Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Legion Wargaming club tournament.

Some weekends ago i decided to pay a visit to the new-founded Legion War gaming club in Ilioupoli. The club alongside with Boxes of war online store were holding a Warhammer 40.000 tournament and it was the best chance not only to take some photos from the new club but also from a 40k tournament in the new club.

While the Legion is a new place in the community the people behind it are devoted veteran miniature war gamers,  there is a lot of energy and ambition in their effort in making a club and so far this effort seems that it paid off, there were 14 players in the tournament (rare for this time of the year - if i may say so)

The Boxes of War online store also held a market day of their merchandise during the day, and they were also part of the organizers for the tournament.

You can find more about the Legion War gaming club here:  http://wgc.wargamer.gr/
And more about the Boxes of War online store here: http://www.boxesofwar.com/store/

Lets have a look at the club, the people there and of course... the tournament games.

The players were already on the 2nd game when i arrived, here George Patelis (left) waits to deploy his Dark Angel Death wing force.

Spiros Christou (left) still fights with his trusty orks and seemingly - with the same tested medicine (ork battlewagons). Anestis Potouridis (right) changed a lot of his models in a quest for even more good looking space wolves. Good luck Anestis.

Antonis Gabardinas surpised me with a new army of space wolves instead of his usually tyranids and Panayiotis Palantzas with ravenwind dark angels - a much more challenging army for Panayiotis - a hint of advancement in 40k gaming.

Gourogiannis, Doc and Thanasis Kaltsoudas.

A Flames of war game table in a seperate room in the club, it is in the hopes of the club members that by bringing historical and fantasy/sci fi games together people will jump to those systems too.

The Boxes of War table.

Wide view from the entrance of the club, its actually very nice and practical, there are a lot of chairs for everyone, an open place in the center with the tables on the edges and the place is really well lit, the tables are in good condition clean and sturdy and there is a lot of terrain pieces, painted, and evenly sized.

This crystal thing in front must have come from starcraft.

Its not that the wall is not enough to save the long fangs from the terminators... its the fact that the missile launchers cannot penetrate their armor.

George Gourogiannis - is a miniatures painter and a sculptor. See! people who actually Make those lovely miniatures we play with are really not impossible things from another world... or are they?

One word: Anxiety - what of the (close) future?

Down to the smallest detail.

Thanasis Kaltsoudas, left, one of the organizers in the club
And Panayiotis "Ultrapete" from the boxes of war, provided the drinks, a good idea for a really successful tournament - especially in a hot day.

Stormraven assault on the imperial guard lines.

A gladiators arena build by club members, another project.

Good thing they didn't name her Barbarella. (now comes with shield and dog)

Photo shoot counterstrike.

With the stormraven so close to the guards line - something is wrong in the shooting order.

Wide interior view of the club.

Another creation for WW2 war gaming, this one is actually the Rupel fortress on the Metaxas line, the guys in the club are making this one to recreate the heroic defense of the fortress. Seek out more historical info about the story of the Rupel fortress.

It will even contain an interior, amazing work.

A space wolves force.

Testing if he can hold the plastic cup with his teeth.

The Battlewagons are climbing over the ruins to raid the land raider.

Stormraven filled with grey knight forces charge ahead to face the Tyranids.


Those things look like american pancakes...

...And the space marines, both from the Dark angels and Space Wolves chapter are so desperately eager to taste something better than the usual space marine diet stuff (meat - killed in the morning drills - boltgun shots included in the taste) that they are willing to kill their brothers from the other chapter for the pancakes.


Space wolves play to the edges.

Manthos inspects his bugs before going to fight.

A difficult game for Panayiotis, with all three objectives close to the Tyranid line his imperial guard - a total gunline force had to deal with a shooting army of Tyranids. But the real trouble was that moving towards the objective was hard with the Tyranids so close to them.

This door once was a piece from the space crusade board game.

Hive guards to termagants: Move ahead! we will provide covering fire!

that game AT-43 (a miniatures war game that is now discontinued) had those boxes in its starting box, ideal terrain.


Those guys are brothers, isn't that obvious?

Some space wolves close to the objective, i dont see much of the opponents anywhere.

Anyways, that was all about to tell about the tournament, and the Legion wargaming club, best thing to do for you guys if you are close to the region and you are interested of having a place to go and spend your time around with a friendly bunch of miniature wargamers then the Legion club is your place to go.

See you again on the next post, hopefully it will be sooner than this one.
For the Invulnerable.

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