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Genocide Chronicles 3.1

Inv: Some weekends ago the Genocide Chronicles tournament was hosted in the Legion Wargaming club, since i was too busy to write down a report and take photos Kostas Lekkas "the Chronomancer" wrote down a report based on photos taken from GrManthos.

Here it is:

Ooooh... So... Where were we? Ah! Yes!

Greetings Ladies and Grots, please fasten your seatbelts and pray for a quick ending, but be warned: Quick endings is not my field of expertise. You will suffer boredom, black humour, headaches and the most unlucky ones will be thrust into paranoia by my script.

It all started when Markador made the mistake to say "I am afraid I don't have the time to write down a report...". So, such an ambicious little bugger as I could not leave the "5 minutes of fame" slip away. And here we are, me ranting about thisandthat and you hoping I sometime get to the point :D
Another Genocide Chronicles took place on the 24th of June, in a small system called "Legion Wargaming Club", somewhere in an uncharted quadrant of space near Segmentum Obscurous. Expeditionary fleets from many factions clashed, whole stars where obliterated, but that is of no consequence; The little men on the surface of one planet or another, those are the ones to be mentioned in this story of horror and gore.

Alliances started and broke in the blink of an eye, but some endured and formed pacts of truce to survive this massacre, this madness, this genocide.

*Before you start reading below, please take note that the pictures are not equally spread amongst the teams nor the rounds. The remembrancers have been flogged for that*

1. The Berks -all the way from Thessaly-, came with promise of trade and offerings

only to be turned down by the local magistrate (myself). No, the fact that the currency shown above is not real but is just elaborate tissue paper had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do about it, it was the principle of the thing. Their offer turned down, The Berks had no other option but to stay and fight, and fight they did:
  • Cegorach, brought a bunch of Eldars wearing their war masks for good.

  • Anubis, brought many Pulse Rifles for the Greater Tau Good.

  • Snake, took the Champion's mantle and wore the Templar Cross once more.

  • Gorget, being a Knight in shiny armour and power weapon and a cool stylised "I"

  • GRMantho, who came as a remembrancer!
Here are a few pictograms to prove The Berks' presence:

The Berks on the Move (imagine background music going like "Dara-dara da-da-dara-dara!")

The Berks find an old info savant and coerce him for directions

The Reason The Berks needed directions -no, I just mean their vision was fuzzy.

Where The Berks went despite all directional advice, in search for "The Reason"

And finally, The Berks arive a bit tired at their destination.

Reading Live from Berk HQ.

2. A great coalition was formed with a bunch of trench loving fellas, and was the biggest congregation of persons in the event.
Battle Bunker:

  • Agoglossakis, with his Sisters of the Cross

  • Elnis, with an army from the Planet of the Apes and some banan"I".

  • Krommeldar, with.... Space Marines. No, gotcha, Eldar.

  • Arion, running those "I" fellas and their silvery machinery

  • Prom, calculating everything to the last byte of information.

  • Papawinter, with his Ladymalicious Dark Eldars
    One banana less for the apes. Krommeldar cought unawares.

Elnis: Ape Says Eat this be strong!
Arion: But it is not a Banaghlmpfh??!!!..?.!.!?
Elnis: Ape Says Eat. Banana objective.

3. By right of might, Τhe Mighty Ducks flapped their first appearance into the world of terror:
  • Vasilis Fitsas, Automatons with up-to-date antivirous installed

  • Chulis Giannis, Very bright Dark Eldar

  • Fragioudakis Giorgos, The Emperor's Finest's Finest Marines

  • Skourogiannis Christos, "I" Knight.
4. Having Failed their Charge, they decided to consolidate and start a close quarters firefight.
Failed Chargers:
  • Markador, with the Angels of Blood

  • Cadaver, serving a Cadaverous God with his yellow Fists

  • Plasmaleak, using standard issue lasguns instead of the Plasma. Because they leak.

  • Azrael, using the Knights who say "I"
5. They know no fear, they know no pain, they know only stupor.
Drunk Angels:
  • Roach, using... eh... duh... Big Nasty Bugs.

  • Asmodai, blessed by Belial himself

  • Demon, using the boogyman him self, Mr OogyBoogyMan Scarbrand

  • Blade, blessed by Belial hims... eh, wait, what? Imposter!
6. Tacticians one and all, they came with a single intent:
Battlegroup Strategikon
  • Papajunior, bringing the Eldar Elite

  • Karaflorc, with some bald orcses.

  • Lord Boggy, speeding through with witchblade in hand

  • Megadrakos, with some "I"-dreads playing music.
7. Hammering their good spirits on the anvil of war, in came Meraklides:
  • Hellspawn, this time being born in Angelic Bloodwings

  • Laurence, bringing some terrified orcs (they had lost the colour of their face)

  • Nocture, bringing a curtain of night and microchips.

  • Colcom Hectors, commanding the vast war cog of humanity
8. Those that hammered their spirits too much on the war anvil wore the colors of Excessive Meraklides:
  • Lord Limenix, with some manticores shooting missiles as large as my... pen

  • Saint, with some Blood Chalices on saintly wings.

