Monday, July 18, 2011

9/10-7-2011 two days tournament - Day two.

With our heads still buzzing from the first day of the tournament we got all together again for the second day, two more games of warhammer 40k would bring up the winner of the tournament and much more gaming enjoyment for all of the participants.

I have to say thought that when i manage to play in a tournament i can't do the same work i do with the photos when I don't play, since a lot of my time is taken from the game.

Morning and at about 10:30 the players gather in the shop for the second round. Everyone participates in a friendly meeting.

Where the two dark lords (Karampinidis brothers) have found the best seats for the meeting.

But meetings and friendly chats are over, Takis "the overmind" takes out the first matchups, everyone learns who he will fight and take their appropriate player sheets.

Here is an extremely happy Anestis from learning who he will have to fight...

...Who is Yiannis Dimitropoulos, who is equally happy.

My army of Blood Angels (a bunch of jumping dudes, several boom stick carriers, Mephiston and a tank) get ready in the "deployment disk" for their first fight.

Kostas holds the ceiling so that the shop dosen't fall on our heads.

Karampinidis brothers had to fight each other in the 3rd round of the tournament and choosed peace. Now we have to change the moto of the Warhammer 40k game... In the grim darkness of Karampinidis, there is only peace...

Mephiston, he dosen't have an Invulnerable save, yes, that's why you wont see him too often standing in line of sight...

Or close to the rest of the army. The Blood Angels force here defend two objectives, one of them is near the small house (almost half a company of blood angels defend... a barn!)

The Ultramarines, bring their force in the other corner and capture the other objective, two small assault squads drop near them to harrash them in the starting rounds and mephiston gets back to his corner, an additional assault squad from the Angels deployment zone arrive to assist.

An assault squad attempts to destroy the Land Speeder, since i was playing first the land speeder was top target since it could fly 24" in a turn and deny an objective in the last round.

Mephiston checks one by one the assault marines before they get in the battle.

A sole surviving assault marine hits the Land raider with his melta gun and stuns it, the Ultramarines Captain, riding the land raider - gets mad about that and jumps off from his vehicle to finish off the jumping meltagunner.

A terribly wounded Mephiston (too slow in the previous rounds) stands in front of a Laser cannon armed Ultramarine, luckyly for him the Ultramarine failed in his aim.

Ultramarine assault marines get in close combat with Blood Angel Assault marines, the power fists will decide...

...the winner - In this close combat, just two surviving marines.

But in the big picture, Mephiston and the assault marines just stopped for some (crucial) rounds the Ultramarines who later charged the whole field to get to the other side of the board to contest the objective on the barn, the game stopped a turn before this would happen and the game ended with the Blood Angels winning with 2 objectives to 1 for the Warriors from Ultramar.

In another part of the tournament, the tyranids charge the lines of the Dark Eldar.

Not too many of them reached the lines thought.

Anestis Space wolves hold their ground while their vehicles explode around them.

But there is always another space wolf ready for the payback.

Hell brakes loose between the space wolves and the grey knights.

 So much the better for the ever-war-hungry Yiannis commander of the Grey knights!

True line of sight, 10 times - repeat 3 times, makes a perfect waist.

 Antonis Gabardinas Tyranids, the best painted army in the tournament. They give a splendid uniformed picture and there are excellent single miniatures in their ranks.

More of the Swarm.

And yet more...

And since the swarm goes against the Blood Angels Mephiston starts from picking up another "hole" to hide inside (or a wall to hide behind)

The rest of the Blood Angels choose a defensive formation, devastators got a bit slow to climb to the towers - from the Dawn of war scenario.

Form a "Π" formation! they are truly legionaries! they know a lot about formations, i wonder who will play the act of Asterix and Ovelix in this game!

Oh! here they are! the tyranids! the Blood Angels fullishly retaliate the front ranks of the Swarm, many marines die from the traps set on them from the Venomthropes hidden out of line of sight.

And while the Assault troopers manage to eliminate the Gargloyles, the Genestealers managed to outflank them by killing Mephiston on the right who tried to stop them for a turn and...

Turn the Spacemarines into pieces, all but two of them sadly and so the remaining angels couldnt fire at all.

 See honey? they were just Blood Angels, easy cake...

 This venom carries proudly the box of death.

 A traitorous Dreadnought points to the enemy where a lone grey knight is hiding.

 Here is the undiniable evidence that the Fantasy shop uses violence, yes - violence, to hold the players in order, In this photo Takis Valeontis displays one of the instruments he use for crowd control.

The tournament ends and the Overmind gives the results, in the 3rd place Alexandros Karampinidis.

On the 2nd place Panayiotis Stathis, another Dark Eldar player!

But on the first place Yiannis Dimitropoulos with his Grey Knights, the Knights seem to challenge the all powerful Dark Eldar Fashion that recently wreacks havoc in the tournaments! Congratulations!

Antonis Gabardinas takes the Best painted army congratulations formally from the Overmind, congratulations Antonis!

And the remaining players get together for a group shot, sadly the plasma cannon didn't fire this time.

Nice tournament and a great time i think for all of us, the heat is rising even more in Athens as i write those lines and i guess now most of the guys and gals are now enjoying themselves on a beach, (preferably on a dodecanese island - oh dear i miss vacations!!!)

Its almost end of the season now and we should expect more action from september and see those tables gets full from miniature soldiers and especially - players, yet the next report comes soon from another tournament from last week, but i guess this will be the last tournament until September.

See you soon, have fun, be well.
For the Invulnerable



  1. 2 girls in a 40k tournament. Must be a world record!

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  3. The girls usually attend the tournaments. Who says wargammes and girls dont match, hehe

  4. My wife would never go to a gaming store even if they were handing free diamonds!


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