Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Weekend of Tournaments, Part one.


First of all i have to note the results to the small poll we had on the blog, where the Invulnerable camera should focus, the players, the miniatures/battlefield or both, you guys decided that the focus of the blog should be evenly divided between both the players and the game pieces, thank you very much for participating.

This report is seperated in two parts, the first is about the Battle missions tournament in Victoria Fantasy shop, the other part with a tournament a day later in Halandri - the first tournament for Games Corps.

First lets see some of the players, Boggy got on the tournament with his Tau to serve the greater good with quite a large amount of battlesuits armed with a variety of nasty weapons.

John got back on the game after five years, this is his first tournament since and now he commands a worthy detachment of Grey knights.

John Mpougatiotis and his Grey knights took also part in the tournament and also George Bloodoffi with his Blood Angels.

Another new player - Aspreas (if im correct on the name) with a Blood Angels successor chapter under his command.

Mr Papadopoulos and his son - the player in the tournament - Nikos Papadopoulos and his space wolves.

Theres the lad, proud that it is he that commands the space wolves in this tournament.

Kostas Panopoulos (Left) with his Imperial guard and mr. Dallas with his space marines (right)

Xaralampopoulos odysseas known as "Khorne" to his friends from the Imperial Seals guild - commands a force of Daemons - of the god... Khorne (now thats a suprise!). 

The three missions that the players had to play - and in that order on the tournament, Slave raid, War of attrition, Implecable advance.

First photo for Kostas Antonopoulos from the Fantasy shop on the Invulnerable blog. A good wargamer and even better friend...


The store sells some old types of kits on half the price, they are marked with a red dot.

Boggy, marked with three red dots can be bought on 1/4 of his normal price, still too much for anyone!

How many dark lances you said this thing to my side have? three? okay i surrender!

People who ride jetcraft on top of their hulls are ninjas, one of them is right now on possition, admire him...

The cloacking field that made the gunship invisible to its enemies failed to cloack its base.

To be tournament organizer or not to be tournament organizer?

The Fantasy shop "music and entertainment" system is quite obsolete! it still uses magnetic tapes!

You are to blame for this!
No you are!
No you!

Proper attitude for a chaos daemon player, Blood for the blood god!

Warhammer armies chalenge each other over everything, even on speed courses! an art piece by Takis Valeontis on permament display on the shop.

Lately pizza gets quite famous on the tournaments!.

And yet more pizza arrives!

Andreas Plasmaleak (a veteran Blood Angels player) pays a visit to the tournament and gives a lecture to Bloodoffi about Stormraven gunships.
"look, they are big - about that big"

"And they can do a lot of stuff, fire a lot of guns, transport lots of guys and you can hang a dreadnought on its rear like you hang your laundry"

"But they usually get down on the first rounds"

Told ya!

The Sons of russ hide inside the foilage.

To take cover from the advancing daemons who check if the water is cold for them!
Many other Space wolves take aim using their heavy weapons from the top of a building.

Who not only provides them with quite a good view to the enemy who recently got multiplied...

The Leman Russ tanks wish that the vendettas could go a little lower so that they could get some cover save...

 The Kroot go for a walk in the park...

And find the Grey Knights on the other side of it.

The Blood Angel vehicles souround the Grey Knight terminators, if the Baal predator had its turret thought the encirclement would do a much better job.

No comment.

You fight well, you make dad happy!

Lets see now, we have white vehicle, red, blue, black... where is the yellow one?
Oh here it is! it have transformed itself to a measuring tape!

Little green Cthulhu observes the feeble miniature assemble attempts of the Blood Angels player.

The Grey knights deploy in the grand final game to face their hated enemies, chaos daemons!.

And the charge begins!

 And while some dice rolls were - incredibly bad - for John commander of the Grey knights army...

He managed to win over the Chaos daemons player, here the congratulations shake-the-hand-gesture between the two players.

The young commanders seemed to enjoy yet another tournament, the guys seem dedicated to the sport seems we see them quite often.

Winners of the tournament, to the right 1st place Dimitropoulos Giannis with his Grey Knights and to the left Politopoulos Giorgos with his Blood Angels, the two players did three victories each but the victory point difference gave the first place to the grey knight general, i would say that after quite a lot of time to participate on a tournament it is quite a good re-start! well done!.


  1. Very nice, I am waiting for the second tournament of the weekend that is more of inteterest to me. I hope the documents (ντοκουμέντα?) to be ready!

  2. Great job! I can't wait to get back to the tournament scene!


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