  • Ursarkar E. Creed, using Chaos Space Marines. And no, that is not a typo. What world do we live in, eh?

  • Maruan, Bringing the Justice called Belial on this world.
The System

For those new to the series, Genocide Chronicles revolves around groups of 4 active players (called Teams). These teams battle each other on 1v1 basis (meaning 4 1v1 games of WH40.000), using a simple system of Player pairing used by the team leaders. 8 Teams joined the event, and that meant 4 team clashes each round.

Some of the armies being served for breakfast:

The first round found the coalitions clashing against each other, at the following match ups:

Battle Bunker vs Excessive Meraklides
The Mighty Ducks vs Drunk Angels
The Berks vs Meraklides
Strategikon vs Failed Chargers

The remembrancers found their gut to take some shocking pictures:

Demon, the Daemon player, decides to bring a present to his opponent from the Mighty Ducks. To those who are at a loss about the meaning of this, let me point out that this treat has the word Mnimosino written on it (Trans: In Loving Memory), and a christian cross, and is served at funerals.

Maruan smiles knowing that trust in the Emperor will protect him from Prom's manouvers. Could the guy next to him be trying to tell us that such a notion "sucks hard"? Blasphemy.

The one and only Markador of the Failed Chargers and the Invulnerable tries to convince Lord Boggy of the Strategikon that this charge will not fail.

Yes, it is the Banana Army. All apes. Even the Inquisitors have been "aped".

Why double the picture? Because I have to stress that the real deal banana, is an objective.

Laurence of the Meraklides allows Snake of the Berks time to see with his own eyes the codex. Allows Snake Eyes. Not a good omen.

Roach of the Drunk Angels is trying to understand how an army using toxins is going to kill an army having toxin sacs. Well, that is what the Mighty Ducks are here to explain.

Azrael of the Chargers is bluntly bullying little Papajunior.
"You dare even wound this guy here, and I promise I will eat your breakfast for the whole year!". To his credit, Papajunior stood tall to the threats.

Plasmaleak: "Mate, I gotta admit... I forgot to bring the beers."
Karaflork: "WHAT? DID? YOU? SAY?"

Nocture: "Surrender. Resistance is Futile"
Anubis: "Let me check the trade treaty we have with Necrons. Hmmm, S10 AP1, S8 AP1 melta..."

It seems the negotiations succeded.

Our most vox augurs caught a transition *througrittedteeth* from Lord Limenix to Laurence:
"If you even dare not crush this guy, I'm coming here and you're getting a long overdue but-whoopin' son!"

Krommeldar and Lord Limenix in the serious business of being serious about their seriousness. Seriously.

W/O comment battle scenes:

Round 1 Outcomes

The Berks vs Meraklides 55/25
19 Cegorach # Hellspawn 01
11 Anubis # Nocture 09
10 Gorget # Hectors 10
15 Snake # Laurence 05

Failed Chargers vs Strategikon 36/44
01 Markador # Lord Boggy 19
15 Plasmaleak # Karaflorc 05
10 Azrael # Papajunior 10
10 Cadaver # Megadrakos 10

Battle Bunker vs Excessive Meraklides 67/13
20 Arion vs Saint 00
18 Prom vs Maruan 02
19 Krommeldar vs Lord Limenix 01
10 Elnis vs Ursarkar E. Creed 10

Drunk Angels vs Mighty Ducks 31/49
20 Blade vs Fragoudakis 00
06 Demon vs Skurogiannis 14
05 Roach vs Choulis 15
00 Asmodai vs Fitsas 20

And so the standings for round one were thus:

1. Battle Bunker 67
2. The Berks 55
3. Mighty Ducks 49
4. Strategikon 44
5. Failed Chargers 36
6. Drunk Angels 31
7. Meraklides 25
8. Excessive Meraklides 13

In order to avoid matching the latest two (who are in reality one large group of players) I mixed the order a bit, and round two begun:

Round 2

Battle Bunker vs The Mighty Ducks
Drunk Angels vs Meraklides
The Berks vs Strategikon
Excessive Meraklides vs Failed Chargers

Our sneaky reporters found their perch and took some snap shots:

Demon introduces Nocture to a glimpse of the future in the form of a "Mnimosino" cake. Again.

Hectors: "Who ain't gonna let daddy down in this game, eh?"

Roach, as any good tyranid can tell you, laughs at the face of danger (in this case Hellspawn). He can't help it, they guys with the synapes make him do so.

Cadaver and Maruan observe the battlefield for their troop's paintball game. Istvaan.

While our friends at the fore look like they mean business, the guys at the back are trading black market hats. Someone inform the Arbites!!!

Dude, this ain't where I put my car!

Snake and Cegorach had an agreement that Snake would not be playing against orks in this tournament. So, for the seccond round he playes with...

Little Papajunior faces with Cegorach. May the most "Fortuned" one prevail.

I would pay alot just to know what on earth are those fellas looking at!!!

