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Genocide Chronicles 5-6-2011. Part TWO

Part two, out of three.

Yes, the report about the GC will be covered in three parts, as the tournament had also three rounds (as most tournaments anyway), it makes sense since to cover an event like this in three parts since it is such a big and nice event.

So, after some fighting, killing and butchering, and whatever was necessary for the players to collect "kill points" to win their opponents and give points to their teams a small pause was made in the event for a special part of the day.

In the last Genocide Chronicles the winning team was the team from forum, this team couldnt make it to the event this time and so they couldnt defend their title, here is the team from in GC3.

From left: One winged angel (he claims to still have one wing, we cant see any), Just a justicar (this is the guy's nickname and yes he is just a justicar) Wizofel (captain of the team) and Mandragora who plays the Dark Eldar.

So in this tournament the organizers asked from the team for atleast one of their players to come to give them the trophy of the last tournament, Mandragora came after a bit in round one and when the first part of the tournament ended the time for the small victory ceremony came.

The players gather in the front of the shop for the victory ceremony and Sabbal (guy with white t-shirt) has a very good idea, to give to the team a big "crater" for a trophy and save the trophy for us, the idea is rejected but the crater is saved.

It is the first trophy to be presented in a team during a GC tournament, obviously it takes everyone's attention.

Chronomancer makes a feeble attempt to make it disappear behind his hand with a magic trick, but the trophy is too large to fit behind his palm (or under his sleeve)

And so he presents it to Mandragora and while everybody cheers the winners of GC3 Sabbal can't believe that the crater wasn't selected for a trophy and picks another one.

(Mandragora thinking...) "Oh no! They thought to make medals too!"

And wears all four medals for his team, good thing the organizers didn't thought of laurels too.

Zamponis shows to Mandragora how he should have posed for the victory ceremony.

But the tournament has to continue as there are two more rounds of battle to be given, more fun and one more trophy!

Chronomancer makes his calculations to find what team will play with what team, and comes up with the following match ups

In a capture and control mission with Spearhead deployment...

The imperial seals will play against the Berks
The Failed Chargers will play against the Space Meraklides
And the Knights of Saint Andrew will play against the Red Corsairs.
An explosive match awaits!

But for Gikas it's just the same since cool guys...

Team match ups lead to captains attempting to make as much good pairings as they can for their players, Cegorach of the Berks consults with Anubis while Moskitokiller discusses pairings with his teammates.

While no one was playing we found some time to ask the Trygons (special guest stars as always) about the tournament for any ideas and comments they had to make, the trygon to the left comments on the free sandwich that the tournament offers to participants.

So we gave a sandwich to Cadaver so that he could taste it too, obviously only the trygons didnt liked them, Cadaver and the rest of the guys liked them a lot.

Robomarine, Captain of the Failed Chargers deals with all the Space Meraklides himself in the pairings, good thing he didn't decided to play with all of them too.

This picture gives a very good idea of how BIG is the Stormraven gunship, GW has it lately with big vehicles, I guess the company has a knack with big things, especially prices.

Bloodofi with his mechanized Blood Angels goes against Sabbal and his Chaos Daemons.

In a game with Blood Angels versus Blood Angels you don't know who is on what side, not to mention who's winning,

The tournament continues in the background.

The Blood Angels took it by heart that they had to defend this circle shaped warhammer fantasy terrain piece, one terminator squad, two devastator squads and one scout squad will do it, good thing they didn't asked from Chuck Norris for help...

Green Eldar vehicles storm a green colored building, the remains of a green colored building actually.

Plasmaleak puts the hand into heart and speaks
"I will never fill the table with Tallarn imperial guard vehicles again"

The fairy beauty contest was another part of the event, the ladies were competing with a full night dress, the one in the left got 25 points, the one in the right died from a heart attack and we stored her in a box (she got 31 points) and the one in the middle won with 44 points.

(Guys with jump packs)
Lord Mephiston! Look to your right! Those devastators are going to escape!
(and take the objective with them)

Wait, hey, where? What devastators?!? What objective?!? But.... Hey! where those two guys went? Oh i've been fooled again!

From the faces of the two players, who do you think that won this game? it doesnt matter - its the attitude in a player that wins in a game, and the guy to the right has the proper!

This guy too.

In a game against Anubis (Tau), Talos (Necrons) curses his bad luck with dice. And bad dice (especially saves) against Tau means a lot of pain I guess.

Bilap, captain of the Knights faces LeonidasL from the Red Corsairs, LeonidasL plays khorne Berserks, Bilap plays mechanized Blood Angels, the Khorne guys fight frenzied, Blood Angels drive Frenzied.

Among those trees there can be only khorne berserks and their cars, the blood angels made attempts to get inside with rhino's vindicators and drop pods, they didn't made it. The Trees are obviously not serving the eternal emperor and the planet where they grow must be cleansed.

I think Cegorach in this photo looks a bit (just a bit) like Jack Nicholson in Batman the movie, (he played the Joker in that film) the other guy who played the Joker in the last film with Batman played the role much better, Nicholson was too much Nicholson as a Joker.

Heat rises topstairs and Creed cools himself with a red bull drink. I will never put advertisements on Invulnerable! they will say to me that they dont need them :)

Those scouts did all the good work with their camo cloacks yet their heads and bases ruin their attempt to hide.

This Dreadnight has already opened two holes in this vehicle and is preparing himself (itself?) for the third. But opening holes on vehicles is not the point in this mission, claiming objectives wins the day in capture and control, lets see how the teams did on round two.

The Imperial Seals hold the first place at second round too since they had 56 from round one and added 36 from the games against the Berks who had 46 points in the first round and took 44 from the Imperial seals.

The Berks were following by 10 points in round one but since they got more points from the Seals than the Seals took from them they got even closer to them by 4 points.

There is no change in the ranking of the teams in the middle too, the Corsairs added 39 points to their 42 points that they had in the first round, a steady progress and remained higher than the Failed Chargers who took 43 points from the Meraklides.

The knights who had 32 points after round one got 41 points versus the Corsairs and the Meraklides took 37 points against the Failed Chargers.

Every team got 30+ to 40+ points and that led to no changes in the ranking, if the tournament would end now the Imperial seals would claim victory but there was still one more round.

Next and final round of the Genocide Chronicles IV in the third part of the review.
See you there.

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  1. Hahahaha keep it going Panayiotis.For the Emperor and Invulnerable.

  2. Yeah We won!We won! Let's end it here. Think about it, it will save you the trouble of writting part 3.

  3. Did you get your Devastator in the end?

  4. Thanks for the comments.

    Yup the devastator has returned safely to his brothers, thanks guys.

  5. What a great picture of myself... :P These sandwiches didn't stand a chance!

    Great one once again Panos! Keep em coming!

  6. How did we ended up fourth on the third round while we were first on the second round? It's all Talo's fault!!!

  7. It must be!!! You ruined the surprise of Pert 3!!!


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