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1-10-2011 Back to Victoria

It was nice getting back to Fantasy Shop Victoria for a tournament, it isn't just the fact that i have connected as a player the meaning of Warhammer 40.000 with the Fantasy shop in Victoria (we old players know why this place is important to the hobby) but it is also the fact that many of my old time wh40k friends are still there, including the hideous Tyranid-thing that so far masks itself as a human being and organizer of many tournaments, i am speaking about Takis Valeontis if you haven't guessed already - the Overmind.

This time the Fantasy shop announced the start of a ranking system for the players that take part in their tournaments, the players will keep their scores from every tournament that they will participate in and we will have a more general view of the players level and ability, the Invulnerable blog will follow closely the scores as they will be posted on a separate page on the blog that can be found here:

With all that in mind i woke up quite late to get to the tournament, the first thing i did was call the Overmind and ask him to what round they were still in, he answered that the players were just finishing the first round and to my question of how many players were there the answer were twelve, i quickly grabbed my SLR and the video camera and headed as quickly as i could to the tournament!.

First of all lets see the players participating...

Kampouropoulos Spyros and Kyriakos (left) play on the tournament with Blood Angels, to help them in their battles they have brought the might of commander Dante.

Potouridis Anestis brought his space wolves once again after his games in the Independent club tournament, this time he has changed his list, four headquarter choices for the space wolves made all the difference from the razorback-rhino fleet he usually use.

Left: His awesomeness uber-excellency - the being known as Talos (Stauros Poniris) took part in the tournament by using his Eldar forces. Kostantinos Dallas (right) brought his Space Marines, not his usual Ultramarines thought but another space marine chapter. 

Aris Karampinidis and Gerasimos Georgopoulos both brought Vulkan led - Salamander space marines, no doubt twin linked melta guns are a popular choice.

El presidente - Panayiotis Siamatas (left) and Panopoulos Kostas (right) both brought their imperial guard forces in the tournament.

How do you know you are a failed photographer?

You can see the reason on the left photograph, the only time you get to photograph the only couple that appeared on the tournament in a otherwise very good photo you get to end up with a blurry result! either way - Alexandros Karampinidis brought his Dark Eldar and his friend Artemis came with him on the tournament again, Artemis is still waiting for the new Necrons as she told us and i wonder how many people wait for them. On the right photo Odysseas Haralampopoulos also participated on the tournament with his imperial guard, a new army he just collected.

Yaggos Ioannis (left) came for the game, after his outstanding results in the Independent club tournament Ioannis came for an attempt in the Fantasy shop tournament with his scout marine forces! more on that later. On the right photo Spiros Bogdanos brought his Tau forces to fight for the greater good.

Lets see some information about the organizer...

Now lets see some photos from the tournament itself.

Where the Hydra is pointing the cavalry charge!

Now that is a conversion! a Seismic hammer made from a multi melta and whirlwind multiple missile launcher!


And if the drop pods with the space marines and the land speeders were not enough a problem for the Eldar grav tanks...

 They have the space marine vehicles on the other side of the table to worry about too.

The Tau Battle suits are quite well informed that their suits are not that hard to penetrate and so make sure to hide behind cover.

The guardsmen form a firing line to try and stop the space marine armored advance, the loser in this fight will be the yellow building who will taste the fury of the two armies weapons.

A smart predator takes cover behind a big rock, the other vehicles take cover behind the trees.

This box wins the award for best dice transport case. (It is a new award presented by the Invulnerable blog)

The hive mind (left) acts like it is totally innocent while it uses its psychic powers to cause hurt to the unsuspecting humans around it like Odysseas (right) who got a nose bleed from the Hive brain's psychic attacks.What Kostas told us on the video! the hive mind already started its attacks!

Send forth the auxiliaries - they are replaceable - we are not...

Panayiotis Imperial guardsmen advance through ruins and woods.

Religious vehicles protect the monastery. 

suddenly from space a strange sound is heard...
...Break it down
(Oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh-oh oh-oh) (x4)
Stop!... Hammer time!

A vendetta gunship turns to aim at the predator who already aims at it. Kostas to the (right) on another game, watches as the scout bikes make their assault move right in the start of the game.