A sound tactic used by Battle Bunker. Arion dazzles the opponent (Vasilis Fitsas) with stories of hot beauties but the spell got too strong and Elnis and Papawinter are bewitched as well.

Markador teaching stretching techniques.

Some random images from the field of battle:

Round 2 Outcomes

The Berks vs Strategikon 49 / 31
20 Cegorach #s Papajunior 00
09 Anubis # Megadrakos 11
05 Gorget # Lord Boggy 15
15 Snake # Karaflorc 05

Failed Chargers vs Excessive Meraklides 37 / 43
00 Markador # Lord Limenix 20
20 Plasmaleak # Saint 00
03 Azrael # Ursarkar E. Creed 17
14 Cadaver # Maruan 06

Battle Bunker vs Mighty Ducks 56 / 24
12 Papawinter # Fitsas 08
10 Prom # Choulis 10
18 Krommeldar # Skourogiannis 02
16 Agoglossakis # Fragoudakis 04

Drunk Angels vs Meraklides 27 / 53
12 Blade # Stavrakakis 08
0 Demon # Nocture 20
15 Roach # Hellspawn 05
0 Asmodai # Laurence 20

The Standings at round 2

1. Battle Bunker 123
2. The Berks 104
3. Meraklides 78
4. Strategikon 75
5. Failed Chargers 73
6. Mighty Ducks 73
7. Drunk Angels 58
8. Excessive Meraklides 56

Unfortunatelly, for Round 3 I will have to be short because very few photos were taken. A tournament without Markador behind the lens is like it never happened (yes, I am buttkissing, and I am a pro).

The pairings for round 3 came out thus:
Strategikon vs Excessive Meraklides
Meraklides vs Mighty Ducks
Failed Chargers vs Drunk Angels
The Berks vs Battle Bunker

Any good round HAS to start with the same action:

A "Mnimosino" cake!

Unfortunatelly, as I said, the remembrancers did not do their job in this round. I have to apologise to the readers/viewers.

Round 3 Outcomes

The Berks vs Battle Bunker 23 / 57
19 Cegorach # Agoglossakis 01
01 Anubis # Krommeldar 19
02 Gorget # Elnis 18
01 Snake # Prom 19

Failed Chargers vs Drunk Angels 63 / 17
20 Markador # Roach 00
06 Plasmaleak # Asmodai 14
19 Azrael # Demon 01
18 Cadaver # Blade 02

Mighty Ducks vs Meraklides 25 / 55
15 Fitsas vs Nocture 05
05 Choulis vs Hectors 15
01 Skourogiannis vs Laurence 19
04 Fragoudakis vs Hellspawn 16

Strategikon vs Excessive Meraklides 43 / 37
20 Lord Boggy vs Lord Limenix 00
03 Megadrakos vs Maruan 17
05 Papajunior vs Saint 15
15 Karaflorc vs Ursarkar E. Creed 05

Final Standings

1. Battle Bunker 180
2. Failed Chargers 136
3. Meraklides 133
4. The Berks 127
5. Strategikon 118
6. Mighty Ducks 98
7. Excessive Meraklides 93
8. Drunk Angels 75

And here is the photo to prove it:

The Chronomancer (Ave Moi) hides behind the prize, after failing to claim it for himself as organiser. Elnis lurks around to get it.

Along with the Team Cup, each player recieves a medal:

Elnis gets two, for Krommeldar who abruptly had to leave. Too much Mexican.

The hair beast himself, Agoglossakis gets the medal. Yup, the hair is all you are getting to see.

Here is a better view of the beast next to Papawinter, whose "crowning" I fail to find a photo for. And of course Cadaver complaining to Markador about something. I hope for not being our reporter!

Arion's turn comes next

And last but not least, Prom gets it. Actually I toyed with the stuff and faked putting the medal on him for a while... Sorry Prom, I just did not want the thing to end and you were the last chance for it

What is a Genocide Chronicle without his most Genocidal General?

Cegorach of the Berks stole the most Victory Points in the tournament, 3837, and got awarded with the Slayer Award (Yup, another shiny medal).

Of course, we also had a "Best Painted/Themed" medal, and was won by "Planet of the Apes" made by Arion & Prom and used by Elnis. The army consisted only of Jokaero, and even the Vehicles & Inquisitors had been "Jokaerised".

At the end, everybody is clapping for me. No, that is not true and they are just clapping for the team rankings and prizes, but I am the one telling this story, and I SAY SO.


Thank the Emperor for another glorious massacre. And of course all the attendees who just keep making this event one of the coolest in the country. I must give praise to all the teams for their sporting -and sometimes condescending- attitude, and more so to the topmost team of the day for forfeighting their prize and gifting it to the last position.

My personal thanks to Battle Bunker for helping out with terrain shortages and mats -at no charge-, as well as setting them up top notch!

Despite of my ranting here, I have to extend my thanks to GrMantho, who just came along and took pictures allthough he had no obligation or gain.

Invulnerable: I would like to thank anyone involved in the making of this report, be seeing you guys soon.

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