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Genocide Chronicles 5-6-2011. Part THREE!

...It's the final countdown.

Results in the second round meant that all six teams could try for a better place than the one they got (except the team in the first place - they just need to keep their rank obviously) and the teams near the front can all try for first place.

Round three started with two players leaving, one of them couldn't stand it to look any more at explosions (as his shirt noted) and left to get back to Crete! we sincerely hope you had a pleasant stay and journey!

And one arriving! Metaller of the Meraklides! (his science fiction version actually since there is another Metaller participating in the Warhammer fantasy battles guild wars)

"What?!? Our team didn't obliterated/annihilated and/or eliminated all our enemies as the old Incas texts write ? how can this be?
But sir! i left the texts in the car...

Whatever the case, Chronomancer did the last pairings of the tournament.

The Failed Chargers would play against the Berks
The Imperial Seals would play against the Red Corsairs
And the Knights of Saint Andrew would play against the Space Meraklides.

And my camera would have to play against its battery life, sadly while the poor machine covered the whole of the event it didn't lasted for too long to take too many pictures of the 3rd round. (not to mention me trying not to get my ass kicked during the 3rd round - a failed attempt - it did get kicked - and i missed a lot of photo-time)

The Chargers get a small conversation with Zamponis after the pairings while Plasma leak makes a small attempt to bring down the building by hitting its supporting columns with the back of his hand in a fragile attempt to frighten his enemies.

Moskitokiller is going to play against Creed from the Red Corsairs and the Invulnerable Camera gets him while he tries to hide something (a small bomb maybe?) in his deployment zone.

Cegorach Dark Eldar faces drop troops Blood Angels while Metaller's Dark Eldar faces Mechanized Blood Angels in the background.

What remained of the Drop troops from the attack of the Dark Eldar is quite obvious in this photo, the 4 guys in the back are dead, the dude fighting the two warriors will die soon, the sergeant hiding inside the round shaped building is dead - he just dosent know it yet.

Cadaver and his yellow agents face Anubis and his Tau.

Cegorach after securing his 3rd massacre in the event observes the game of one of his team mates, GRmantho with his Imperial guard tries to stop Azrael's Deathwing Terminators and takes a draw.

The Failed Chargers had the privilege of playing in their meeting place and so they had some supporters like Kostas (right) who plays so far only warhammer fantasy, from the look of his face thought it seems that Robomarine (center) dosen't do too well with his Dark Eldar against...

 ...Gorget's Grey knights who fight to claim the phone in the crater and also win the match.

Chronomancer's Tau faces Lakaidemon's Blood Angels under the vigilant eyes of LeonidasL.

Robomarine also kept the store open for the duration of the event and apart from products during the day you could get a drink, free sandwich and if you participated in the last tournament a free t-shirt, all of those in the front desk during the event.

Nope, the Chargers didn't got 5 points as Cadaver shows with his fingers, they actually got 15 points, but that wasn't enough for the team to hold their 4th place....

....Because the Berks beat up the Failed Chargers with 3 victories and one draw and took 63 points from them for a total of 151 points but also the first place of the tournament!

The Knights got a lot of points from the Space Meraklides and rise from 73 to 143 points, they almost doubled their points collection in that round! And moved from the 5th place to the second!

The Red Corsairs won the Imperial Seals by taking from them 57 points while the seals got 23 from the Corsairs and so they drop from 1st place to the 4th just 20 points over the Failed Chargers who honored their team name once more and stood only over the Space Meraklides who actually did better than the chargers in the final round and got 18 points.

But let's see what the Trygons have to say about the results. (the one in the right is prime the other isn't)

We agree with the both of them.  

The winning team gather up once again for the trophy, its their 3rd one after all and Chronomancer presents the trophy to them.

And lift it high into the air, towards the ceiling of the shop actually!, the Berks, winners of Genocide Chronicles IV! Congratulations to them!

Cegorach gets his medal, captain of the team for the Berks and also the player with the best results in the tournament.

Anubis gets his medal too, plays the Tau for the Berks and his Tau fleschette dischargers hit Chronomancer (see the pain in Chronomancer's face) two hands appear on the right and starts clapping.

Obviously amazed from this player's ressults the shop in his honor has named a stand with books "Anubis" (right) to thank him for playing there. Amazing.

Anubis with his hidden weaponry gets a little away (the clapping hands continue giving the necessary mood for the situation) and GRManthos gets his medal too.

Gorget gets his medal too, a new and young addition to the team gets applauded from his fellows!

Fin. Congratulations to all!

In case you liked what you saw and you want to participate in the next Genocide Chronicles, you just need to gather up a team of four players or more - the more the merrier, each one of the players should be able to field a warhammer 40000 army of no more than 1750 points and preferably the army should be painted, although non-painted armies are accepted as legal.

The event looks like highly competitive but this is not the case, everyone gets a lot of fun and you will get to meet players of the same hobby from all around Greece, more than that you will make new friends and new gaming buddies, even better the GC will be an amazing new adventure for you and your friends.

To find out more about the tournament you should visit the thread under the Genocide Chronicles sub-section in the Greek Warhammer Forum, Genocide Chronicles is an open event and all of the players not only participate as players in the event itself but also with their comments and ideas.

See you guys in the next event, be well.

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By the way, i keep seeing this face on my dreams, it also says something but i can't understand exactly what, its something like "you mortals have failed me again" "seals" and "Wait till the new Necron codex" and stuff like that.

In case anyone knows what it is please inform. Thank you, I can't get a sleep.


  1. Hahaha... hilarious once again Panos! The last pic is all the money!! XD

  2. Talos should make this photo his avatar and pay you royalties.
    About us getting 4th, from 1st. It was a cosmic conspiracy! You, failed chargers, gave up 63 pts to the Berks, the Knights of Snt Andrious crushed the Meraclides and we lost to the Red corsairs.
    Next Time, Talos willing...

  3. Thanks guys.
    Stay tuned for two more reviews (Talos willing) in the following days, one about something you dont expect and one about something you should have expected :)

  4. I miss one round, and all hell breaks loose! How typical...

    Another excellent presentation Panos! Keep it up!

  5. Good report but I am crying at my teamates failure :P

  6. Great Job Panos!!
    Waiting for your next photo report!

  7. thanks guys for your comments :)


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