise attack, the miniature shelf!!!, (all according to the plan of the colonel)  now they just have to find a way to get themselves to the battlefield again.

Commander Dante, we have completely surrounded the two dice, yes, a green one and a red one as you told us, we will monitor their movement and report back, we will not get near them as you told us. 

Dark Eldar raiders will crash to the ground if shot with enough firepower, or if a Terminator space marine step on their side plates.

Cadians face Tallarn imperial guard and those Cadian heavy weapon teams has just made sure that the Tallarn Chimera will need a new turret.

Pretty close to the end of the tournament, those still in the game keep on fighting, those who have ended the game relax.

This young man is so happy because he just completely destroyed my army with his grey knights, and he well deserves to be happy about it.

(Seems that the economy crisis effects everything, 
even a local warhammer tournament)

"Guys, you cant really mean that the prize for 3rd place is a piece of wood! , 
i dont even have a fireplace!"

The proud general with an ever prouder dad!.

But the first place goes to Siamatas Panayiotis and his Imperial Guard again, here he rises the trophy over his head, its very heavy so he holds it with both his hands. 

Sorry, the tournament has ended and so have the photo's.
And while you were reading this the Spagetti was consumed and right now it is assimilated to create new and more horrible organisms, terrible and powerful enough to destroy the world, and possibly Kalithea too. 

Next report will be coming soon, so keep in touch. 

Until next time!

For the Invulnerable.


  1. Hilarious once again Panos! You are really good at this after all!

  2. results to the tournament can be found here.

  3. Grrrr what happened to my first comment?! I was saying, great stuff but for the record my wedding rings are silver, not gold.

  4. Hmmm... the "internets" will have something to do with the dissapearance of your first post, long live windows.

    About the second, HurrayyY!!! didnt knew those where wedding rings! may you live long and prosper dude!!!

  5. I spy, with my little eye, one new Predator and one new Baal Predator. I trust the new tank served with distinction.

    Panagiotis winning the tournament makes me feel better about the spanking he gave me a couple of weeks back!

  6. Yes, the new tanks are going to have a long and bloody life in the future.

  7. Ah, so my protegee beat you on the last round. Good to know :P


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