Come and play chicken with the Leman russ - whoever fires first, the plasma cannons are sure to eliminate the bikers and the bikers have plenty of chances to eliminate the Leman russ with their Multi melta (Twin linked because of Vulkan).

Space Marine Scout bikers, the secret weapon of Yaggos Ioannis army, he will tell us all about it on the following video...

The whole deal is:
Take a squad (or two) of scout bikers and scout move them 12 away from the enemy by making a turbo-boost move on the scout move, in your movement phase you will be able to move 12" more (cover the last distance between the bikes and the opponents), unleash whatever melta death you have armed with the scout bikers and charge with the remaining 6" range your target.

And as you can see it is totally effective. The bikers performed excellently on all three games of the tournament.

The long fangs protected on the ruins provide covering fire...

...For the advancing space wolves of Anestis Potouridis.

Fantasy shop employees never lose a chance for some grooving, one of them starts...


And the other quickly get to start grooving too. 

Commander Dante and several of his guards mess up with the wolf lord and his hounds, the massacre is so gruesome that the predator looks away.

Shame in all its meaning, the stormraven managed to survive long fangs and so many other death dealing space wolves to reach the objective marker and all that to deploy death company troops who cannot capture objectives - and not only that but because of their "rage" special rule - its quite possible that they wont be near it in the end - most probably they will be either dead or running towards a far away enemy.

Gerasimos Georgopoulos watches...

...As the Imperial infantrymen eliminate his troops in the crater with flashlight fire...

Aris with his salamanders play against Odysseas with his imperial guard in the last round of the tournament.

Three players had 2 victories on the start of the 3rd round, Alex, Gerasimos and Yaggos, here Alexandros plays against Gerasimos in a kill points mission.

Gerasimos ultimately won over Alexandros in kill points - Dark Eldar are sure to give a lot of kill points in this mission and as the players commented a heroic scout unit within a building was almost invincible!
So Gerasimos managed to win in all of his three games.

Onward you dogs of war!... errr... i meant.... Wolves!

 A friendly handshake is the best way to finish any battle, outside or inside a tournament.Yaggos Ioannis (left) managed to win in all of his three games too.

While the third round was played Stavros Poniris and Anestis Potouridis had a slight problem with the rules of the game, how a unit of vehicles take damage, more important i think - when it takes its cover saves, when it allocates type of hits or type of effect from the hits, Takis Valeontis, apart from organizer is also the judge of the tournament and came to help and explain the situation, you might want to see that video so that a rule usually forgotten (because not too many people play with units of vehicles) is explained.

If you have further questions about this particular rule you can read page 64 (on the small rulebook)  on the part: damage results versus squadrons.

The tournament is almost near its end with a final clash in the game between Blood Angels commander Dante and Vulkan He'stan of the Salamanders, who will win? the axe or the spear?

The axe - if those dice have to do with Vulkan's invulnerable saving throws then they must have something to do about his defeat too. 

The tournament reaches its end and the results are announced by the overmind to the players in the following video:

Yaggos Ioannis is first followed by Gerasimos Georgopoulos! (two codex space marines armies in the first two places) they are followed by the Dark Eldar of Alexandros Karampinidis.

After the three players in the top are Anestis Potouridis with his space wolves in the 4th place and Haralampopoulos Odysseas in the 5th place with his imperial guard. Dallas Alexandros came up 6th, Aris Karampinidis 7th, Bogdanos Spiros 8th, Panopoulos Kostas 9th, Poniris Stauros with his Eldar came up in the 10th place, Siamatas Panayiotis in the 11th and Kampouropoulos in the 12th.

Here is a video with Yaggos Ioannis, winner of the tournament taken after his second game against Panayiotis Siamatas, the video was supposed to be commenting that certain match but it ended up with Ioannis making a very nice comment about the game and sportsmanship itself.

I do hope that you enjoyed the footage and report from this tournament and i am running to keep up with the following tournaments and events because time is running out! - not to mention the already delayed continue in the Looterz web comic!

See you all in the next event! be well, have fun and may all the dice roll the results that you want.

For the Invulnerable


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