Friday, June 24, 2011

A Weekend of Tournaments, Part two.

The next day another tournament was held on Halandri, Games Corps, sleeping got me a bit late and i arrived once again - at the start of the second round.

Ten players gathered in this tournament too, exactly the same number as in the tournament in Victoria from last day, this one thought gathered a lot of Imperial Seals guild members, the players and their armies were:

Cult of Strife - Kostas - with his Dark Eldar.
Leandros - The Greater Waaagh - Orks (obviously)
El Presidente, Panayiotis - with his Presidential Imperial Guard
The space marines from the Venerators chapter led by Just a Justicar.
Stavros "Talos" (the allmighty) with his Eldar.
Moskitokiller Leonidas with his Dark Eldar.
Antipope Leyteris with his Blood Angels jump troops.
DIY with his Necrons.
Lakaidaimon with his Blood Angels.
And another guy with Chaos Space Marines.

When i got into the tournament the guys were busy killing each other's armies and having fun in the process, lets see some pictures and moments from the tournament.

 Brave Imperial guardsmen locked in close combat with space marines, quite bravely indeed.

 Airbrush can work miracles on the Necron Monolith model.

Talos and his Eldar face Leandros and his orks in the 2nd battle under the watchfull eye of John the shop keeper.

Antipope's drop troops drop into Diy's Necron warriors.

Afterwards Antipope as a new Moses explains the battle to Diy who listens carefully while enjoying a beer.

"And from the skies they came - warriors clad in red, gold and black - and there was no misshaps in their deep strikes - and their inferno pistols and power weapons cut like butter - steel and ... and ..."

Well... wait till the new Necron codex comes out!.

Kostas with his Dark Eldar.

Hangar bay for the Gunship, would you fly with it if you knew that when its not in action its wings come off?

Everyone ignores the Chimera transport, what a shame...

The Dark Eldar venom found a mini-version of an imperial starship protecting the advertisement campaign cards of the Invulnerable blog.

Leandros gives us an lecture: How to lower the custom made front assault door on a Battlewagon.

Push the Front Assault Door with your finger all the way down.

Position your middle finger (digitus médius) vertically to the front assault door and push the door down with the sides of your finger.

When the Front Assault door is lowered and in position, remove your arm (not from your body)

Sentinels happily striding towards the enemy.

To be part of the imperial guard means that you have absolute faith in the immortal emperor and you respect all of his creations, so if the imperial building is completely torn to pieces you still get throught its door.

Its kinda awesome that more and more players bring dark eldar armies ready painted in tournaments, not to mention the amount of Dark Eldar players in every tournament, almost a 20% to 30% of players bring DE in tournaments nowadays, i guess it has something to do with the new codex...

Moskitokiller poses for a photo. There's someone who brought Dark Eldar in tournaments before the new codex.

Guys told me to take a photo of the two blue bottle caps that will serve as the mission objectives, alas i find more strange the two white guys posing next to them (not to mention the black thing)

Jump or ill shoot you with the Lascannons, stop posing in the assault ramp!

And if the Lascannons are not enough there are always other measures to make him get down on the ground.

Exclent tactics from the wyches, deploy RIGHT in the center of the space marines! exactly where the flamethrower from the land raider points at!

But when your objective is a bottle cap your life is worth it, any sacrifice is not too much for a Bottle cap!

You got gold destroyers, green destroyers and silver destroyers but you don't have Bronze destroyers!?! why you don't have BRONZE destroyers??? where are my bronze destroyerrsss!?!

The blasts and explosions from the tournament were getting too close, so i decided to take some cover.

The tournament used Imperial armour rules, whoever wanted - and had - such vehicles could use them, none of the players brought any thought.

The scouts have finally found the proper terrain piece to use their camouflaged...bases.

El presidente and his presidential guard (imperial guard) faces Talos in the last round of the tournament.

Let me get you AND your infenro pistol!!!

This Buggy-Jeep kind is terribly missed for the imperial guard armies, it can be found only throught Forge world, i wish that something like a Jeep will appear on the next IG codex.

When the troopers can't get in line, the dice do.

In the display counter of the shop an empire handgunner can't choose a rat to shoot at, they are too many, maybe some help from a 40k army would be needed - a Leman Russ maybe?

On the last round Talos took a hard fought draw against El' presidente and he is quite happy about it!

Moskitokiller congratulates at the same time Leandros and John for a well held tournament where...

The winner for another it is Panayiotis Siamatas! aka: El presidente! congratulations!

Top three players of the tournament (shop owner included to the left) Talos 2nd place (teal colored t-shirt) El Presidente 1st place and Lakaidaimon 3rd place.

All the players of the tournament in a group photo in the end, nice happy warhammer-gang, great pals to spend a Sunday with!.

See you guys again, be well, take care.

For the Invulnerable


  1. Fine tournament!
    I really had a great time, as did all I am sure.
    Really good report too Panos, as always.
    Some allegations that El Presidente fixed the
    tournament results should be ignored (not)!

    Thumps up for El Presidente, a great player (but then again I am on the payroll too :P)!

  2. Nice report it looks like you had a great time!

  3. El Presidente, when will I get the rest of the money we discussed? ;)

  4. See the documets (ντοκουμέντα)!
    Hehe, nice report but I hope you would have shed more light in the hut (παράγκα) of Greek 40k!

  5. I can assure everyone that the Invulnerable works tirelessly to bring to justice everyone involved in the fixing of the warhammer games, the truth will shine!.


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